Fun Ideas for a 1920s Themed Party

The 1920s is one of the most memorable and exciting times. It is also popularly known as the Roaring ‘20s and the Jazz Age and known as a decade for people letting loose. A lot of people characterize this era by its rebelliousness of Prohibition laws, leaving of restrictive styles of clothes, and adoption of new styles of dress and dance. During this decade, flappers, gangsters, and bootleggers reveled secretly behind closed doors of the speakeasies that besieged the American landscape during prohibition.

The atmosphere in the 1920ss was sensual and electric. Women were adorned in feathered headwear and pearls, and Mary Janes kicked up the fringes of their dresses as they danced. Men, on the other hand, were in pinstripes and pencil-thin mustaches. They drank cocktails and smoked fine cigars even when there were nationwide alcohol bans. 

If you want to re-create the fun-loving atmosphere of the 1920s with your friends and family, throwing a 1920s-themed party is a great idea. If you need help in conceptualizing and organizing the party, we are here to help you. In this post, we are giving you a list of the fun ideas for a 1920s-themed party.

1. Decorations and Ambiance for a 1920s Party

1920s Speakeasy sign

Having a few well-placed decorations can pull the theme of your party visually. Here are some ideas that you can use to turn your venue into a contemporary speakeasy jazz club:

Table Setting

You can choose to set round tables that can seat 6 to 8 guests each. Drape black linens over white lines for color contrast. For the centerpiece, you can use fishbowls with one goldfish in each, then surround them with strands of pearls. You can also keep a set of chips and a deck of cards on each table to allow your guests to play card games during the party. To add a touch of class, you can also place a bottle of champagne on each table. If you choose to do this, don’t forget to have a champagne flute, too. There are plastic flutes available in many party stores out there. 


It is also nice if you could feature a section for a bar area, which has a variety of beers, wines, and liquors. If you have the budget, you can also hire a bartender. You can also specify in your invitation that there is going to be a cash bar. With this, your guests can buy their own drinks, making the party more affordable for you. Also, not having an open bar can help in reducing the possibility of your guests drinking too much.

In addition to these, you can also cut a piece of black mat board that you can use to cover the front door of the venue, then add a peephole to it. It’s because peepholes were common at prohibition-era clubs. You should also play some music. You can create a playlist of the top songs in the 1920s, which can add to your guests’ anticipation as they arrive at your party. To complete the ‘20s look, you can add potted plants in the corners of the venue and create some jazz-club signs that you can hang at the entrance to your party. 

2. 1920s Party Invitations

You need to make sure that the invitation to your party conveys the theme and any expectations in advance. You can choose invitations in the colors gold and silver on black. Add some sequins, pearls, and feathers to decorate them. Also, do not forget to let your guests know that they should be in their best 1920s attire. 

Back in the 1920s, prohibition was in full swing. That is why underground clubs back then used to ask guests to speak a password for them to enter. This helped in keeping authorities out and the partiers in. To make your party more fun, your invitation can include an RSVP number that your guests need to call in order to receive a password. It’s up to you what password to use. 

3. Food for a 1920s Party

Providing a meal for your party is great, as it can reduce the possibility of your guests becoming overly intoxicated. In addition to that, having a dinner buffet is a good way to entertain and care for your guests. This will also give them a chance to socialize and fill up on good food. 

It’s better to prepare food for the party ahead of time. You can set up a buffet table with chaffing pans, or you can also hire a caterer for more convenience. Choose two meat choices, two starches, and some vegetables and other side dishes. However, if you do not want to have a buffet at your party, you can just set up a snack bar where your guests can choose different finger foods. 

4. 1920s Party Activities

To make your party fun and alive, you also need to make sure that there are lots of things that your guests can do at your party aside from eating and drinking. Here are some 1920s-themed activities for your party:


In the 1920s, gambling was one of the popular activities enjoyed by a lot of people. Aside from placing a deck of cards and chips on each table for guests to play poker, there are other gambling opportunities that you can feature. For instance, you can hire dealers and gaming tables to keep the party going. Just make sure that your guests receive lots of playing chips when they arrive so that they have something to play with. 


Real money is not involved in the gambling games as they are just for fun. That is why you should also set up a prize bar where winners can exchange their winnings for different prizes. These can be a bottle of wine, chocolate cigar, pearl strand, cigar, chocolate guns, and more. 


You need to make sure that there is plenty of music and a reliable sound system to keep your party alive. Feature music from the 1920s, along with some swing tunes. Ensure that there is space for dancers. Make your guests dance along to the songs and have a great time.

Souvenir Photos

You can also set up an area where your guests can take souvenir photos. Most of your guests surely have digital cameras and smartphones with them. However, it is also a good idea to keep some disposable cameras on hand for those who want to use them. 

5. Raid the Party

To make the end of your party fun, you can have some guests volunteer ahead of time to dress up as policemen and raid your party at closing time. About ten minutes before your party ends, let the volunteers rush into the venue and shout, “this is a raid!” It is a very creative way to let your guests know that it is time to gather up their things and go home. 


The 1920s is indeed a very exciting era, and re-creating it at a party is a good idea. There are lots of other concepts for throwing a 1920s party, but we hope that the ideas we’ve shared in this post will help you in putting together a wonderful and thrilling ‘20s-themed party.