25 Best Gifts For Married Couples

Finding gifts for someone you care about can be based on interests and your relationship, but finding gifts for a couple is a little more difficult. You will suddenly need to take in two people’s personalities and interests. This can be difficult, but there are some gifts that are sure to be a hit for nearly all couples. Here is a list of great gifts for couples, no matter the occasion, that are sure to be appreciated.

25 Gifts for Married Couples

1. TABLETOPICS Couples: Questions to Start Great Conversations


The best gifts are those that are not tangible, such as memories and conversations. With the TABLETOPICS Couples game, you are getting as close as possible to giving one of those non-tangible gifts in a tangible way to your favorite couple. It is a top-selling conversation starter game that can be used by couples to explore both light-hearted and humorous questions to deeper, more intimate questions about their relationship. The variety of questions makes it a great gift for both the newly wed couple, or the couple approaching their golden anniversary.

This card game was created by Cristy Clarke in 2002. This was when the original TableTopics was written. The game increased in popularity and was featured on several major television shows and newspapers. Now there are TableTopics sets for all types of situations and relationships from friendships and girl’s night out to couples. Each one has many questions designed to spark conversation and help parties and gatherings escape the mundane trap of small talk.

This set of cards includes 135 questions, each on their own individual cards. The questions cover all types of topics whether asking about your dumbest argument to asking each other which possession of the other person you’d most like to throw out. The questions will cover the relationship, your history, love, sex and so much more in your relationship as a couple. The cards all come neatly packed in a 4-inch acrylic cube.


  • This gift is not just an item, it is also an activity.
  • This is one of the top conversation starter games.
  • There are plenty of conversation starters in the pack.


  • This is not as sentimental of a game.
  • Some questions may not be appropriate for all relationships.

2. The Big Activity Book for Couples

The Big Activity Book for Couples

The Big Activity Book for Couples is another way to gift memories to a couple. This activity book is a way for couples to connect and discuss their relationship. The book includes activities that will both dig deeper into discovering each other, as well as accomplishing tasks that involve teamwork to strengthen your relationship.

The book was created by LoveBook. LoveBook is a team of individuals who create materials that help promote and strengthen relationships. This activity book is just one example of a way that combines fun activities with relationship building.

The book is a small activity book of 124 pages. Each page has a variety of games, puzzles, quizzes, and more. Some examples of the content are a fill-in-the-blank comic strip, love libs, draw your partner’s facial expressions, and a “How would I handle it?” situational conversation starter. Each activity is meant to spark conversation, build the relationship, and help bond couples together through laughter.


  • This gift is very versatile for couples of all relationship lengths.
  • It is unique and encourages interaction.


  • This is a smaller gift and would work better as a side gift.
  • It is not a keepsake gift.

3. Mr. and Mrs. Wine Glasses

Mr. and Mrs. Wine Glasses

The first two gifts were focused on building the relationship, these wine glasses are more of keepsakes for boasting of the strong relationship. This is a set of two wine glasses that can be engraved with a name and date. Having personalized engraved items is not just something that is given at weddings. It is a great gift to give no matter where in the relationship a couple is.

Evenings spent as a couple over a glass of wine are some of the best memories for couples. Now, your favorite couple can have the gift of their very own personalized wine glasses to make those evenings even more memorable.

Each glass is 14 ounces. They are made from a sturdy glass that is dishwasher safe. There are five different personalization styles to choose from, or you can choose your own custom style and lettering. Each style uses the combination of Mr. and Mrs. along with the last name and a wedding date. There are some designs that incorporate rings which make them more suitable for newlyweds. Other styles use hearts or mustaches which make them fun gifts for those who have been married for years. Whatever the couple’s relationship, there is a style to reflect it.


  • The glasses are sturdy and dishwasher safe.
  • There are multiple style options to choose from.
  • The glasses are customized.


  • The glasses are considerably thicker than regular wine glasses.

4. Scratch Off World Map

Scratch Off World Map

Your travel-crazy couple friends will love this chance to mark their adventures. This scratch-off map is a high-quality map set that will allow someone to mark each country and state they have traveled to. This is both a keepsake that can be enjoyed for years to come as well as an activity that the couple and their family can complete together.

There are seven pieces to this scratch-off world set. The main piece is the world map. This map includes all the countries of the world in surprising detail. The countries are all covered in a monotone tan foil with the oceans being black. Each continent uses a specific color from the color scheme. Each individual country is a shade of the continent’s color. The countries are marked by both their names and their capitals. All the oceans and many islands are also marked on the map. There are also defining items draw on some countries like the silhouette of the Sydney Opera House in Australia and safari animals across Africa.

The second item that comes in the pack is a complimentary map of the United States. This map focuses solely on the couple’s journey around America. It includes all fifty states and their capitals, each state in a different color. Before it is scratched off, it has the corresponding black water and tan land look of the world map, making it a set. Both the world map and the United States map include all the flags of each place along the bottom of the maps. They are the same tan color until they are scratched off, revealing their official flag colors.

In addition to the maps, the package also includes event stickers. These event stickers represent common vacation activities that are done around the world such as scuba diving and surfing. The stickers can be added to the map to mark activities done in special places, like surfing off the coast of Australia or scuba diving in the Caribbean. There are also stickers to represent the means of travel, such as a car or plane to represent how you arrived at your destination.

The last four items are the packaging, the hanging bars, a magnifying glass, and the scratcher. The scratcher looks like a guitar pick. This makes it easy to hold, while still being precise when scratching off the specific place visited. The magnifying glass helps you see the smaller countries when scratching them off for even more precision. The packaging is a large tube that will hold the two maps rolled up. The tube is marked for gift giving by having a place to write who the maps are to and who they are from. The hanging bars go along the top of the map and the bottom of the map to keep it flat and allow it to be hung on the wall while still being exposed for regular scratching.

The world map measures a total of 24 inches long by 17.3 inches high. The map of the USA measures 17 inches long by 13 inches high. The maps are printed on high quality 350GSM laminated paper. While the paper is a thick poster type of paper, for more lasting quality, it is recommended to frame the maps to keep the paper from curling and to keep the map from being scratched off prematurely.


  • This is an interactive gift.
  • It is a keepsake that can be kept for years.
  • There are all the pieces included with the map, including the scratcher, stickers, and even hanging bars.


  • Some of the countries are rather small to see.
  • To make the map easier to scratch off, the countries are not always realistically shaped.

5. RPJC Picture Frames Collage

RPJC Picture Frames Collage

Giving gifts does not only need to be about creating memories, but also preserving memories already made. This picture frame is a beautifully elegant way for any couple to save their most precious memories in this high-quality picture frame collage. This is a great way for a couple to add their own pictures, or for you to add your favorite picture of and with the couple.

The entire collage frame measures 12.5inches by 15.5inches and is .75 inches thick. The frame is made from solid wood and has environmental protection paint. The frame is a solid black color. The front of the frame has a glass cover for the pictures. The glass is high definition real glass, this will protect the photographs while being easy to see through to view the beautiful pictures.

The frame can hold five 4X6 photographs. Three of the photographs sit horizontally while two sit vertically when the picture frame is hung vertically, providing a variety of views for the photographs. The pictures can easily be installed by using the tabs on the back to release the backing. The pictures are then placed in their slots and the back is replaced with the tabs securely fastening the pictures into the collage frame. There are three nail hooks on the back. Two running horizontally and two running vertically. This allows the picture frame to be hung in either direction.


  • The frame is solid wood and the glass is real glass for improved quality.
  • The picture frame is flexible for the direction it can be hung.
  • There is room for multiple pictures.


  • There is only one frame color option.

6. Personalized by Name Cutting Board for Kitchen by Qualtry

Personalized by Name Cutting Board for Kitchen by Qualtry

Any regular household item can become a special gift with a little personalization. One very popular item to personalize is cutting boards, due to their large surface area. Here is a cutting board that allows for personalization, but is positioned in a way that the cutting board can also be practically used as a regular cutting board, making it one of the best choices for a personalized cutting board gift option.

Qualtry offers more than just a customized cutting board. You can choose from different shapes, designs, and personalization styles. The boards are then customized and shipped within 24 hours of ordering them. Each board you order will be laser engraved, which will help the customization last longer than printing.

The board is available in either a bamboo wood, which is durable and natural, yet has pores that will not hold in the bacteria which can cause dangerous growth. The mahogany is a beautiful color and stronger material that would be ideal for a more decorative board. The mahogany board is available in 10×15 while the bamboo is either in 11×13 or 11×17. For the best care, the boards should be hand washed as prolonged exposure to the heat of a dishwasher can cause the wood to blister and split over time.

There are eleven different styles to choose from. Most of the engraving styles feature a name, initial, and date. This date would be great for either a wedding date for newlyweds and anniversary gifts or a move-in date for housewarming gifts.  There are many styles that will fill the entire board with a decorative engraving, which makes the cutting board better for hanging up as a decoration. There are are also a few styles available where the engraving is on the side or bottom of the board. This allows the rest of the board to be free for regular use without worrying about messing up the engraving. This makes the board more practical.


  • This is a gift that will last for years as a keepsake.
  • This gift can be personalized.
  • There are multiple personalization options.
  • The engraving can be off to the side so that the cutting board can also be practical.


  • The cutting board should not be washed in the dishwasher.
  • It is more expensive for a cutting board.

7. Folded Book Art by Boston Creative Company LLC

Folded Book Art by Boston Creative Company LLC

A couple’s love can be celebrated, no matter what point in the relationship they are at. This unique folded book art by Boston Creative Company LLC is a beautiful, and unique reminder of a couple’s relationship. It is different than the usual items given with a couple’s initials, making it a gift that is like none other.

The folded book art is handmade. Specific books are chosen by Boston Creative Company, and the pages are folded to form words, dates, and shapes. Each book takes hours to create a beautifully unique masterpiece. While the book choice itself that is used cannot be customized, the wording or lettering can. The most common customizations are a wedding date or initials separated by a heart.

The book measures 22 cm by 13 cm by 6 cm. The books are hardcover and printed by Boston Creative Company LLC in order to achieve the necessary thickness and size. To display the book, it is opened in order that the folded pages are spread out enough to reveal the message.


  • This gift is very unique and can be personalized.
  • It is a keepsake that will last for years.
  • It is handmade.


  • The book needs to be opened to a precise degree in order to be able to read the wording.
  • This is a pricier gift.

8. Luxor Linens Signature Egyptian Cotton 6-Piece Turkish Towel Set

One item that a couple will always need is a towel. A couple may receive towels at their wedding as gifts. Towels are one of those household items that multiples are needed of. You will need a towel for each family member, guests, and extras to use when towels are in the wash. In addition, towels will start to fray and stain after long periods of use, and will need to be replaced. This is why new towels are always a great gift idea for couples that will most likely be highly appreciated and used.

These towels will make the couple feel like newlyweds again. They are a luxurious set of his and hers towels, personalized for each one. The towels have three different embroidery options. They can either be customized for a newlywed with the typical “Bride” and “Groom” wording, or they can have “Mr” and “Mrs” or “His” and “Hers.”

This is a complete towel set. There are two sets, each set includes three items. There is a large bath towel, measuring 30 inches by 60 inches. Next is a medium-sized hand towel measuring 16 inches by 29 inches. The third item is a small, square wash cloth measuring 13 inches by 13 inches. All the items are made from 100% Egyptian cotton. They are machine washable and can be dried in a drying machine. The towel sets come in a beautiful gift box, ready to present to your favorite couple.


  • This gift can be personalized.
  • This is a complete bath set.
  • Towels are a practical item that is always needed.


  • The towels only come in white
  • They are more expensive towels.

9. King Beer Queen Wine Glass Gift Set by Du Vino

King Beer Queen Wine Glass Gift Set by Du Vino

Earlier, the gift idea was given of presenting that special couple you know with a set of matching wine glasses. Not every couple is a wine-loving couple. Many couples have a difference in tastes when it comes to adult beverages. This is where this set comes in handy. Instead of a matching wine set, it comes with one wine glass and one beer glass. In this way, the wife can enjoy her mojitos while the husband enjoys his Bud Light, while still having the joy of corresponding glasses celebrating their differences.

Both items are made from a sturdy glass. The set is made in the USA, following the stricter national production laws for quality in craftsmanship. The customization is printed on the glass. It is top rack dishwasher safe. The glasses arrive in a gift box that makes them ready to present for the special occasion.

The set includes two items. First is a beer glass. The beer glass is 16 ounces, and measures 6 inches tall by 3.25 inches wide with a 2.5-inch base. It has the large words “King” printed across the front underneath the silhouette of a crown. The print is in black. The second item is the wine glass. The wine glass is 12.75 ounces and is 7.5 inches tall with the rim measuring 2.38 inches across. The base of the wine glass is a sturdy 3.25 inches. It is made for the wife and has the large words “Queen” written across the front underneath the silhouette of a queen’s crown. The printing for the wine glass is in white.


  • The glasses are more unique than the typical His and Hers items.
  • There is a glass for each partner’s taste in drinks.
  • The set is made in the USA.


  • There are no other color or design options.
  • The wording is printed, not engraved, so it may not last as long as other glass engravings.

10. Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock

The gifts that most couples may say they want most are items that cannot be touched. These include more time together, less stress, more sleep, and so many other parts of life that seem to slip by faster than we’d like in our adult lives. These items cannot be wrapped up, but there are tangible items that help provide the circumstances for couples to enjoy the intangible. One such item is a double hammock.

A couple should not need to choose between relaxing or spending time together. So many items, like recliners or a bubble bath, may not accommodate two people very well, and may lead to a couple having to choose between their partner and relaxation. This is one area that they will not need to choose. This hammock is specially designed to hold two people at one time. In this way, they can enjoy an afternoon nap inside, outside, or on a hike while still spending the time with each other.

This hammock comes in four different unique colors. It measures a total of 78 inches wide by 118 inches long. It can hold a maximum combined weight of 500 pounds. The hammock is designed to not only hold two people, but provide extra room so you can comfortably hold a book, laptop, or other items so the hammock has a more versatile use and will not only need to be used for napping.

The hammock is very sturdy quality. It is not just a hammock for hanging in your backyard, though that is a great place to keep it. It is also sturdy enough to bring along for camping or backpacking. The hammock itself, while it can hold a large amount of weight, is very lightweight. It is also very easy and quick to set up anywhere you may be. It can be assembled in less than 3 minutes. The hammock comes with two ropes each measuring 137 inches long, two tree-friendly straps each measuring 52 inches long and 1 inch wide, and two solid steel carabiners. These attachments will allow the hammock to attach to nearly any tree or solid round item that could hold the weight. The hammock folds neatly away in a carry bag.


  • This is an item that is both practical and romantic.
  • It has a very versatile use.
  • It can hold a combined weight of 500 pounds.
  • All the attachments are included.
  • It is very high quality and can withstand hiking and camping.


  • This is not the most personal gift.
  • This is not a gift that all couples would enjoy.

11. Broadway Basketeers Token of Appreciation Gift Tower

Broadway Basketeers Token of Appreciation Gift Tower

When in doubt of what to give a couple, food is always a great option. A couple that may have everything, will always be in need of food at some point. You can now treat a couple with high-quality tasty treats. This gift tower makes a great gift on its own, or can be combined with other items. Snacks are a great way to introduce a gift of a date night. Along with the snacks, you can also give the couple a movie rental, fleece blanket, and a pair of matching pajamas to give them the gift of a night in with their very own comfortable movie theater in a box.

In this particular gift, there are six different snack options all neatly wrapped in five separate boxes and tied with a bow, ready to be presented for whatever the occasion may be. The tower measures 6 inches by 5.5 inches by 17 inches tall. The gift tower comes with a personalized message to show how much you care for the couple. All the food items are kosher OK-D, which guarantees the quality and safety of the food products.

There are a variety of snack options in the boxes. The snacks include a delicious box of gourmet triple play popcorn. The popcorn comes in three different flavors: butter, cheddar, and caramel. Next, there is a box of peanut crunch squares. They are a crunchy, sweet treat of peanut butter. The third item is a créme brulee sweet mix. It is a mixture of various treats and sweets such peanuts, almonds, yogurt peanuts, and caramel chips. Next are a collection of soft apple caramels. These are candy caramels that are both soft and creamy with apple flavoring. A box of oven toasted pita chips features more of a salty take to snacking. They are both crisp and light, making them perfect for pairing with any dip or side of your choice. The last are delicious chocolate chip cappuccino cookies. This tasty take on the family favorite of chocolate chip cookies adds the flavoring of your favorite morning cup of java.


  • This is a gift that could be used by all couples.
  • The snacks are already gift wrapped beautifully.
  • There are a variety of snacks so there is sure to be something for every taste bud.


  • Those with certain food allergies may not be able to eat the box.
  • The food items are not keepsakes that will last.

12. Hamilton Beach 25490A Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach 25490A Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

What every couple most likely would like is a way to make their lives just a little easier so they can spend less time keeping their house in order and more time with each other. One particular activity that takes quite a bit of time out of the day is making meals, whether breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any snacks in between. The challenge of what to eat is a constant struggle. You can give them this practical gift of a breakfast sandwich maker that can help give another tasty, quick, and easy meal option so more time can be spent together and less time in the kitchen.

This sandwich maker is labeled as a breakfast sandwich maker due to its smaller size, but could be used for any meal with a little creativity. The sandwich maker can make either one or two sandwiches. The sandwiches will be ready in as short as five minutes. To make this process shorter, some items can be cook ahead of time to ensure all food safety procedures are followed. This is especially true for meats.

This is just the sandwich maker, what goes inside the sandwich maker is entirely up to the person using it. It can be used along with eggs, cheese, meat, and so many other ingredients to make dozens of unique and healthy meals in as easy as a click of a button.

The sandwich maker comes with three separate section to each sandwich area. The bottom section is a large bowl area where the bottom loaf of the sandwich is placed. On top of the sandwich is where most of the ingredients are placed such as cheese, tomatoes, spinach, meat, and whatever other fresh and healthy ingredients you would like on your sandwich. The middle section is where an egg is placed. It has a removable separator. This helps keep the egg contained while it cooks. When it is cooked, the separator is removed, and the fully cooked egg lands neatly on top of the sandwich. The top part of the sandwich maker is where the top loaf sits. It is then evenly toasted and placed on top of the egg.

The sandwich maker is very simple to use. Once the food items are placed, it is as simple as setting the timer. There are multiple quick and easy recipes that come with the sandwich maker. Each one provides the necessary time for cooking all the items. When the cooking time is over, the sandwich maker will let out an audible tone letting you know it is time to retrieve your sandwiches. All the parts that are removable can be quickly and easily washed in the dishwasher.


  • This is a very practical gift.
  • It is flexible in its use and comes with many recipe options.
  • It makes two sandwiches at one time.


  • This is not as personal of a gift.
  • It makes smaller sandwiches, so it would work better for breakfast sandwiches than other meals.

13. Bamboo Cheese board with Cutlery Set by Bambusi

Bamboo Cheese board with Cutlery Set by Bambusi

As mentioned earlier, food is always a sure thing in any couple’s life. Gifting food is a great way to ensure you are giving a gift that would be used. The downside of giving food is that the gift will not last. Once the food is eaten, the gift is gone. Another way to gift food in a way that lasts longer is through gifting it using items that can be kept. One great gift is a cheese board. A cheese board is a great way for couples to serve snacks and other items for either themselves or during parties. This specific cheese board by Bambusi makes for an elegant gift that will be used from time and time again and would be great paired with a gift of the couple’s favorite wine and a few delicious kinds of cheese.

The cheese board is made from a beautiful bamboo that is both organic and kitchen safe. Bamboo is ideal as a cutting board because of the smaller pores. This leads to the board absorbing less liquids that could eventually lead to a buildup of bacteria. Bamboo is also known for preventing stains or smells from holding on to the wood as some other cheaper materials do. This makes this cutting board perfect for owning for years to come even with regular use.

The board measures 13 inches by 13 inches square and is 2 inches tall. The square shape has a raised center area that measures about 9 inches by 9 inches and is designed as a cutting board. This area is ideal for cheeses and other items that will need to be cut. The edges are dipped like a moat and will hold crackers, meats, or other items in a neat row.

This is more than just a cutting board. It also contains the knives necessary for cutting a variety of different items. One side of the cutting board pulls out as a drawer. This drawer contains four different types of utensils. Each one is made from a sturdy stainless steel. They also have beautiful bamboo handles for both comfort and strength. The draw can be removed completely to make cleaning even easier. The board not only comes with the cutting knives, but also chalk signs. There are two pieces of chalk as well as black signs that are made to be turned into labels. This is a great way to let your guests know what each of the cheeses are. The boards can then be wiped clean and rewritten each time the tray is set up.


  • This is a very high-quality cheese tray.
  • It will last for years to come.
  • The tray comes with serving knives and cheese signs.


  • This is a less personal gift.
  • It is a larger tray that will require space to store it between uses.

14. VonShef – 4 Person Picnic Backpack Bag

VonShef - 4 Person Picnic Backpack Bag

As mentioned multiple times before, gifting a way to make memories can be one of the best gifts to give a couple. While some memories can be made at home, there are so many more memories that can be made when a couple is encouraged to leave their home for an adventure. This four-person picnic bag by VonShelf helps make taking an everyday routine of eating a meal to a new level by allowing more versatility. You can now give the gift of allowing the couple to combine eating with adventuring together.

A regular picnic basket can be bulky and difficult to carry. This limits the places it can be used. Most people who use picnic baskets will park their car close to the picnic location and walk just a short distance as a basket is not easy to carry long distances. A picnic bag is designed as a backpack. This makes it easy to carry long distances and even take it to hard to reach areas. You can now eat your meals sitting atop a mountain, or in a boat. The options are as endless as your adventuring spirit.

The backpack is available as either a two person picnic backpack or a four person picnic backpack. This makes it great for a newlywed couple, or a blossoming family. It measures 11 inches long by 7 inches by 13 inches by 16 inches and weighs just 6 pounds with all the items included. It is made from polyester and is very durable and can last through all your adventuring. The backpack comes with padded soft shoulder straps that will be comfortable during your excursions. There are four different color options to choose from.

The backpack comes with a couple essentials for all picnicking excursions. The first is a large blanket. The blanket can be laid out on any ground to make it a clean and sanitary eating surface. The blanket matches the backpack. It measures 45 inches by 52 inches. It is made from a soft pleece with a waterproof PEVA backing so that any moisture and dirt on the ground will be kept from soaking through and ruining the food on top. This will also give you a clean surface to sit on without ruining your clothes.

The backpack itself has many pockets and areas for storage. The main storage area is the back of the backpack. This is a PEVA lined cooler compartment. It is large enough to hold any snacks and small meal items like sandwiches. The cooler compartment will keep the food cool, with the help of cooler packs. It will also help keep moisture from leaking in or out of the compartment and ruining the food or other items in the backpack.

The front of the backpack opens up for all the other picnic items. These items include four of all the following: stainless steel knives, forks, and spoons, 9-inch dinner plates, cotton napkins, and plastic wine glasses. In addition, the backpack also comes with a cutting board, stainless steel cheese, and butter knife, and a bottle opener. The side of the backpack has a removable wine cooler. The other side of the backpack has an attachment for holding the picnic blanket.

Everything is held in place so it will not be jostled around too much while hiking. The compartments are sealed securely using zippers. The addition of a zippered front pocket allows for any personal items to be added such as keys, wallets, or wipes for after the meal. There is plenty of room for everything for a short day out and about with the ones you care most about.


  • This is a practical gift that can be used by the whole family.
  • It comes in a variety of colors.
  • There is plenty of storage space.
  • The shoulder straps are padded.
  • All the picnic essentials are incldued.


  • This is not a personal gift.
  • There is only room for small snacks and small meals.

15. American Art Classics Funny Retro Vintage Set Themed Wine Bottle Labels

American Art Classics Funny Retro Vintage Set Themed Wine Bottle Labels

Wine is a great gift that can celebrate nearly any occasions. Wine adds a little bit of class to a regular celebration. It is also a great side gift to give along with a set of wine glasses or the cheese cutting board. Giving a bottle of wine may be a practical and well-appreciated gift, but it can sometimes also feel impersonal, especially if the couple is someone close to you. This is where this set of wine labels come in handy. American Art Classics has taken some well-known art classics and turned them into humorous wine labels that can be added to that special couple’s favorite beverages that will provide a laugh along with the wine and make it a little more special.

This set includes eight different labels. They can be used for a gift for one couple, or kept and divided up among multiple gifts. Each label is four by five inches. They are adhesive labels and are designed to fit the standard sized wine bottle. To attach the labels, the backing will need to be peeled off, then they can easily be stuck to the desired bottle of choice.

Since the labels will be on wine, the labels are designed to be waterproof. This will help them last even if some wine drips on the label. The design will still be visible for the entirety of the bottle. This also allows the wine to be refrigerated or put on ice without fear of ruining the labels.

Each of the labels features a vintage styled drawing. The drawing features both men and women, making it suitable for either gender. Along with the vintage drawing is a modern humorous saying related to drinking. The sayings are gender neutral and will be found humorous by both the male and female in the relationship.


  • This is a great way to add more uniqueness to a gift of a bottle of wine.
  • There are multiple labels that can be used for multiple gifts.
  • All the sayings and labels are not specific to one gender.


  • The labels are all aimed to those who enjoy adult beverages.
  • The labels are not a gift in and of itself, and requires purchasing additional items.

16. Date Night Ideas Gift by Sweet Bella Stationery

Here is another gift that is a gift of memories. The age old joke among married couple is about the ominous “So, what do you want to do?” question followed by the nonchalant “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” reply. This is an ongoing joke, because it happens all too often and can be relatable to any couple. This gift of date night ideas is a way to break this ritual and add a little uniqueness to the day to day activities, which can open the door for new memories to be made.

This gift is essentially a date night in a box. The box is made from recycled Kraft boxes. It measures just 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches square. It is small enough to fit nicely as a side gift. Inside the box, there are 24 round, wooden tokens. On either side of the token, there is a date idea written, making a total of 48 date ideas. If a couple uses one date a week, the box will nearly take them through the entire year, with a few free weeks left for adventures of their own choosing. The great part is that when the couple completes all the tokens, they can all be put back in the box, with a few of their own additions, and completed again the next year.

All the date ideas are things that can be done on a budget, so that any couple can take advantage of the ideas. Some of the date ideas are seasonal, such as a sledding date following by hot chocolate at home. Other ideas require a time commitment, such as signing up for an obstacle race together and start training together. Others can be done at a moments notice such as playing your favorite childhood game together, or going for a long drive in the country. Other items require a little research such as researching then visiting some favorite places around town. There are over a dozen more great ideas that are both indoors and outdoors, short and long dates, costly and free dates. Each one sure to entertain and bring the couple closer together in the process.


  • This is a gift that can be used all year or longer, and reused endless amounts of time.
  • This is a gift that helps a couple strengthen their relationship.
  • Most of the gift ideas are budget friendly.
  • There are a good variety of options for all seasons and occasions.


  • Some of the dates are not very creative.
  • There are only 48 ideas in the box.
  • The entire box and tokens are very small.

17. Personalized Name Coaster -Set of 4 by Griffco.

Coasters are another item that is very practical and can be used by most couples. Coasters help preserve tables and other surfaces from having watermarks from glasses. Coasters may not seem like the most personal gift for a couple, but that is what makes these coasters from Griffco so special. They are uniquely personalized so that the coasters not only protect the furniture, but are a symbol of the couple’s love through their unique engraving of the name and date of the special couple.

These coasters are made of a beautiful bamboo that is both certified and a renewable resource. The bamboo also gives the coasters a timeless appearance and will match nearly any room’s decor. Each set includes four coasters. Each coaster measures about 4 inches by 4 inches.

The coasters themselves are personalized. The personalization is what makes the coasters such a unique gift. It can be personalized to the specific couple they are meant for. There are three parts of the coaster that can be engraved. First is the main background. You can choose one large letter to be the main background of the coaster. You can add a name to run vertically up the center of the coaster which is great for a family name. The third item is an “established” date. This third engraving is optional but you can add an “established” date there.


  • Can be used by the entire family.
  • Great personalized gift that can last mane years.
  • High-quality product.


  • There are only four coasters in a pack.
  • They are a higher price for the small quantity.

18. American Tourister Luggage AT Pop 3 Piece Spinner Set

American Tourister Luggage AT Pop 3 Piece Spinner Set

If you know a couple that loves to travel, one item they will surely appreciate is a brand new set of luggage. Those who travel often know how much luggage is put through. From security checks to those dreaded conveyor belts at the airport, luggage can be thrown, stuffed, stacked, until they are falling apart. This does not even include the beatings luggage receives in the packing process alone. Stuffing suitcases to their max, then sitting on them in order to squeeze the zippers shut is an all too common practice among travelers. This is why luggage falls apart often and becomes a regular investment for frequent flyers. This year, you can allow your favorite traveling couple to have a little more spending money on their trip by buying them new luggage yourself so they won’t have to.

This is a complete luggage set, so that each person in the family has a suitcase. There is also a suitcase suitable for every scenario. The largest suitcase measures 29 inches by 20 inches by 10 inches. It weighs 12.9 pounds. This is for those frequent flyers who are planning longer trips. Most international airlines only allow one checked luggage. In this case, a person would want as large as is allowed in order to make the most of the space. This suitcase is at the max for most airlines that range in size allowance with the maximum allowing falling around 35 inches for many airlines.

For those who rather save on the size and weight, there is a medium suitcase option. It is 25 inches by 18 inches by 9.75 inches. It weighs just 10.2 pounds. This is good for airlines that are a little stricter in their size limitations. It will also work well for those who have less, but heavier items to take with them. The medium suitcase is also a better option for car rides, or other travel means where size is not as big of an issue, so you can bring multiple bags and each bag can be an easier size to manage.

The last bag is 21 inches by 14 inches by 7.5 inches. This bag is perfect for short weekend trips. It also measures a size that is accepted by most airlines as a carry on size. It weighs just 8.6 pounds, making it very easy to manage.

All the bags are made from 100% polyester. Each bag also has four spinner wheels on each corner. The spinner wheels allow for easier mobility. Both the top and the sides of the suitcases each have padded carry handles so the suitcases can easily be lifted from any direction to fit into the appropriate place. A pop out handle makes it easy to transport the suitcases from place to place without having to lift them at all.

The suitcases are available in six different colors. Each suitcase has four different pockets. The main compartment will hold the majority of the items. The lid of the main compartment has a secondary compartment. On the outside of this compartment is a more narrow compartment for smaller items. The smallest pocket is located at the top of the suitcases and is ideal for a wallet or keys, if the suitcase is staying near you. It can house any other small items that will need to be accessed quickly without having to open up an dig through any of the large compartments.


  • This is a very practical gift for the traveling couple.
  • There are multiple color options available.
  • This set includes sizes for all travel scenarios.
  • There are plenty of pockets.
  • These soft case suitcases are lighter than hard case suitcases.
  • There are spinner wheels to make it easier to transport the suitcases.


  • Not all couples need suitcases.
  • Soft case suitcases are not as durable as hard case suitcases.

19. Luxor Linens Couple’s Terry Cloth Bathrobe Set

If the couple is someone you are close to, you can pamper them with the gift of a personal spa night together. A gift card to a spa is one way to give them a day’s pampering session. Another way is to bring the spa to them by giving the couple their own spa items so that every night can be a spa night. This set of Luxor Linens terry cloth bathrobes is a great way to help them feel pampered as they are nestled in the luxurious cloth of the bathrobe. They can use them everyday, or on special occasions. This gift would pair nicely with giving them bath salts or massage oils.

The robes are monogrammed with “Mr.” and “Mrs.” and come in a set of two. You can also choose to have “His” and “Hers,” or a custom monogramming on the robes. These robes are soft, breathable, give a luxurious feeling and are made from 100% Egyptian Cotton terry.


  • The gift can be personalized.
  • This is a practical gift.
  • These robes come in two packs, one for each person.
  • They are very high-quality robes that can be worn year-round.


  • Not everyone uses bathrobes.
  • They are one-size fits all, so not everyone will find they fit well.
  • They are only available in white.
  • They are a more expensive bathrobe option.

20. RADICALn 16 inches Fossil Coral and Dark Brown Weighted Chess Board

RADICALn 16 inches Fossil Coral and Dark Brown Weighted Chess Board

Every couple has those long evenings after work that are usually filled with a routine of coming home, eating dinner, watching some television, then going to bed. This routine can become second nature, and soon weeks pass without anything interrupting this routine. This gift of this beautiful chess set is a way that couples can have another handy activity outside of television that can be done together while relaxing and unwinding from the day.

This chess board is specially designed to be not only an entertainment piece, but also a decorative piece. It is beautifully crafted with high-quality materials that will look stunning in all rooms. It can be conveniently set up for an ongoing game from day to day, or to easily be played in one setting at a moment’s notice without needing to set up beforehand.

The board measures 16 inches long by 16 inches wide, making a perfect square like a standard chess board. It is made from a mixture of fossil coral and marble. The entire set is handmade with beautiful and meticulous craftsmanship. The board is smoothly finished, giving it a glossy shine that is sure to stun anyone who sees it.

The figurines are highly detailed and weighted for added quality. In this way, they will not easily be knocked down by bypassers. The pieces are dark brown and light tan, with the natural coloring of the fossil coral and dark brown marble. The pieces are also striking and large. The king measures 3 inches tall. The queen is 2.75 inches. The bishop and knight are both 2.5 inches, and the pawns are all 2 inches tall. Each piece has the standard shape and design of regular chess pieces that make them easy to identify.

This set is a beautiful addition to any home. Even those who may not play chess regularly can appreciate its beautiful design that can decorate any room. The high-quality craftsmanship helps protect the board and pieces from the elements no matter where in the house it is set up. The weighted pieces allow the board to stay in place, even when jostled by regular passerbyers.


  • The pieces are weighted so they won’t be knocked over.
  • This is a very high-quality chess set.
  • This chess set works well as a decorative piece as well as a game.


  • Not all couples may enjoy playing chess.
  • This is a more expensive chess set.
  • This is a heavy set and would not work well to travel with.

21. Scrabble Luxury Edition Board Game

Scrabble Luxury Edition Board Game

Chess is not the only board game that can be set around as both a decoration and entertainment. For those who do not like chess, there is also a decorative and beautiful scrabble game that can perfectly grace any couple’s home. Like the chess game, this scrabble board is designed to set out on a table in a game room or in a living area, ready to be played at any moment.

This luxury scrabble edition has many features that make it more convenient than regular Scrabble games. The board game in total measures about 17 inches by 17 inches. The board is a large raised board. It is made from a two-toned wood with burled wood veneers. There is a drawer that pulls out from underneath the playing board. This drawer holds all the game accessories.

The top of the board is made from faux-leather. There are raised grooves for the tile placement on the board. These grooves help hold each tile in place while the board moves. The top is made to rotate so that whoever plays can have the board the correct direction for their reading. The top board has gold foil stamping. The playing board is a regular playing board along with all the extra point squares, and a listing down the sides with the available letters for reference.

The board comes with all the necessary additions. It includes all the tiles with the letters and their point values. The game also comes with a beautiful gold timer. It also has plated die-cast tile racks for holding the tiles during game play. The tiles are kept in an elegant faux-leather bag. The game also includes a pencil and deluxe scorebook.


  • This is a beautiful game that can also be a decorative piece in a room.
  • The game board can rotate so it is the correct direction for all players.
  • There is a storage drawer inside the game.
  • The tiles have grooves to keep them from shifting when the board moves.


  • This is a more expensive scrabble set.
  • The game is heavier, and is not easy to move or put away.

22. Two Matching Stainless Steel Flasks

Two Matching Stainless Steel Flasks

Matching gifts do not need to end after the wedding. Matching gifts are great to give to any couple no matter how long they have been together. It is a way that the couple can publicly declare their love for each other in a subtle way. This matching thermos set is an adorable and humorous way to telling the world how much you are still in love. Thermoses are an item that most people use, whether for hot chocolate, tea, or coffee. This is what makes them a versatile gift for nearly any couple.

This set of thermoses includes two thermoses. Each thermos holds 500ml. They are made from stainless-steel and are double walled. This helps keep liquid inside the desired temperature for up to 12 straight hours. The thermos can work for both keeping hot liquids hot, and keeping cold liquids cold. The top is a flip-open lid that is leak-proof. The entire bottle is BPA-free. The thermoses are easy to clean up afterwards as they are dishwasher safe.

The thermoses come in a matching design. There is a black and white thermos. The black thermos says “Mr. Right” in large white lettering underneath a white mustache silhouette. The white thermos says “Mrs. always Right” underneath the red lipstick stains of a kiss. The thermoses come in a beautiful gift wrapping along with a card to address who the gift is to and who it is from.


  • This is a humorous and romantic gift to celebrate a couple’s love and relationship.
  • It is a practical gift.
  • The thermos can hold hot and cold liquids at their temperature up to 12 hours.
  • The thermoses come in gift wrapping.


  • There aren’t many personalization options.

23. Luspan King and Queen Couples Coffee Mugs

For the couple that may already have a thermos, you can also gift them matching coffee mugs. These mugs have a little more of an elegant look to them to add some class to your favorite couple’s morning. Mugs are very versatile gifts that can be used for food, drinks, or even storage of small items.

This set of mugs come in a beautiful gold and marble design. It is a set of a pink and one gray colored mug. The pink mug says “Queen” across the front in gold lettering along with a gold queen crown. The gray mug says “King” across the front in gold lettering below the silhouette of a king’s crown. If this is a gift for a newlywed couple, you can also purchase the mugs saying “Bride” and “Groom.” But, the mugs will be relevant longer by using the king and queen wording.

The ceramic marble mugs are both 13 ounces. They can hold many different liquids and foods. They are very sturdy mugs and will last for years if taken care of properly. Due to the materials in the mugs, to keep them looking the best, do not microwave the mugs or wash them in the dishwasher.


  • These mugs have a more unique look.
  • They are matching mugs and celebrate a couple’s love.
  • The mugs are more classy than regular mugs.


  • These mugs cannot be put in the dishwasher or the microwave.

24. Self-Inking Letter Address Stamp Personalized

Self-Inking Letter Address Stamp Personalized

When people picture personalized items, the first items to come to mind are usually kitchenware or cloth items. There are many things in the household that can be given to a couple that is personalized, but one item that is often overlooked is a personalized stamp.

This self-inking stamp from 904 Custom is very versatile. The main use of the stamp is as an address stamp. Even in this world of email and texting, letters are still sent out regularly. Having a stamp with your name and address makes the letter writing process easier. This stamp is entirely customizable. This means that the stamp is not restricted to only being an address stamp. It can be a stamp of ownership. It can have a couple’s names and their contact information. It can then be used to mark all their items so that the items will find their way back to the home. If the couple is a book-loving couple, this stamp would make a great library stamp for marking their books as their own.

The stamp has a unique and simple design that makes it very versatile. The stamp is a round shape. The center of the stamp is a large letter. This is a great place to put the large initial of the last name. Through the center of the initial is a place to write out the full last name. The round stamp then has one line curving in a half circle above the initial and one line curving in a half circle below the initial. These two lines can say whatever you would like them to say. They can be two lines of an address, first names and a date, or “This book belongs to.”

The stamp measures approximately .63 inches by .63 inches around. This fits perfectly in the corner of a standard envelope. It also fits on the inside cover of the average book. This is a self-inking stamp, so the ink is already preinstalled in the stamp. All that needs to be done is to press the stamp down. The rubber stamp will be put against the stamp dye, then be turned around to press against the paper. There are eight color options available for the ink dye.


  • This is a personalized gift.
  • This is a practical gift.


  • This gift is difficult to personalize without knowing a couple’s needs beforehand
  • The stamp is not always very dark, and may require double stamping.

25. Hand Casting Kit by Discovering DIY

Hand Casting Kit by Discovering DIY

Capturing memories that last is not limited to just taking pictures. There are so many more ways to preserve a moment for forever. One more unique way is to use hand casting. This is a gift you can give a couple that will allow them to remember the special occasion and have it literally written in stone, or at least a hard plaster.

Hand casting in a relatively simple process. You will mix up a cement type of mixture into a bucket. You will then place your hands into the bucket. How you place your hands in the bucket will depend entirely up to you. The casting works best if the two hands are connected and touching in some ways. This is why many couples choose to hold hands for the casting.

You then wait a few minutes for the outer mixture to dry. Most mixtures will turn a white when it is dry, which may take one to two minutes. You then wiggle your hand as you pull it out. A second mixture is then poured into the mold. This second mixture can be made from a wax or some other material. You then allow this second mixture to harden. Once it is hardened, you can break away the molding revealing the perfect statue of your hands forever intertwined. This can then be painted or decorated however you would like.

This hand casting kit by Discovering DIY is a complete hand casting kit with all the materials you will need from start to end. The kit is made for two people, which makes it a perfect gift for all couples. The bucket included is large enough for two hands that are holding, or connected in some way.

The kit includes all the basics. There are large bags of each of the mixtures that are clearly marked with the step number so you know which one to use when. There are also two bags of molding and casting powders. There is also a large bucket for mixing the item in and doing the casting in.

There is also a small sample pack of each so that you can do a small sample mold before doing the real mold in order to make sure you understand the instructions correctly. An instructional video is available with the product to also help you understand the process.

This is one of the only casting kits that also provides all the protective gear necessary. There are two protective masks that can be worn to protect yourselves from breathing in any of the powder. There are also latex-free gloves that can be worn to protect your hands when mixing the materials and doing the mold.

What you do with your mold afterwards is completely up to you. This kit does, however, provide one option for preserving the mold. The kit comes with a paintbrush as well as a bronzing paint and a sealant to preserve your hands even longer.


  • The kit provides a keepsake that will last for years.
  • You can customize your keepsake.
  • This kit has all the materials you need for the process from beginning to end.
  • There are samples to practice with beforehand.


  • The outside cast mixture tends to dry very fast so you need to be sure to follow the timing and directions precisely.