Guide to Picking Fun Games for Bachelorette Parties

Brides usually have lots of things to accomplish and complete before the big event. But there are also many pre-wedding events that she can look forward to, such as the bridal shower, where she can have fun with her friends and family and be showered with presents and pampering. Another event is the rehearsal dinner, where her friends, family, and some out-of-town guests gather before the big day. With the many things that you need to do as a bride, you are probably anticipating spending some quality time with your best girlfriends too, and that can be done through a bachelorette party.

A bachelorette party is among the most exciting nights in a life of a woman who’s about to get married soon. In order to host a successful and unforgettable event, there should be a few important elements, such as your best girlfriends, food, and drinks. But aside from those, there are other things that you can consider to make the party more fun. A bachelorette party would not be complete without a few stories about exes or even current boyfriends and husbands. And to keep things moving along, playing some fun games can be a great addition. 

If you or a friend of yours is getting married soon and you want to throw a bachelorette party, we are here to help you. In this post, we are giving you a guide to picking fun games for bachelorette parties.

What is a Bachelorette Party?

women enjoying at a bachelorette party

A bachelorette party is a get-together held in honor of a woman’s approaching marriage. It is usually attended by the closest friends and family members of the bride. It is traditionally planned by the maid of honor, the bridesmaids, or a few close friends. But there is actually no set of rules for this. In fact, the bride herself can plan out a bachelorette party.[1]  

While men have been enjoying parties since the 5th century, women, on the other hand, were only allowed to throw bridal showers till the 1960s. That involved pampering the bride with gifts along with her favorite food and basically preparing her for becoming a wife. However, with the advent of the sexual revolution, the liberation movement of women, and a new wave of feminism in the 1960s, women sought for the freedom to pick between what kind of bachelor or hen party they wanted to have. This means that bachelorette parties were also another way of showing the world that men and women are equal.[2] 

It was in the 1970s when the rowdy bachelorette parties began and gained full momentum until the end of the 20th century. At the present time, brides and bridesmaids pick what happens at the party. From a wild, booze-filled pub hopping to a getaway in a beach location to a high-end tea party or somewhere in the middle, there are indeed lots of options for this pre-wedding festivities. But it is still all about personal choice and the bride’s interests.[2] 

You don’t really have to throw a bachelorette party if it is something you don’t think you want or need. However, before you completely dismiss the idea, it also helps to take into consideration the fact that every bride-to-be deserves to be able to celebrate themselves, the friendships they have, and the life they have lived before they get married. It also does not have to be the same way everyone else does it. The key is to honor yourself and have the best time with your closest friends and family members.[3] 

The Best Bachelorette Party Games

women celebrating a bachelorette party

Bachelorette parties are not going to be complete without playing some fun and exciting games with your best girlfriends. There are many different games that you can play at a bachelorette party, depending on the venue of the event and how many are playing. To provide you with some ideas, below are the best bachelorette party games that you can choose from.

The Best Bachelorette Party Games

Drinking Games for Bachelorette Parties

Drinking games are very popular for bachelorette parties. These games also do not require much preparation. All you need are plenty of drinks to keep the games going. However, it is also essential to prepare some “mock-tails” or non-alcoholic drinks ready for guests who choose not to drink. Below are some of the best drinking games for bachelorette parties that might help you choose:

  • Lie Detector: This game can be played by two players at once, and it may take around 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the number of questions you have. It is like a real lie detector test. A bachelorette will be dared to answer some private and embarrassing questions about herself or maybe about the groom. In order to determine which of the replies is accurate, the adversary will use her intuition. The wrong guesser is required to consume alcohol from the bottle. The one who guesses wrong must drink from the bottle of alcohol. The person with the most correct answer wins.
  • Drunk Jenga: This game can be played by two or more players and can go for as long as an hour. The twist is that you write a command on the side of a Jenga piece that nobody can see. A player must follow the instructions on a block when she pulls one. The person who causes the tower to collapse will be required to consume all of the remaining drinks that were poured for everyone at the table.
  • Guess Who: This game helps the guests get to know one another better. In fact, this game works best if the guests are not that close. It also involves alcohol, so you need to make sure that there are some mock-tail options for those who choose not to drink. To play the game, each guest writes a secret about her on a piece of paper. All of the papers will be dropped in a bowl. Everyone then selects a secret from the bowl and reads it aloud before speculating as to who wrote it. If the guess is right, the writer will drink. But if the guest guesses it wrong, she will drink. 
  • Beer Pong: This is a classic game that can be played at any type of adult party. Tossing the ball into the beer cup is the main objective. A cup’s contents must be consumed by your opponent if a ping pong ball lands in it. The team that hits all of the opponent’s cups successfully will win the game. The other team loses and would probably get drunk.

Fun Games for the Bachelorette

Some of the fun bachelorette party games are focused on bringing together groups of old and new friends to build strong connections and create shared memories together. These games can provide hours of fun and some interesting moments for everyone. Below are some examples of fun games for the bachelorette:

  • Guess the Kisses: This is a straightforward and sweet game that might produce a special keepsake for the bride. What the guests need to do is to leave lipstick marks on a piece of big white poster board. The bride will then guess whose kiss it is. The game also has a follow-up as guests need to write a wish under her lipstick mark. The groom leaving his own kiss before the party in a predetermined lipstick that you can point out later will make it more interesting and memorable. This is also a great idea. The bride can have the canvas or cardboard framed after the event and keep it as a guest book.
  • Bra-Pong: This game can be played by four to ten people. The idea of the game is to throw the ball right into the bra that is pinned on a corkboard or stretched between two chairs. You can try and find a very large bra at local thrift stores. Each time a ball lands in the cup, you score one point. The player that gets the most points wins.
  • Cold Feet: The object of this game is to stand in an ice-cold washtub and fish out various tiny wedding-themed objects with your feet or toes. It is a great game to play outdoors on a hot summer day. There is also no limit on the number of players for this game. Just make sure that you offer a clean and dry towel for everyone that will join the game. 
  • Finish the Sentence: This is a great game for players who know each other very well. The idea is simple. Simply add the funniest possible ending to the sentence. Instead of some words, there will be a list of sentences with gaps in them. The missing words can be found in any part of the sentence. Players need to finish the sentences with what they think the bride-to-be will say. The goal is to enjoy yourself as much as you can. Whoever matches the bride’s answers the closest wins.
  • Trivial Pursuit: This is a fun but challenging guessing game. The goal is to answer questions about the happy couple within a time limit. A list of questions about the couple should be prepared. All the guests will sit around a table with pencils and paper in hand. The bride will then ask questions about herself, her fiancé, or any related subjects. The guest will write the answers on the paper. When everyone is done answering, the bride will reveal the correct answer. Whoever has the most correct answer wins.

Bachelorette Party Games You Can Buy Today

There are times when the maid of honor or the bride herself does not have much time to plan what games to play for the bachelorette party. Fortunately, there are games that can be purchased in party stores or online that are ready to be played by everyone. Therefore, if you do not have time to prepare the items needed for games or to conceptualize a unique game for the party, below are some examples of bachelorette party games that you can purchase today:

  • Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt: This game comes with 25 cards that contain different tasks. You and your friends can have a blast trying to complete the tasks on the cards. Some of the tasks are funny challenges that will make everyone at the party laugh and have fun.
  • Lulu & You Bachelorette BASH: If any of your guests are meeting each other for the first time at the party, this is a great icebreaker. This is a collection of different games that you and your friends can play at the party. It includes 205 cards and 6 categories of fun. Some of the games included are the classics, like Truth or Dare, and I Have Never. There are also bride quizzes and trivia that will surely entertain everyone at the party.
  • Bachelorette Bundle: This party game box for bachelorette parties contain games such as Quiz the Groom, Bach Charades, Who Knows the Bride Best, Truth or Dare, What Am I, and more. It is the ultimate collection of bachelorette party games, and it contains all the items needed in order to host a hilarious and memorable bachelorette party for the bride-to-be. It is perfect for parties of 3 to 30. The games included contains mature content and are made for ages 17 and up. 
  • Pin the Ring on the Bride: This game includes one large bride poster, a pink blindfold, 35 pieces of ring stickers, 20 dot glue, and one pin the ring game winner certificate. It is simple to play. You just need to paste the poster on the wall and make a line on the ground as a starting line. After that, pick one ring sticker and wear a blindfold. Go ahead and pin the ring on the bride’s finger. The guest who can pin the ring closest to the finger wins. 
  • For The Girls – The Ultimate Girls Night Party Game: This game is made for ages 17 and up, and it can be played by three or more players. You will all take turns in taking cards from the corresponding color deck depending on what the dice reveal. Each card contains different challenges that the player needs to accomplish. Every card you accomplish provides you with a point. The guest that has the most points wins.
  • Family FEUD Bachelorette Party Edition: You can also spice up your girls’ night by playing the bachelorette party edition of Family Feud. The game comes with 150 face-off questions, 50 fast money cards, a dry-erase scoreboard, a dry-erase marker, and an instruction sheet. You can also download the free application it comes with to use sound effects that came straight from the television show. 
  • Drink If Games Scratch Off Cards: This game includes 35 drink if cards, 5 blank cards where you can write your own rules, and 40 scratch-off stickers. You just need to provide everyone with a scratch-off card. Each guest will reveal the challenges on the cards, and they need to do it. Those who will not do the challenge will be punished.


Planning a memorable and enjoyable bachelorette party requires selecting the right bachelorette party games along with other activities that will make the night fun and exciting. It’s crucial to pick activities that will unite participants and make them feel at ease. If you’re organizing the bride’s party, it’s crucial to talk to her about the games and activities you’d like to undertake. Don’t ruin her surprises, though. Just let her provide some feedback on your ideas in case there is something she wants to change. 

Also, keep in mind that bachelorette parties do not need to be wild like what most of us see on television shows and movies. A simple get-together with the closest friends of the bride over a few drinks and games is fine. We hope this post helped you learn more about picking fun games for bachelorette parties.


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