25 Best Gifts For Married Couples

Gifts For Married Couples

Finding gifts for someone you care about can be based on interests and your relationship, but finding gifts for a couple is a little more difficult. You will suddenly need to take in two people’s personalities and interests. This can be difficult, but there are some gifts that are sure to be … Read more

26 Romantic Gifts For Him

Romantic Gifts For Him

Valentine’s day occurs every year on February 14th and has become a time to celebrate those we love. It started way back with the legend of Saint Valentine who was believed to have secretly married young couples in a time of war when marriage was deemed illegal. The tradition of celebrating love … Read more

28 First Anniversary Gift Ideas

First Anniversary Gift Ideas

Your first anniversary is a huge milestone in your marriage. That first anniversary is worth a celebration as well as a memorable gift to mark the occasion. Gift giving for anniversaries dates back for centuries. There are traditional gifts that couples have given each year. The gifts are chosen by a specific … Read more

Mini Memorial Day Desserts

Celebrate this weekend with these Mini Memorial Day Desserts. Red, White and Blueberry Cheesecake Yogurt Cupcakes; Red, White and Blue Mini Cakes; Snow cone cupcakes; Double Dip Sugar Cookies; Mini Strawberry Rhubarb Pies

Flavored Butters Recipe and Book Giveaway

When I was given the chance to review a cookbook about butter, I naturally jumped at the opportunity because who can pass down butter! Flavored Butters by Lucy Vaserfirer is a great book that delivers top notch butter recipes that will melt in your mouth. She shares recipes for flavored butters that … Read more

Spring/Easter Vintage Picnic

Even though Easter is gone, spring is here and this submission from Jennifer Bell from Discarded Couture has some great inspiration for a vintage picnic.  Jennifer’s idea for this party is to teach people to up-cycle. Everything in this shoot is made from recycled products. A few of favorite things from this shoot are: … Read more

Easter Hostess Gifts

If you have plans to celebrate Easter at someone else’s house this year, here are a few gifts that you could take to the host/hostess.  Cake pop bouquet; Nice “peep-le” gift;  Basket of flowers; Easter bunny jar

Healthy Easter Baskets

Sometimes Easter baskets are filled with jelly beans and chocolate but make it healthy for your guests this year with veggie and fruit baskets. Source These would be great to serve at a Easter celebration or to take as a hostess gift.

Green and Ivory Wedding

Are you thinking green yet for St. Patrick’s Day?  Well this beautiful green and ivory wedding will definitely make you love these colors.  There are some great ideas for centerpieces that you could incorporate into your St. Patrick’s Day decor. You can find more images from this wedding here.

Beignets for Fat Tuesday

It’s Fat Tuesday so are you ready to indulge a little?  Here are some mouth watering recipes for a variety of beignets. Oven Baked Beignets with Cafe Au Lait Dipping Sauce; Cheddar Beignets with Sesame Dipping Sauce; Lemon Filled Beignets; Homemade Baked Beignets Heureux Mardi Gras!