Tips for Hosting a Kid’s Gaming Party

Hosting your kid’s birthday party – particularly a party that carries a certain theme – may present some challenges. But it will be all worth it especially when you see your little birthday celebrant and their little guests having a blast!

Gaming parties aren’t just restricted to classic arcade games; they can be also inspired by popular gaming Apps. Among the most popular games used as birthday, party themes are Super Mario, Minecraft, Angry Birds, Pac-Man and Candy Crush. Many gaming parties for kids are a combination of all of their favorite video games, along with classic video game elements such as a joystick or a Wii game controller, gold coins, logos, etc.

For me (and to other moms as well), it’s absolutely enjoyable to make themed décor, food, party games and party favors based on your children’s favorite video games and their characters. It allows you to be creative. And since this is going to be your kids’ day, you should also encourage them to contribute their input and ideas – remember, they know a lot more about video games than you probably do! Plus, having your kids involved during the preparation will definitely make it less of a chore and even more enjoyable!

Here are some awesome tips to make your video game hosting duties more manageable, less stressful, and even a bit more fun:

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Create printable invitations, decorations and goodie bags that are inspired by your kid’s video game character of choice.

Video Gaming Game on Drawstring Bags

Instead of goody bags, you can also use drawstring bags which can be used later in the school or picnic. Interestingly this particular bag gets along with all the themes, be it Super Mario, Angry Birds or even Fifa.

You can personalize items for your guests, for example, create cool “VIP All Access” badges for each kid who is invited to the party, with their own names on each of badges. You can also give the kids some other thematic giveaways such as wristbands, stationary and notebooks.

Video Game Party Favor Bands

These colorful game wristbands will be a great way for all the party attendees to remember your child’s birthday party for a long time. Made up of 100% silicone material, neither the color fades nor do they lose their grip. Kids can reuse these bands and wear them to other events as well.  Also, the color and caption on these bands oairs easily with any kind video game theme party.

Photo booths are really popular at any kinds of parties these days, and who wouldn’t want them, right? If you’re going the DIY way, it doesn’t have to be complicated if you’re looking for a photo booth arrangement that’s easy to set up and take down (after the party is over). It’s as simple as painting a one-piece board or even just hanging a colorful printed fabric as a backdrop, complete with light stands. Then create printable photo booth props for the guests to hold while having their fun and wacky photo-ops!

These printable photo booth props can be easily found and downloaded on the Internet and they come in many designs, from Mario’s signature moustache and red hat to Pac-Man and his colorful “ghost” enemies. If you don’t want to get into the hassle of making one yourself, you can also buy a readymade photo booth.

Video Game Photobooth

Available in two different sizes and four different colors, this photo booth poster is one that will catch the attention of all the boys in the party. It has a beautiful finish and comes in very sturdy to fit easy to any cardboard or board.

Take your game theme or your kid’s favorite video game main character to the hilt. Cake, themed desserts, snacks, drinks and other goodies, as well as party favors should be inspired by the chosen video game theme and/or character. They will be sure-fire hits for your young birthday celebrant and their guests! Also with a themed menu, an add on to the party can be themed party supplies including plates, cups, napkins and a lot more.  Be sure to check out Booths By Lux for a great option. 

83 Piece Video Gaming Party Supplies 

This party supply kit that serves 20 persons is a complete package that will fulfil all your needs. It includes a Game on Banner with matching Plates, Cups, Napkins, Tablecloth and a Large Joy Stick Controller Balloon. The set is made up of high-quality paper and it appears to be very sturdy and durable for desserts, beverages and all kinds of party food items.

What’s a gaming party without actually playing some you guessed it video games? Choose a video game wherein more than one character can play at the same time. This will encourage a collaborative and cooperative playing from all of the young guests, and will definitely bring tons of energetic fun among them!

Guests may have their own preferences in video games. Unless you have chosen a single game theme, in particular, make sure that you have a variety of games at hand so that there will be something to pique your guests’ interests.

Who knows, they might even surprise you with their own choices!

The kids are obviously engaged in playing video games. But I’m sure adults would love to have some fun, too! Nearly everyone – kids, parents, teens and even grandparents is willing to try something new especially when they’re handed a joystick, a Wii controller or a handheld console. Your job as a host is to lead by example so that others will be encouraged to join in the fun too (I bet they will definitely want to!).

If you consider hosting a gaming party stressful, do not worry! The fact is that it has become very convenient to host and organize an awesome perfect gaming party with the help of thematic props and supplies. You can spend more time in bringing smiles to your little birthday celebrant and their guests, which is more important!