Tips for Hosting a Kid’s Gaming Party

Esports and video games are popular right now, and it’s simpler than ever to have a party centered around gaming, thanks to the explosion of games designed for multiple players and the release of games that use motion controls on modern gaming consoles. 

While tasty, cake alone won’t be enough to keep a group of loud, demanding children occupied at your house for a whole party. The best way to ensure your child has fun is to have their friends around instead of having them play alone. It’s more entertaining, and youngsters can usually express themselves more clearly when they do it together. 

It’s possible to throw a memorable party for your kid and their pals if you’re prepared to put in the time and effort. In case you’re thinking of throwing a video game party for your little gamer, we’ve compiled some tips to ensure you make their day.

Party Planning

Pick games that everyone can enjoy, both as players and spectators. The arrival of numerous motion controllers, in addition to the classic favorites of party games, guarantees that everyone will find something that suits their tastes.

Dancing Games

Most notably, Just Dance 2 (Wii) and Dance Central (Kinect) players can indulge in an exhilarating and occasionally embarrassing sense of royal dancing status.

Sports Games

Two great activities for large groups are tennis and bowling because both are simple to learn and play and have short sessions.

Music Games

two boys sitting on a sofa and holding controlers

The Xbox 360, Wii, and PS3 all have Dance Dance Revolution, Rock Band, and Guitar Hero and they’re all fantastic. However, they all necessitate purchasing extra equipment that is rarely used outside special occasions like this one.

Heads Up

This game, available for Android and iOS, is so entertaining that your loved ones will demand to play it when you have some leisure time, at home, or a social gathering. Playable with two or more players and a wide variety of categories like “Accents,” “Movies,” and “Charades,” the free version is ideal for house parties. It works great as a team activity for a kid’s celebration.

This fast-paced, think-on-your-feet game is a blast for kids, whether trying to guess the word on-screen themselves or feeding the “guesser” hints. And youngsters will have a blast seeing films of themselves acting out the phrases on the screen, which will be recorded automatically.

Themed Parties

If your child is having a gaming party, it’s not just about letting them play on their favorite console. If the party is themed around a certain game, you may have visitors show up in costume as their favorite characters or in other themed attire. Gather posters and game memorabilia to decorate the house or venue; consider character cupcakes or a full-character cake to continue the theme.

Get Cozy

back view of a boy in a red plaid shirt playing a video game

Comfort should be a top priority when making your preparations. Place your console in a space with plenty of seating and flat surfaces (sofa, coffee table, etc.). The longer the party, the more you’ll need it.

In some cases, children choose to sit on the floor with nothing more than a few cushions or blankets. If you don’t have a couch or chairs, you can build individual stations for the players by placing their name cards and comfort items on a table or desk.

Food Is Key

Being a good host involves ensuring that everyone’s requirements are met, so you should stock up on food and drink frequently.

A gaming party lets your imagination run wild, as games tend to be bright in tone. Remember that sweets can be both easy and tasty. In honor of your kid’s upcoming gaming party, here are some snack suggestions!

Chocolate Spoons

The youngsters can enjoy some chocolate without worrying about it melting everywhere if you give it to them on a chocolate spoon. You can also put sprinkles or other edible trinkets to give some color.

Iced Biscuits

These frosted biscuits require no baking and are a cinch to make! You can decorate store-bought biscuits with sweets and colored frosting in any shape you like. Crafting Mario coins, Sonic rings, or Pokeballs would be a fun activity for a gaming get-together.

Stackable Jellies

Layered Jellies are a delicious multicolor dessert. Condensed milk and powdered jelly packets make a delicious and entertaining snack that fits perfectly with any video game setting.

Roblox Party Food

marble-colored cupcakes

Cupcakes are a fail-safe option as well. You may easily customize them with different colored frosting and edible embellishments.

Serve tasty, easy-to-eat food like wraps, sandwiches, or pizza alongside your game-themed party snacks. Pretzels, popcorn, and cut-up (not too juicy) fruit are all great choices for snacking while playing games because they make a manageable mess.

Before the party, make sure you find out if anyone has any food allergies or dietary restrictions. Everyone gets hungry during marathon gaming sessions, and you don’t have to create anything spectacular.

Add Some Board Games

Kids will require video gaming timeouts. In this way, they can put their gaming skills to use while taking a break from the screen. Have some board games available along with the refreshments and the gathering atmosphere.

Change It Up

If you want the kids to take turns playing, use a timer, and ensure other activities keep the onlookers entertained while they wait.

Create a Prize System for the Kids

You, as the host, are responsible for establishing the mood of the gathering. Everyone will have a better time if decent manners and sportsmanship are emphasized.

Give each child at the party a modest present or toy of equal value, and encourage the children to compliment each other on their efforts, even if they lose a game. A child’s confidence can be greatly boosted when they hear positive feedback from their peers, both on their team and the opposing one.

super mario, yoshi, and luigi figurines on the ground

Kids will love the opportunity to test their skills and compare their scores with their peers at a gaming party that can encourage innovative thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork. When planning a party or other event for children, you might consider making gaming a major part of the fun. Throw a gaming party to help your little gamer reach the next level. 

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