Ultimate Guide to Festoon Lights

Decorating the space is essential when throwing a garden party, a straightforward BBQ in the backyard, or other occasions. Even though there are many other types of decorations you can utilize, lights are one of the greatest. Festoon lights, one of the many decorative light alternatives, may enhance the mood of any space. It may create a cozy, welcoming, and sophisticated atmosphere for an occasion. Additionally, there is a considerable selection of weatherproof festoon lighting available.

You’ve come to the right place if you’ve never heard of festoon lights or if you want to learn more about them. We’re providing you the definitive guide to festoon lights today, including where to look for the best ones.

What are Festoon Lights?

Festoon lights, Decorative electric festoon lights

Party lights and café lights are other names for festoon lights. They resemble the traditional fairy string light in many ways. However, these lights are equipped with tiny bulb sockets that may accommodate the desired bulb, as opposed to small LED bulbs strung together. This gives you the option to utilize Edison and LED light bulbs for a more individualized look.

Festoon lights are excellent DIY lighting options since they emphasize safety and weather resilience. These lights are typically utilized outside, such as in bars, breweries, cafes, music festivals, and even in the spaces between city alleyways. They work well indoors as well as outside in the backyard, on the balcony, and other areas of the house.

Their adaptability makes them excellent lighting options. These lights can be used to improve the curb appeal of your house or to give a business project a retro feel. It includes everything from inexpensive party lighting that plugs into a wall outlet to robust business lights that can withstand inclement weather. These lights come in a wide variety of shapes, lengths, and bulb options.

Different Styles of Festoon Lights

There are many various types of festoon lights, but the flush and hanging styles are the most popular.

  • Flush: This design has no hanging and rests flat against the festoon light cord. It implies that the lights are situated in the same location as the cable, wherever you decide to place it. This is ideal for deck roofs, billboards, and lining the edges of signage.
  • Hanging: The light bulbs are flush with the string in this design. Small wires that are connected to the main cable chord are used to power the bulbs.

Where to Use Festoon Lights?

Festoon lights can be utilized indoors as well as almost everywhere else in the house. Festoon lights can be placed everywhere due to their adaptability and simplicity of use. They are frequently used in the following areas:

  • Backyard: For both tiny and large backyards, festoon lights are available in the ideal lengths. It implies that festoon lights are undoubtedly a viable option for any size home. You can thread them from one end of the yard to the other, hang them on a courtyard wall, or string them between trees.
  • Indoors: Festoon lights can also be used indoors, as was previously mentioned. They can be used to adorn stairway railings, living rooms, and bedrooms. Festoon light versions exist that can be conveniently plugged in using a wall socket power switch. The majority of them are easy to install and operate.
  • Commercial Use: Festoon lights are excellent for usage in businesses. They can be used to create an atmosphere in a large pub, a café, or a brewery warehouse. Since they come in lengths ranging from 10 meters to 100 meters, even extremely big locations can be used. Festoon lights can also be used for decoration and illumination in outdoor cafes, beer gardens, and dining areas that are outdoors.

Festoon lights are appropriate for outdoor gatherings like barbecues, weddings, and festivals as well as other occasions like corporate celebrations and grand openings for new businesses. They may be put up anywhere and for every occasion because to their DIY adaptability and capabilities.

Things to Consider When Buying Festoon Lights

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There are a few crucial factors to take into account while shopping for festoon lights in order to get the ideal option for your requirements. Here are a few examples:

1. Type of Light Bulb

In addition to considering the festoon string lights’ strength and usefulness, picking the appropriate light bulb is crucial. Looks are everything. As a result, you must think about the bulb’s type and shape. You can choose from a variety of bulb options when purchasing festoon lights.

Edison Light Bulb

Choose Edison light bulbs if you want. These are the options that evoke the most fond memories. They may create a traditional warm glow to set the mood at any gathering or in your lawn. These include a variety of filament shapes for added design.

LED Lights

LED lights are an additional option; they are strong and adaptable. These are ideal for occasions where strong bulbs are required. The types and sizes of LED lights are also varied. These lights come in a variety of wattage ranges and huge traditional bulb shapes, as well as starry teardrop-shaped ones.

Colored Lights

Another option is to use colored light bulbs. For parties, Christmas celebrations, and music festivals, colored ones are typically used. Last but not least, polycarbonate-based low voltage LED bulbs are an option. They can withstand severe weather outdoors and are hence resistant to breaking. Additionally, because they are low voltage, you may create a lovely atmosphere while using less energy.

2. IP Rating

Festoon lights have an Ingress Protection certification, or IP rating, just like other outdoor lighting. It has to do with how well light is protected from solids like dust and liquids like water. A festoon light is more protected the higher its IP rating. The protection from solids is indicated by the first number on the IP rating, while the protection from water is indicated by the second number. Make sure to first check the IP ratings of the lights before installing them.

3. Measurements

It’s crucial to assess your space and the hanging distance before purchasing festoon lights. This will make it simple for you to determine whether additional hooks, wires, or wiring are required or how long of a light you need. Make sure to measure everything, including the width of your space, the height of the area, and an estimate of your desired drop, before going shopping or placing an online order. You must also measure the breadth of the tree if you intend to hang the lights from it.


Festoon lights are undoubtedly a terrific necessity, particularly if you enjoy planning outdoor gatherings or even using lighting to decorate locations. They can undoubtedly make any outdoor or indoor environment, including a backyard or garden, brighter and more romantic. Festoon lights can be the perfect addition to your next nighttime gathering if you’re seeking for a great décor.