Ultimate Guide to Festoon Lights

When having a garden party, a simple barbecue in the backyard, and other celebrations, decorating the place is a must. While there are many different kinds of decorations you can use, one of the best is lights. And among the various decorative light options, festoon lights can give a good ambiance to any place. It can give an event a warm, inviting, and elegant feel. There is also a wide range of weatherproof festoon lighting you can find on the market.

If it’s your first time to hear about festoon lights, or you want to know more about them, you’re in the right place. Today, we are giving you the ultimate guide to festoon lights and how to find the best ones out there.

What are Festoon Lights?

Festoon lights are also known as party lights or café lights. They are closely related to the classic fairy string light. However, instead of small LED bulbs along a string, these are lights fitted with small bulb sockets that can hold the bulb you want. This way, you can choose to use LED and Edison light bulbs for a more customizable look.

Festoon lights focus on safety, weather resistance, and they are great DIY lighting solutions. Most of the time, these lights are used outdoors, such as in pubs, breweries, cafes, music festivals, and even between city alleyways. But they are also great for around the house in the backyard, on the balcony, and even indoors.

They are fantastic lighting solutions due to their versatility. You can use these lights to increase the appeal of your homeor to add a nostalgic touch to a commercial project. It ranges from DIY party lighting that plugs into a wall socketto heavy-duty commercial ones that can endure harsh weather. These lights are highly customizable with different styles, lengths, and choice of bulbs.

What are the Different Styles of Festoon Lights?

Festoon lights come in many different varieties, but the two most common ones are flush and hanging.

  • Flush: This style sits flush against the festoon light cable with no hanging. It means that wherever you choose to put the cable, the lights are also placed in that position. This is perfect for billboards, lining edges of signage, and for a deck roof.
  • Hanging:In this style, the light bulbs flush against the string. The bulbs hand from small cables that are attached to the main cable cord.

Where are Festoon Lights Used?


Festoon lights can be used nearly anywhere around the home and even indoors. Due to the versatility and ease of use of festoon lights, their placement is limited to the imagination. Here are some places where they are commonly used:

  • Backyard: Festoon lights are available in perfect lengths for small and large backyards. It means that no matter how big or small your home is, you can definitely use festoon lights. You can string them in trees, hang them on a courtyard wall, or thread them from one end of the yard to the other.
  • Indoors: As mentioned earlier, festoon lights can also be used indoors. You can use them to decorate bedrooms, living rooms, or the staircase railings. There are variations of festoon lights that can be plugged in via a wall socket power switch easily. Most of them are simple to install and use.
  • Commercial Use: Festoon lights are also great for commercial use. You can use them in a brewery warehouse, in a café, or in a large pub to set the mood. They are available from 10 meters up to 100 meters, which means even very large spaces can be accommodated. Outdoor cafes, beer gardens, and open-air restaurants can also use festoon lights for decoration and illumination.

Festoon lights are suitable for backyard parties, weddings, festivals, and other events like corporate functions, store opening nights, and more. Their DIY versatility and capabilities mean they can be setup anywhere and for any occasion.

Things to Consider When Buying Festoon Lights


When it comes to buying festoon lights, there are a few important things you need to consider to find the best one for your needs. Here are some of them:

Type of Light Bulb

Aside from looking into the durability and practicality of the festoon string lights, choosing the right light bulb is also important. Appearance is everything. Therefore, you need to consider the shape and type of bulb. Festoon lights come with an array of bulb choices that you can choose from.

You can opt for Edison light bulbs. These are the most nostalgic among the options. They can give a classic warm glow to set the mood in your backyard or at any event. These come in different shaped filaments for added decoration.

You can also use LED lights, which are robust and versatile. These are perfect for events that need sturdy bulbs. LED lights also come in many styles and sizes. You can find these lights in large classic bulb shapes and as well as starry teardrop-shaped ones with different wattages.

You can also choose to use colored light bulbs. Most of the time, colored ones are used for parties, Christmas festivities, and music festivals. And lastly, you can opt for low voltage LED bulbs that are made from polycarbonate materials. This means that they are shatterproof and can survive harsh weather outdoors. And since they are low voltage, it will enable you to achieve a beautiful ambiance with lower energy consumption.

IP Ratings

Like other outdoor lights, festoon lights also have an Ingress Protection or IP rating. It pertains to the level of protection that light has against solids, such as dust, and liquid like water. The higher the IP rating of a festoon light, the greater the protection. When you look at the IP rating, the first number is the protection from solids, and the second number is the protection from water. Before installing the lights, make sure to check the IP ratings first.


Before buying festoon lights, it is also important to measure your space first and the hanging distance. This way, you will be able to easily decide what length of light you need or if extra hooks, cables, or wiring is needed. Before going out to buy or ordering online, make sure to measure everything, including the width of your space, the height of the area, and the estimation of your desired drop. If you plan to place the lights on trees, you also need to measure the width of the tree.

Where to Buy
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The Best Festoon Lights You Can Buy Today

To help you find the perfect festoon lights for your backyard or special events, here are some of the best ones we found that you might like:

1. Mlambert Dimmable Outdoor Festoon Lights

These lights can transform your gazebo or porch into a retreat immediately. It is an incandescent vintage string lights that are ideal for outdoor parties, holiday celebrations, and more. It has a strong casing and durable cord that are built with weatherproof technology. You can operate these lights easily without stress. You can use cup hooks, guide wires, and zip ties with built-in loops to hang them properly.

2. Brightech Ambience Pro Waterproof LED Festoon Lights

These festoon lights have Edison filament bulbs that create a great vintage Italian style bistro ambiance. You can put them on a pergola to set the mood on your patio. These lights give off a warm glow reminiscent of old-world bistros. These lights are heavy-duty, commercial-grade, and weatherproof, making them perfect for outdoor use. You can confidently leave these lights on display year-round.

3. Addlon LED Outdoor Festoon Lights

This is a 2×48 feet long outdoor festoon light with 15 suspended sockets and 15 LED plastic bulbs. Each socket has a hanging hook above, making it easy to hand with hooks, zip ties, and guide wires. These are outdoor lights that are designed to withstand the wear and tear of year-round outdoor use. These lights are bright and white enough but not blinding. It puts out a nice glow for ambient lighting. It is perfect for any outdoor event.

4. Brightown Store Outdoor Festoon Lights with Edison Glass Bulbs

These are dimmable festoon lights that come with 100 clear Edison G40 bulbs and 4 spare bulbs. The bulbs are cute and can create a warm and romantic atmosphere outdoors. These are UL certified outdoor lights that can withstand extreme temperatures. It is also very easy to install and use. They are perfect decorations for gardens, backyards, bistros, and more.

5. MAXvolador Outdoor Festoon Lights with 8 Colors

This is an RGB festoon light that gives off a soft and romantic ambiance to mesmerize your family and friends. Their aesthetic glow is sophisticated and visually appealing. The bulbs are IP65 waterproof, commercial-grade, and shatterproof. The lights are also dimmable, and it will allow you to choose 8 single colors using the remote control it comes with.

6. Newpow Outdoor Festoon Lights

These lights are perfect ambient lighting for outdoor use. They replicate the lighting effect of incandescent filament lamps. They produce a glow like incandescent bulbsbut do not overheat and have a longer life. The lights are durable, impact-resistant, and won’t break even when dropped. It is compatible with dimmers, too. It is a beautiful lighting decoration for outdoor events.

7. Novtech LED Outdoor Festoon Lights

You can change your backyard into an Italian Bistro with these festoon lights. These lights are IP65 commercial grade and waterproof. They are also safe to use and 100% reliable. They are also low voltage and safe compared to any high voltage globe string lights. It can make your space look more beautiful and save you money on your electric bill at the same time.


Festoon lights are indeed a great must-have, especially if you love organizing outdoor events or simply decorating spaces with lights. They can certainly turn a backyard, garden, or any outdoor and indoor space into a brighter and more romantic space. If you are looking for a great decoration for the next evening event you are planning, maybe festoon lights are what you need.