Ideas for a Medical-Themed Party

There’s no doubt about it – the medical staff all over the world are amazing. They are putting themselves at risk out there to save lives, especially during this coronavirus pandemic. Yet, every single day, they go out of their way to help others, and they deserve some respect.

If you have a friend or a family member in the medical field, or if you just love the idea of playing doctors and nurses, why not throw a medical-themed party? This theme is perfect for birthdays or anniversary parties of a couple in the medical field or for a bachelor/bachelorette party of a medical pro. It’s also the perfect theme to pick if you’re celebrating someone graduating from med school or passing the boards, or for a kid whose ambition is to be a doctor someday!

Here are some creative and fun ideas to make your medical-themed party awesome!

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Stick with the theme starting with your invitations! Find medical-themed invitations on different websites. You can choose to make your own in Photoshop if you can design or use Canva, which is a user-friendly, free editing app. You can also make your own by designing a fake prescription sheet or a doctor’s referral with party information written in it. You may also use a photo of the celebrant wearing medical scrubs.

For a party that celebrates graduation from nursing school, you can use these party invitations instead. You can get a 5.5” x 3.75” card, a larger 5×7 card or a card in the shape of a graduation cap.

Costumes or Dress Code

You can choose to go all out in your theme by asking people to attend wearing doctor or medical-themed costumes! When it comes to a medical-themed party, you can’t go wrong in the costume department.

Go for grown-up dress-up by wearing hospital scrubs or a white coat. Don’t forget the stethoscope or a clipboard for extra effect.

You can choose from the less-is-more approach to going all out for a medical Halloween party, from sexy to scary. You can wear sexy nurse costumes or sexy doctor, a scary nurse or a bloody doctor costume. If it’s an all-adult event, there’s also the option of wearing naughty costumes. You can also go to the party like a messed-up patient, complete with fake blood. Here are also some other ideas for quirky and funny costumes:

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In your decorations, you can imitate a doctor’s office or a hospital room. Hang fake x-rays, a vision chart, and different kinds of medical posters throughout the room. On your door, you can hang an entrance sign that says The Doctor is In.”

On top of your buffet table, hang some banners that say “Congrats, doctorEducated AFRNfuture dentist or a banner with medical symbols. Finally, decorate your ceiling with swirl streamers with a medical theme. Or you can make your own using cutouts of a red cross, scrubs, pills, blood bags, nurse caps, and more.

Set up a photo booth and use medical photo booth props. Or use them as wall décor, too!

Use a medical-theme table cover for a graduation party, or use your available sheets and use a medical-theme table runner instead.

For your cakes and cupcakes, use a cake topper to celebrate a milestone for a doctor or a registered nurse. Top your cupcakes with medical toppers to suit your theme.

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Serve your snacks on hospital trays or medical-themed tableware. Use surgical trays and kidney trays for serving nuts, candies, and other finger foods. Use bedpans for dips, chips, and veggies.

 You can get medical-themed disposable tableware set, or you may use these red or black paper plates and stick to red cups for serving drinks.


Opt for healthy foods to keep the health and medical theme. If you’re serving dinner, choose fresh salads, vegetable sides, roasted meats, and fresh fruits for dessert. Of course, you don’t want to miss an opportunity to make a sign that says “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” in a bowl full of apples.

Be creative with the food you serve. Arrange deli meats to look like organs, have biscuits decorated as bones, cookies shaped as doctor equipment, pretzels as thermometers, and more. You can serve pizza cups and make it look like a patient’s face – use olives as eyes, mushrooms as the nose, and white onion strips as bandages! Have fun with baked goods like cookies, donuts, and cupcakes! Either bake them yourself or ask a local baker to customize medical-themed baked goods. You can even serve those donuts and cupcakes with syringes full of chocolate or jam.

If you have a sweet tooth, serve a candy buffet. There’s a lot of fun you can do with candy for a medical-themed party. Serve gummy eyeballsheart gummieslip gummiesgummy teeth and gummy bandages. Add some fun labels, like “cotton balls” for white marshmallows, “gauze” for cotton candy, “arteries” for red licorice, “veins” for blue licorice, “medications” for jelly beans, “maintenance meds” for M&M’s, “stool samples” for Kisses, and “surgical tape” for sour tapes. Kids will surely love it if you do this for an aspiring doctor-to-be!

For your drinks, you can serve Jell-O shots on a syringe and your punch on a drip IV bag. As for candies, there are also so many fun ways to stick to the theme for your drinks section. You can label “urine samples” for shots of vodka or white wine, “cough syrup” for juice, “blood samples” for red cocktails or wine, “IV fluids” for your water in a jug.

Alternatively, you can set up a “medicine table” and bartend to create concoctions “as prescribed by the doctor.” Create different cocktails with medicine-related names.

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Party favors

For the party favors your guests would bring home, it’s best to give them what they would really use for their medical needs. For example, you can give off a small first aid kit, vitamins, digital thermometers, or some cute and reusable ice bags. If it’s a kid’s party, the best party favor would be a doctor’s play set.  

If you want to give off assorted goodies, place them in a first aid kit paper bag. You can also pack up some cookies in an ambulance party favor box.

If you plan your party to be a boozefest, make sure you give your guests a hangover kit and fill it with gum, hydration powder packets, eye pads, and moist towelettes before they go home. If you only have a small budget left for party favors, candies are the way to go. Give away candies in plastic test tubespill bottles, or a cute citrus pill caddy they can reuse as a pill organizer. You can also give off pens in the shape of syringe, bones, and pills.


Play a game of Operation – it’s a blast for both kids and adults. If your party is full of medical professionals or students, play a quiz game on medical topics. You may also hold a watch party for medical-themed TV shows such as “Scrubs,” “ER,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “House,” and be nerdy together by critiquing how unrealistic they are.

If you ask your guests to come in a costume, make it a contest and give a “research grant” as a prize if you’re feeling generous!

If you set your medical party on a Halloween, take it to the next level creepy by playing a murder mystery game in an abandoned hospital!