Candy Land Party

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Where to begin….

My twin girls turned three this weekend and we had such a wonderful time with family and friends!  When I started planning the party, I asked them what kind of party they wanted and one said “colors” and the other said “candy”.  Ok…now what.  They love to play games with each other so then I thought Candy Land has colors, candy and it is a game they love!  Then the planning started…

There are some great places to look for inspiration like Hostess With the Mostess; The TomKat Studio; and Party Love

I started by making their invitations.  I got my idea from The TomKat Studio and then added my own ideas to it.

I made it so the top layer could be opened to see the details of the party.

Then I wrapped the lollipop with cellophane and tied it with a bow.

On our front pathway, there were lollipop signs greeting the guests that read “Welcome to Ashlyn and Adyson’s Candy Land”.  I hung a sign on the front door and put a Candy Land box in a plant beside the door.

I received the birthday banner from Kim at the TomKat Studio (get one from her Etsy shop!)  and it worked great on the mantel!

Here is the candy table set up with the cake and the favor bags.

I made a candy topiary for the table along with two gumdrop trees.

Again, I used the TomKat’s labels on my favor bags.  I included a toothbrush for everyone in the bag.

Of course, my favorite thing on the candy table was the cake.  I am so lucky to have great cakes made for my parties!

Of course, both of the birthday girls had their own cakes too!

Here is the set up of the main table.

All of the napkins were wrapped with candy necklaces which the kids loved.

I made each of the girls a picture frame accented with gum balls.

I always do some type of banner with pictures from the past year but this year I decided to put the pictures in a pot and have “picture lollipops”.  I also always have birthday books set out for everyone to leave a message in.  After the party, I write a letter to them about things that they have learned or participated in during the past year.  I plan to give these to all my girls when they are older.

We had various candy decorations throughout the house.

The party was during the mid afternoon so I tried to keep the food simple.  I served fruit and dip; pinwheels; spinach artichoke dip; goldfish and popcorn.  I also made lollipop snacks by filling the inside of crackers with peanut butter and adding a pretzel to it.

Now on to the activities…

For Gumdrop Mountain, I set up a place for everyone to guess how many gumdrops were in the container.

Then we went to Gingerbread Tree where everyone got to make their own gingerbread man with crafts and colors.

Here are the girls hard at work.

Next was Licorice Forest.  All of the kids lined up and I gave them a piece of string licorice.  We had a contest to see who could finish their licorice first WITHOUT HANDS!

After that, we went to Peppermint Forest where we had races carrying a peppermint in a spoon.

I think this was the funniest activity because as you can see, most of the peppermints got eaten!

Next, we went to Peanut Acres for a bean bag toss.

Our last stop was at Candy Castle for the pinata.  My dad made this pinata for the girls to look like a lollipop!

I loved seeing my girls faces light up that day.  It makes everything totally worth the work to see their sweet smiles.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite pictures from that weekend…

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