Easy Centerpieces

Your gathering might be improved by including some homemade centerpieces in your spread. The fact that you put some thought into the party and will have a photo-worthy table that sets the mood for the entire event will be appreciated by your visitors.

A party planning checklist’s extensive list of tasks can be overwhelming, too. While not always important, centerpieces shouldn’t be completely overlooked, especially for events with a sit-down meal. There are fast solutions that look rather lovely that can modify that even if the art of the centerpiece is forgotten. Here are some quick and simple centerpiece suggestions that go beyond a plain vase filled with water and some flowers:

1. Blooms under goblets topped with votive candles

There is no justification for continuing to tuck your mismatched stemware away in the kitchen cabinets’ backs. Place these upside-down glasswares on the table, add substantial blooms underneath, and finish with vibrant votives. To make it look nice, it’s a fantastic idea to maintain the candles’ colors in harmony with the flowers.

2. Blooms in beans

Tall glasses, dried pink beans, and an inexpensive bouquet of store flowers can all be used in a laid-back wedding. Two to three inches of beans should be layered in each glass, followed by a few teaspoons of water. Set the vases in a row down the middle of the table after trimming the flower stems to fit inside each of the tall glasses. You receive fresh glasses for everyday usage after the party.

3. Kisses in a bowl

What focal point would be easy, appealing, and fun for the guests? a bowl full with sweets! Fill a big footed bowl with Hershey’s kisses in the color of your choice, whether it be red (excellent for a Valentine’s or Christmas party), blue, pink, or the traditional silver, depending on the event and color motif for the gathering.

4. Swirl lollipops in a bucket

A lollipop centerpiece will add sweetness to your Fourth of July celebration. Fill a white pail with dry sand before placing the blue and red pinwheel lollipops on top. Allow attendees to choose whatever lollipops they want to take home as party favors after the event.

5. Water lilies

Are you considering how to create a floral centerpiece without a vase? Put some imitation water lilies on top of the turquoise table runner in the middle of the table. Adding white candles can finish the image if the party is in the evening.

6. Citrus centerpiece

Citrus centerpiece, Citrus candle holder

Smooth lemons and smaller, more varied nuts in their shells provide a striking composition for a joyous summer centerpiece. Add some fictitious olive leaves to create a green impression. Display it on a pedestal in a glass fruit bowl.

7. Daisy toppers on apples

Bright red apples with daisies atop them will provide a pop of color to your springtime luncheon table. Put them on a cake stand to display. If you want to, you could use actual apples and genuine daisies.

8. Eucalyptus planter

For a rustic, farmhouse, or minimalist party, arrange these eucalyptus planter boxes in a row in the middle of the table. These plants don’t appear phony, and they can be used as lovely house décor once everyone has left.

You can buy lovely, pre-made rustic centerpieces if you don’t want to make your own for a rustic celebration. For your Thanksgiving gathering, choose this one with creamy yellow flowers or this farmhouse table setting.

9. Decorative lanterns

Decorative lantern, Black candle lantern centerpiece

To create a romantic atmosphere, use lovely ornate lanterns as centerpieces and add a candle. Floral garland should be draped and wrapped around to finish the effect. This is fantastic for weddings and other special occasions when you want to set a sophisticated, romantic, yet straightforward table.

10. Succulent geometric terrarium

Succulent centerpiece, Succulent terrarium

One cannot not love succulents. These resilient plants look fantastic inside the house, especially on dining tables. Arrange this trio of faux succulents in terrariums made of geometric glass to give your table setting a trendy and contemporary feel. The geometric patterns and gold accents will make the fake plants stand out. To go with the cactus, you might choose to place an artificial olive vine in the middle of the table.

 11. Farmer’s market inspiration

The lovely veggies in the produce area of your local store that still have their greens on are a cheap and simple way to add natural color to your table. Choose tall, transparent glasses or hurricane vases in a range of sizes, fill with water, and then add vegetables within.

12. Flowers and sand

A centerpiece made of flowers and sand in glass is absolutely stunning. If you’d prefer, you can easily use fresh flowers. Simply use a glass vase with a wide mouth, fill it half with sand, and then add flower heads on top. To add romance, pair it with clear votive candles.

13. Wooden lantern

Your dinner table might look more elegant with a wooden light. This lamp has intriguing top knob finials and beaded accents. This lantern needs candles, then everything is ready! Keep this lantern and paint it for the celebration the following year for a completely different look!

14. Sparkling mason jar

Mason jars are well-liked, adaptable decorative objects that are also very practical. Get several aqua mason jars and decorate them with glue and glitter. For a cheap but elegant-looking centerpiece, place real or imitation flowers.

15. Paper lanterns

Paper is a cheap material. But it becomes a lovely lantern when you decorate it with some attractive floral cutouts, coil it into a tube form, glue it together, and put an LED candle inside. By selecting precise colors that go with your style, you may let your creativity run wild.

16. Beach-inspired mason jar

A DIY centerpiece constructed of mason jars and beach glass is ideal for a beach-themed or summery celebration. Collect some fake or beach glass shells, then adhere them to mason jars with glue. Finish it off by adding a bow made of twine or ribbon. Depending on the occasion, you may fill the jar with flowers or LED candles. If it’s a brunch, lunch, or afternoon celebration, place flowers; if it’s a nighttime gathering, place candles.

17. Garland greenery with gold taper candles

On a tablecloth of simple white, arrange a green, leafy garland as the table runner. Add gold candlesticks and taper candles to the arrangement. It creates a low-cost, attractive table arrangement that is simple to put together.

18. Enchanted rose

Rose in a Dome, Enchanted Rose

What about Beauty and the Beast? If so, you’ve always been curious about the enchanted rose. This rose in a dome with fairy lights can be used as décor for your celebration. It will undoubtedly give your dinner table a romantic feel.

19. Colorful honeycomb balls

Colorful honeycomb balls, Multicolor honeycomb ornaments

The honeycomb is back in vogue. While they are commonly used as party decorations that are hanging from the ceiling, you might think of more inventive ways to use them. Purchase a set of honeycomb balls, then arrange them in a pile in the middle of your table.

20. Charcuterie centerpiece

Charcuterie Board, Fancy Charcuterie Board

Let’s say you’re a practical host who doesn’t want to fuss with table decorations that can obstruct people from talking and sharing food with one another. A charcuterie centerpiece is ideal for you in that situation. Use the appetizer as décor because the party is already underway. Create a visually beautiful arrangement of cheese, meats, grapes, nuts, crackers, and dried apricots using two long wooden trays as a base. For optimal results, fully fill the trays.


You now know how to create 20 different designs for a single basic table with contemporary white plates, napkins, and silverware using items you might already own. We intend to provide you with some creative and simple centerpiece choices for your upcoming event.

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