Organize an unforgettable high school reunion party with these tips

High school is an essential period of most people’s lives. This period will always stay with you, no matter how old you are. You will always remember your first teacher, classmates, school love, and situations that took place during that time.

Graduating from school is a memorable occasion. It’s important to make a high school reunion party a celebration that you and your classmates will remember forever as well.

The success of the celebration is based on the ability to organize. And as long as everything is under control, the success of the party is assured. The first thing to note is the reunion date and the estimated number of members.

The celebration must be organized well so it’s possible to cover every detail and reserve the best places. It should be taken into account that usually the date is close to the end of the year, so it is advisable to make reservations in advance, as it is also a high season for other types of events.

Since there are many people that celebrate, different opinions will appear and that will make it difficult to define each topic. So, it is convenient to select those classmates who will be entrusted with making decisions, keeping in mind the tastes of the majority.

These classmates will be in charge of planning everything necessary for the party to be a success. Eventually, you can hire event organizers that will cover all the details, and it will be the right decision to make. Experienced professionals will help you organize everything from setting tables to finding a host.

Usually, high school reunion parties are made up of speeches, food, and fun. Since this is a party for adults, special attention should be paid to the menu and several hours of open bar and dancing.

If you want to take the organization into your own hands, here are some tips that you need to know that will help you organize an unforgettable high school reunion party:

1. Venue for the celebration

The very first thing to arrange for your high school reunion party is the venue. If you are planning in summer, an outdoor venue such as a farmhouse, a large garden, a park, or a beach is the best choice. In winter it’s better to find a place where you will be inside. Choosing a venue can be compared to choosing a foundation for your house: if you start great, the show will go on.

2. Invitations

Once the date of the celebration is available, it is advisable to allocate several guests, and thus have an estimate of people. Each member will invite friends and family, but the number should be limited, or the flexibility of purchasing places should be organized.

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Once you have an estimate of guests, you should choose invitation cards. The variety of options is very large, so we recommend going for something simple and elegant that will satisfy the majority. As for colors, it is good to play with the same shades of the chosen robes, or the colors of the educational institution, and maintain this same range concerning the general decoration of the celebration.

It is advisable to deliver the invitations at least one month in advance so that the guests are prepared and don’t have anything else planned.

3. Banquet and drinks

The next step is to arrange a banquet and drinks. Here it’s especially important to know how many people are coming. Some of the options are dinner, buffet, or cocktail. If your group is small, then dinner is a perfect option. If you are planning to have a buffet, then get ready for selecting dishes that will be good for everyone.

4. Music, dance, and fun

At some reunion parties, after a certain hour, the older guests, especially family members, leave because they don’t feel like it’s fun to be there. The most important thing is to make a reunion party exciting for everyone. Come up with interesting competitions and music.

You can hire a DJ, an entertainer, and a music group with illuminated tracks, lighting and smoke effects, and party favors to generate a disco climate of euphoria, dancing, and pure fun.

5. Decoration and setting

Reunion decorations can help you create a special atmosphere. Decorate with balloons, floral arrangements, and all elements alluding to the great high school reunion party.

The central table will be the focus of attention, so it should have excellent table linen, as well as details, and covers for the chairs, always following a chromatic harmony with the gowns and institutional colors. The other tables will be simple smaller replicas.

6. Photography and video

It is impossible to think of a celebration of this magnitude, without ensuring the best option to leave such a spectacular celebration in the memory forever, through photographs and film documentation. Hiring cameramen is much better than filming on your own.

7. Cakes

There are spectacular allusive creations for high school reunion parties that offer individualized cakes or mini cakes, emulating shields, logos, and mortarboards, always maintaining the essence of the celebration.

8. Souvenirs

There is nothing more emotional than some engraved medals as a memory of such a special day. Find special souvenirs that will remind your classmates of the special moments you had together. Souvenirs will make a reunion party special, especially for those who appreciate small gifts.

9. Security

If the reunion party is crowded, it is advisable to hire a security service and thus ensure that the party ends without any unnecessary situations such as fights, robbery, or something worse. Don’t forget that if you have alcohol at your high school reunion party, the need to have security is especially important.

10. Perfect closure

A perfect reunion should end with a fireworks show or dancing waters musical set. Both are very emotional options, and they are a sign that the celebration is coming to an end. The ending should be especially memorable.