Chocolate Sangria

We had our moms group Christmas party at my house this past weekend which was a lot of fun!  I happen to come across this recipe for Chocolate Sangria from Mix Mingle and Glow just a couple of days before the party.

I don’t usually serve  something at a party without trying it first but I took a leap of faith and tried it and EVERYONE loved it!


I made an ice ring with berries in it that added another great flavor to the punch.

Here is the recipe for everyone that requested it:


1.5 L red wine (any kind is fine) – one big bottle or 2 smaller (750mL) bottles

16 oz. pineapple juice

16 oz. Sprite

16 oz. ginger ale

14 oz. Godiva Liqueur

10 oz. dark Creme de Cocoa

3 oz. Frangelico

5 oz. Chambord

1 oz brandy (any variety) – I didn’t use any brandy


Here is a cheese pesto Christmas tree that I also made for the party.

Unfortunately, I don’t have more pictures of the party because I am having problems with my camera…..Christmas is almost here, right???

I hope you try the punch because it is a great drink to serve!!!

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  1. This sounds divine!

  2. I’ve had that same recipe saved since last year but haven’t tried it yet! Thanks for the review. Now I know I must make it! : D

  3. So glad you and your guests enjoyed this recipe! I had a few people at this year’s Christmas party mention how much they enjoyed it last year and they were hoping I’d be serving it again!
    Thanks for the shout out. I am so happy you tried it and loved it! 🙂