Tie it up for Father’s Day

What father hasn’t received a tie from their children at some point?  I remember picking out a special tie for my dad when I was younger and being so very proud of it!  This year make your celebration into a “tie”  day for dad.

Here are some great ideas for a tie cake.





Paper Crave has a cute template for these Father’s Day Tie Gift Boxes.

DIY Father's Day Shirt & Tie Gift  Boxes
Executive Homemaker has a free template for this Bottle Neck Tie.

bottle neck tie

I love this banner from My Insanity that was incorporated into a Tie-riffic day.

Head of the Table had some great ideas for a table setting.

What would Father’s Day be without a tie…

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  1. LOVE all the ideas!

  2. What adorable ideas…makes me wish I was throwing our Father’s Day celebration this year!!!

  3. Thanks Shelley for visiting my blog and making such sweet comments! It is always greatly appreciated!! This tie post is too cute. I was in Goodwill and saw some ties for 25 cents and I thought I had to get them …I didn’t know why but I knew that I could use them for something for Father’s Day. So I’ve decided to use them to hold together a cluster of balloons that I’m going to have for Maddy and Daddy’s breakfast picnic on Sunday. I will post pics on Sunday night.
    Many blessings my party friend,

  4. Thanks so much for featuring my banner along with all of these other tie-riffic ideas!