Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!  I’m back after a short break!  I haven’t been able to post much because I had to wait for a new computer and have been super busy with the holiday’s but now I am back and ready to go!  One of my resolutions last year was to send out a quote to my close family and friends for a year.  I sent many different types of quotes just trying to pass on a little inspiration to everyone.  I did this for a year and sent my last one yesterday.  I thought to start the year I would like to share a little inspiration to all of my readers.  I am grateful for all of my readers and all of the great people I have met in this fun adventure.  I am looking forward to a great year and be looking for some new changes soon!

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  1. Melissa C says:

    Love that quote. Words to live by for sure. Happy 2012, sweetheart!