5 Best Bowie Knives Online Stores to Shop

The Bowie knife was created in the 19th century by Rezin P. Bowie for his brother Jim Bowie. It was first made as a fighting weapon, but soon, it borrowed elements from butchers and hunting knives. A bowie knife has a long, robust blade with a predominantly straight edge and a clip-point profile.

Just like any other knife, the blade material of a bowie knife is essential. Damascus and carbon steel are considered suitable options for the blade material. The handle is also of utmost importance. Wood and animal horns are commonly used. Bowie knives are widely used by hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and survivalists for hunting, camping, and wilderness activities.

There are various knife stores selling bowie knives. Selecting the perfect bowie could be challenging, especially for a beginner. Therefore, in this blog post, we have explored 5 of the best online knife stores that sell bowie knives.

White Hills Knives

Our top pick for this blog is White Hills Knives Bowie Knives, a brand that provides one of the best knives in the USA. They have a wide range of handmade forged bowie knives catering to different needs. The blade is usually made from Damascus steel, with a size between 15 inches to 17 inches.

White Hill Knives pays attention to handling construction, using quality materials for comfort, grip, and aesthetics. Handles might be crafted from various materials such as stag antler, buffalo horn, wood, and crocodile dundee. They also provide genuine leather sheaths with each knife.

White Hills Knives is known for its affordable prices and custom-made products. If you’re looking for a bowie knife that is durable, economical, and long-lasting, White Hills is your ideal store.

Jantz Supply

At number 2, we have a historical name in the knife-making industry. The company was founded in 1966 and started out as a metalsmith. Over the years, it expanded and became a reputable knife-making brand.

Jantz Supply has many Bowie knife blanks, including full tang, threaded tang and other varieties. They are made from top-quality metals like 440C steel and 8A stainless steel. They don’t have an extensive bowie knife collection, but the products are economical, ranging from $12 to $70. Their most popular bowie knife is the Alamo Bowie Blade. It is made from 440-C Stainless steel and brass guard.

They also sell separate knife handles, sheaths, and guards. So, if you already own a knife and want to upgrade it, Jantz Supply is your solution.

IC Knives

Next, we have IC Knives, an online knife store specializing in custom knives, daggers, and axes. They offer hand-forged bowie knives made with Damascus or high-carbon steel. The handle is made from wood or bone. Each knife comes with a protective leather sheath.

One of their best-selling bowie knives is their Handmade Damascus 12 Inch Bowie Knife. Damascus steel outperforms high-carbon steel in durability. Sharpening is more accessible as a mix of high chromium steel enhances the other alloying elements. It has a lightweight blade and is easy to balance. Therefore, the knife doesn’t fatigue the fingers. IC Knives is primarily known for its engraving services. This allows you to personalize your knife; engraved knives also make a great gift.

Perkin Knives

At number 4, we have Perkin Knives. They are custom knife makers based in the UK. They specialize in handmade knives, including hunting, bushcraft, Damascus, and bowie knives. Perkin Knives caters to the needs of hunters, butchers, campers, and knife collectors.

Their bowie knife collection is especially famous. They have extensive variety and exquisite designs to offer. Perkin Knives boast premium-grade steel blades, such as Damascus or high-carbon steel, ensuring superior strength and sharpness. The handles are meticulously crafted with bull horns, brass, camel bone, and wood. Perkin Knives is known for its customization option. You can pick the handle, blade material, and blade length of your choice, and Perkin Knives will craft you a knife meeting all your needs.

Gorilla Military Surplus

The last knife brand on our list has a diverse product line, including military products, camping gear, multi-tools, and knives. Gorilla Military Surplus is a Canadian brand that has been in business for over 50 years.

Their bowie knife collection isn’t as diverse as that of White Hills or Perkins, but each knife is made with specific needs in mind. For instance, they have Marine Corps combat fixed knife, hunter plain edge knife, and M-9 bayonet fixed blade. All knives are made from high-quality stainless steel and come in a plastic protective cover. The knives have wooden or plastic handles, ensuring a solid grip.

Gorilla Military Surplus is one of the few knife brands offering affordable knives. Their bowie knives start from as low as $35.

Before you explore the mentioned stores, remember a few essential tips. Choose a store that offers a diverse selection of Bowie knives, ensuring options in blade materials, handle designs, and sizes to suit your preferences. A knife is a long-term investment; therefore, prioritize a store that emphasizes quality and uses premium materials like high-carbon or Damascus steel. Lastly, opt for a store that provides excellent customer service and provides products with reliable warranties or guarantees. Happy Shopping!