5 Ways To Eliminate Drafts From Windows And Doors

Do you find yourself shivering when you’re sitting around at night? Don’t just turn the heating up because it will cost you lots of money. You must get to the root of the problem, which is likely drafty windows and doors.

Luckily, it’s easy to stop cold air from getting inside your home. You just need to carry out a few upgrades to your windows and doors, which we’ll discuss right now. Once finished, you won’t need to worry about drafts again.

1. Adding A New Lock

A Toronto window manufacturer will usually offer models with a lock in the center of the window, so there might be tiny gaps on the sides. It’s a problem you see over time as windows begin to age.

You can eliminate gaps by adding extra locks on the sides, which will pull the windows closer to the frames. Installing weatherstripping will also close up small holes, so it’s worth using even if you don’t add new locks.

2. Replace Loose Panes

If you live in Milton windows are great when they’re brand new. Once it starts getting cold in winter, they won’t let air inside because they’re rock solid. Wait until the panes of glass begin to loosen up over the years.

You can’t fix wobbly window panes with locks and weatherstripping. You’ll need to replace the panes if you can move them around with your hands. You should also get new ones if they’re cracked instead of patching them.

3. Weatherproofing Doors

A huge amount of cold air will get inside your home if you have a gap at the bottom of your doors. It’s just as bad as leaving your windows ajar. Attach door sweeps underneath them to ensure it stops air from getting inside.

You’ll need to stop air from getting through other parts of the doors, which you can do with weather strips. Don’t just attach them to the sides because it’s not enough. You’ll need to run them along the top of your doors.

4. Layer Window Treatments

Some air might be able to get past your windows, but it’s still possible to stop drafts from reaching you. Make sure you layer window treatments, which you should be doing anyway. Cold air will find it very hard to get through.

Blinds should be hung closest to the windows, plus you should make sure they fit inside the frames. You can place sheer curtains in front of them. Finish off with heavy drapes to give yourself one last bit of protection.

5. Replace Windows + Doors

If your windows and doors are really old, it might be time to replace them. You’ll probably get a good deal if you upgrade everything in one fell swoop. Sometimes they’re too old to salvage, so don’t waste your time.

It’s obviously only possible if you have money lying around. Once you choose the styles you want, you won’t need to do anything else. If you get everything from the right company, you’ll get them installed for free.

Get Rid Of Drafts For Good

If you follow the tips we’ve talked about today, you won’t need to deal with drafts inside your home. Make sure you implement more than one of them for optimal results.