18 Bachelor Party Ideas

Being asked to be part of a wedding is a huge honor, and can also be tons of fun. If you’re a best man or groomsman in a buddies wedding, then you’ll have the privilege of planning an awesome bachelor party before the big day.

It might sound like a huge responsibility, but fortunately, there are lots of tips and tricks you can use to make it simple. Here, we’ll give you the ultimate bachelor party ideas and tips on how to plan an unforgettable night or weekend with the guys.

We’ve included some relatively tame options, as well as ideas if your group is into adventures or new experiences. Of course, there’s always the traditional strip club, and we’ve even given you tips on how to do that in a classy way.

Let’s jump into 18 ideas that are guaranteed to lead to the best boys weekend ever. Don’t hesitate to learn more by checking out strip clubs sydney.

18 Awesome Bachelor Party Ideas

Now that we’ve covered the basics let’s jump into some of the best bachelor party ideas for every kind of outing. We go outside the norm with these ideas to give you unique suggestions that make it easy to find the perfect match for the groom’s personality.

1. Go Hunting

There’s something about the great outdoors that pretty much guarantees bonding and a good time. If you’re looking for something to do with a rugged group, heading to a hunting cabin for the weekend might be a perfect choice.

You don’t need to be an experienced hunter to pull this off, but you should make sure that you have a few guys in the group who know what they’re doing. Pack enough guns and ammo for everyone in the group, and make sure that you coordinate the appropriate hunting permits for the season and game ahead of time.

Decide if you want to stay at a campground or cabin and work out the accommodations. You can enlist the help of some of the other guys to plan out the food and drinks you’ll need for the weekend. Have everyone bring a case of their favorite beer, snacks, and sides you can cook over a fire.

Then, all that’s left to do is make memories – and keep everyone safe in the wilderness.

2. Head to a Campsite

If hunting isn’t in your comfort zone, you can still answer the call of the wild with a weekend of camping. There are hundreds of parks and campsites across the country, and depending on the weather and time of year, you can have a great experience with minimal equipment.

There’s something to be said for escaping the stress of wedding planning and enjoying a night by a campfire with your best friends talking about your favorite memories. If you want a fancier experience, consider renting a high-end camper and splitting the cost with the group.

You can also go the traditional route and set up sleeping bags and bring marshmallows to make smores under the stars.

3. Be a Card Shark

If the groom loves to gamble, then a night or weekend of winning could be in the cards. You can bring this idea to life in a lot of different ways. The best way to do it will most likely depend on your budget.

If you want a cost-friendly option, you can set up a card night at your house. Pick a favorite game (Texas Hold ‘Em is always a great option), throw some tasty food on the grill, and have all of the guests bring a $50 buy-in and a bottle of their favorite booze.

Put together a playlist of the groom’s favorite songs, and keep dealing until someone wins big.

You can also scale this into a larger event and head out of town for the weekend to a nearby casino for a chance to rake in some cash. Of course, if you want to head to the mecca, Las Vegas is always an option.

4. Swing Some Clubs

If the groom is a golfer, playing 18 holes with his closest friends might be a dream come true. This is a great idea if you guys are a close-knit group who likes to swing some clubs, and this option also offers budget-friendly or extravagant routes.

To make it special but keep costs low, look for a course near home. You can sometimes get passes to high-end, private clubs for an additional fee, or if you get a room on a nearby resort property. You could do a one-night staycation and play a posh course that the groom wouldn’t normally splurge on.

You could also plan a golf weekend at a fun destination. Most resorts with highly-rated courses also boast restaurants, spas, and golf pros who are there to help you hone your swing or putting game. Look for options that offer golf packages that include “free” daily play with your stay to get in as many holes as you can.

5. Go on a Tasting Tour

What’s the groom’s favorite drink? Does he love a good craft beer from a local brewery? Is he a whiskey guy? Does he love a full-bodied red? Or are fancy cocktails his thing?

Give him an experience to remember by taking him on a booze tasting tour with his buddies. Plan a route with the best places to match his palate, and then schedule a day (or night) to hit them all.

Look for options that offer unique extras like a tour of the facility or a tasting with a sommelier who can explain what to look for in the beverage. Schedule these early so that the groom can get the most out of the experience before he’s starting to feel the effects of all of the samples.

Make sure that you also have transportation coordinated, and remember that as the day or night goes on, everyone will likely be less organized. You could plan to use Uber or Lyft and will need to make sure that your ride is large enough for everyone doing the tasting with you.

You might also consider renting a car, limo, or party bus for your group for the night so that you always have a driver at your beck and call.

6. Hit the Road Together

There’s a reason there are so many movies that start with the premise of a group of guys going on a road trip – it’s bound to be a unique adventure every time.

If the group has a few days to take off of work and you want to do some bonding on the open road, pick and destination and start driving. This is a great way to see the countryside and get to know all the guys in the wedding party.

Make sure to pack snacks and take a vehicle that’s large enough to fit everyone on the trip comfortably. It’s also smart to plan ahead for accommodations or tickets to things that you want to do once you arrive.

7. Head Down the Slopes

If you love the idea of getting outside, but also want some classy luxury, a weekend at a ski lodge might be the perfect fit. You can hit the slopes together during the day, and drink whiskey and tell stories by the fire at night. The best part? None of the guys who come along have to know what they’re doing on a pair of skis or snowboard.

Most resorts offer instructions and courses for beginners, so this is an option that could work for everyone if they’re up for learning something new.

8. Chip in On a Beach House

Depending on the time of year, a snowy slope might not be an option. If you’re planning something during the warm summer months, a weekend at the beach might be the perfect getaway.

Look for houses on the water, and ask all of the guys to chip in for a place to stay. You might be surprised by the size of the mansion you can afford if there are 10 of you who are splitting the cost.

You can spend the weekend with your toes in the sand swimming, snorkeling, BBQing, and bonding. Check nearby for places to rent watersports equipment like jet skis or kayaks for a little added adrenaline rush.

9. Go Paintballing

Look, planning a wedding is stressful. Depending on how close to the big day you are, the groom might need to blow off some steam and rediscover his sanity. What better way to do it than shooting his best friends? Head to the paintball range for some non-lethal fun.

10. Paddle Some White Water

Planning a trip filled with adventure can be a little overwhelming. Fortunately, there are dozens of different companies that do the hard work for you and manage all the details of a white water rafting trip.

Decide if you want to go for a single day or a multi-day excursion, and your guide will do the rest. They ride with you to help you navigate the river, and full-service companies will also feed you, set up your campsite, and manage all of your gear.

The best part? You can bring along your favorite booze and snacks for the evening to unwind after an adrenaline-filled day.

11. Jump Out of a Perfectly Good Airplane

Skydiving is on pretty much everyone’s bucket list, but few people do it. Most often, it’s because it’s expensive, and it’s also the kind of thing that you want to do with friends. What better time to splurge on the experience and to get everyone together to do it than for a bachelor party?

Look for places with excellent safety ratings and be prepared to go through a training session before you all load up to jump. Most planes can only take up two people from your group at a time, so this could be an all-day excursion depending on the size of your group.

Do a little something extra for the groom and spring for the video or photo package so that he can brag about his bravery and show off his form to his bride-to-be for years to come.

12. Go Off-Roading

Look for places to rent ATV’s, dirt bikes, dune buggies, or another rugged, off-roading vehicle and spend the day kicking up dirt. Bonus points if you head to a locale with awesome trails and get some awesome footage of the guys having a blast with a helmet-mounted GoPro. Just make sure the groom comes back in one piece.

13. Sample Cigars

Whether the groom is a cigar connoisseur or new to the scene, a special night at a swanky cigar bar is a classy way to celebrate his upcoming nuptials. Search for establishments that have knowledgeable staff who can help you pick the perfect stogie for everyone’s palate.

Bonus points if they have high-end scotch or a speakeasy-style vibe to round out the atmosphere while you enjoy the experience.

14. Charter a Boat

A great way to spend time with the wedding party is on the water, and there are a couple of different ways to enjoy time out on a boat.

If the groom enjoys fishing, you can hire a fishing charter to take you to the best hot spots to drop in a line for in-season fish. Depending on the time of the year, you could snag edible Mahi or grouper, or a sportfish like Tarpon.

The boat captain will not only know the best places to go, but he’ll also provide all the equipment you need, which makes it an easy event to plan. If you catch anything edible, the captain or his crew will likely also clean and bag the fish for you so that you can cook it up for a delicious dinner that night.

If fishing sounds like too much work, you could also look at chartering a luxury boat for a day of salt, sun, and fun. Look for companies that rent out speed boats or yachts and split the cost among all of the guys. Bring along a few bottles of your favorite booze, beer, champagne, and other libations and prepare for a grand time.

Just don’t forget to have a designated driver, and to wear sunscreen.

15. Splurge on Fine Dining

It’s not every day you have a good reason to order whatever you want at a five-star steakhouse, but your best friend’s bachelor party is the perfect time to splurge.

You can head to the nicest place in town for a special meal. Make sure to call ahead and make a reservation so that they know to expect your party and can make additional accommodations to make the night memorable.

If you want to take it up a notch, you could also travel to a destination Michelin-rated restaurant. One of the most prestigious restaurant ratings in the world, Michelin, ranks over 30,000 establishments annually on its one to three-star system.

Every option on the list is better than your average chain, and those with a one-star rating are deemed to be very good restaurants with quality food worth stopping to eat. Two-star establishments are worth a detour to sample the cuisine, and the prestigious three-star rating is reserved for those worth a special journey to experience.

Michelin star ratings are something many celebrity chefs strive to achieve, and legends like Joel Robuchon, Alain Ducasse, and Gordon Ramsay regularly open new restaurants with the goal of obtaining a rating.

Look for a three-star option that serves cuisine the groom loves and treat him (and his taste buds) to a night they won’t forget.

16. Take a Class

It’s not just the bride and her bridesmaids that have the option to take a class to learn a useful skill while also pounding back a bottle or two of rosé and having the time of their lives. Although floral arranging or painting might not be the right fit for your group, there are lots of options that might be enjoyable for the guys.

Many local breweries offer beer-making classes where you get a crash course on the science, mix up your own brew, and then get to take home bottles or a keg to tap once it’s matured. Local wineries and whiskey producers often have similar programs, and you usually pair the class with a generous tasting, which makes it a perfect mix of educational and bachelor-party worthy.

Other options like archery, ax throwing, and woodworking are also popular.

Less commonly, you can find local butchers who offer a butchery class to show you how to carve up delicious steaks, ribs, and more. Not only will you learn a valuable skill, but everyone leaves with their “lesson,” aka a ton of fresh meat to throw on the grill and enjoy.

17. Enjoy Some Nightlife

For some guys, a bachelor party doesn’t count if there aren’t strippers. We get it and support you if that’s how your buddy wants his night to go. To make it memorable, start off at a classy restaurant and have an awesome meal, and then bar hop around to a few favorite locales for cocktails.

When it’s time for the strippers to join the fun, head to a gentlemen’s club and opt for a high-end experience. Splurge for VIP entry or have the group chip in for a reserved table with bottle service to make sure your group is treated like kings once you arrive.

Do the groom a solid and make sure everyone keeps their phones tucked away. Even though he will likely be on his best behavior, treat the strip club like Vegas – what happens there stays there, and there’s no need for anyone to take pictures. It’s about making memories, not Instagram stories.

18. Issue a Challenge

If you want to add an additional element to your wild night out, here’s one of our favorite bachelor party ideas to add. Issue a challenge at the beginning of the night to the groom, and get ready for some seriously memorable and hilarious behavior while you watch him try to achieve it.

Share the fun by issuing the challenge to all of the groomsmen and see who is the most successful in the end.

Here are a few ideas to try:

  • Carry around an inflatable doll and introduce her as your fiancé to the women around you.
  • Do a shot with a stranger.
  • Pick a woman at a bar. Ask for her number. If she refuses, take a shot. Repeat until you get a phone number or can’t feel your face.
  • Ask five strangers if you’re making a huge mistake getting married.
  • Has she lost that lovin’ feeling? I think she has. Serenade a woman you don’t know with a love song Top Gun
  • Send the groom on a scavenger hunt for hilarious items like a woman’s underwear, a condom from a woman’s purse, a lady who has the same name as his fiancé, and a bachelorette party.
  • Dare the groom to wear a ball and chain around all night.
  • Stuff a fanny pack full of random, hilarious items. Strap it on the groom. Make him wear it until he hands them all out to strangers.
  • Wear a funny t-shirt with a bachelor party theme. Ask women if they’re single. If they say yes, get them to sign it with a sharpie.

Remember to Enjoy the Memories

No matter what bachelor party idea is best for you and your group of friends, keep in mind it’s all about having tons of fun together. The idea is to really live it up in his last days as a single man, but not to do anything that he’ll regret down the road.

Focus on making new memories, having an adventure, laughing until your stomach hurts, and having fun times to reminisce on when you’re older. Keep those goals in mind, and the groom will be sure to love whatever you plan.