Back-to-School Party Ideas

After a year or so of online schooling, going back to the school building and being with friends and teachers is something most students wish for. When the battle against COVID-19 is over, and schools are to reopen, back-to-school is worth celebrating. And when that time comes, it’s so fun to throw a party to kick off a new school year. You can go all out or keep it simple.

So, before your children get busy with actual study, homework, sports, clubs, and other extra-curricular activities – spend some time to make the new school year extra special and exciting for them! Here are some creative back-to-school party ideas to help get you started!

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Back to school balloons

Balloons are an easy way to make your party colorful, fun, and festive-looking. Use back-to-school balloon set to make decorating the room easier. Don’t forget to display an inflatable globe and put it atop of books.

DIY apple balloons

Give the kids something to smile about with these easy-to-create DIY apple balloons! They’re great for surprising the kids for the first day of school, and they can make their first day of school picture-perfect. Blow up red balloons, then cut shapes of leaves and stems using green and brown colored paper. Tape the stem and leaf shape on top of the balloons, and you’ve got apples!  

If you don’t want to use colored paper, you can use long green balloons instead – the kind of long balloons people use to shape animals. Tie one to a read balloon and twist it to make it look like a leaf.

Apple and pencil bowls

Keep your decoration simple by gathering up a few things that you can use for the house after the party. Get a round bowl and serve fresh red and green apples and a stemless wine glass for displaying a bouquet of bendable pencils. Display them with your food on the buffet table.

Letterboard sign

Make a cute welcome sign using a letterboard. Write anything you want. Keep it cheery to set the children’s mood for the party.  

Chalkboard decoration

On your food table, display a chalkboard. You can write up the menu here like in a café. Pair it with a back-to-school banner for a festive effect.

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Honeycomb paper apples

Decorate the back-to-school party with this shining, shimmering, gold glitter banner. You can choose to hang the apple honeycombs from the ceiling or use some of them as a centerpiece for your food table.

Mini chalkboards

Whatever you’re serving for the party, it helps to add some labels, so kids know what they’re about to eat. Use mini chalkboards to label the foods. You may want to write things like “C is for cupcakes,” “J is for Jell-O,” “G is for gummy bears,” and stuff like that.

Mini blackboard clips

Add some place cards on the table so your guests know where they should sit. Use these mini blackboard clips attached to the napkins, and write out their name. Kids would love it – ask them to attach it to their clothes as a nametag after mealtime!

School-themed disposables

For your back-to-school party, it’s fun to incorporate the theme even with the plates, cups, or napkins that you use. Encourage learning while eating by using this adorable plate set full of letters, numbers, and colors. Pair it with these disposable cups with handwritten letters.  

But if your children are done with the basics, amuse them with this science-themed disposable plate set with cups and napkins.

Math tablecloth

Go full-on nerd with this chalkboard-inspired black tablecloth full of equations. It’s exciting for a math genius to eat on a table full of his or her beloved math-related shenanigans. Other guests will surely get fascinated with it as well!

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Back to school cake

A party is always sweeter with cake. If you choose to bake a homemade cake for your kids’ back-to-school shindig, search for ideas online.

Here are a couple of ideas:

A rectangular cake is an easy idea – using food color and icing, you can decorate it to look like a sheet of paper with lines, a book, or as a green blackboard or black chalkboard. Write down “Happy first day of school!” as a message. Make fondant decorations in the shape of a pencil, scissors, apples, crayons, school bus, or chalk. You may simply use this fondant decorating set, so you don’t have to make your own.

Make a round cake and fill the sides with cookies in the shape of a pencil, so it looks like a pencil fence. You may want to make them in the form of crayons if you want to make it colorful. Add a back-to-school cake topper or a lightweight apple to finish the look!

Alphabet cookies

Bake your sugar cookies in the shape of alphabets and decorate them with colored icing with your design of choice. You may want to color the A-shaped cookies red and decorate them with a shape of an apple, then decorate the B’s with yellow bananas to make alphabet learning more fun. Or, you may want to decorate them with school-themed details like a blackboard, pencils, lined paper, ruler, and more.

Chocolate-covered Oreos with fondant toppers

Be creative by adding a new twist to chocolate-covered Oreos by making them back to school party-ready. Cover the Oreos in milk chocolatewhite vanilla and red candy melts. Using fondant, cut out and decorate shapes that look like apples, pencils, and paper with an A+. Top the brown Oreos with apples, the white ones with pencils, and the red ones with paper. Serve them individually in green cupcake liners and display.  

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Back to school cupcakes

What kind of party would it be if there are no cupcakes? Kids love cupcakes, so make sure you serve them! Bake them or buy them – it doesn’t matter as long as they taste good. Just keep it in line with your theme by decorating it with stick toppers or cupcake rings. You may also want to serve your cupcakes using this back-to-school cupcake liner, and that would be enough. Either way, your kids and their school friends would love them!  

Arithmetic bar

Make brownies more interesting by adding some arithmetic problems! Using an icing writer, write simple math problems like “2×4” or “7+3” or “9÷3” on top of brownie fudge slices. Ask the kids to answer the problem first before eating the brownies and give them a small prize!

Freezer snacks

Kids love freezer snacks that are easy to heat or cook. For the back-to-school party, you may want to serve alphabet-shaped chicken nuggets, mozzarella sticks, meatballs, breadsticks, and other favorites. Make sure you use different dips that they like.

Ice cream bar

Set up an ice cream bar that everyone would enjoy. Serve plain flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, then let the kids go crazy with toppings. Using condiment cups, serve sprinkles, M&M’s, sliced berries, nuts, mallows, and chocolate chips for ice cream toppings. Make sure you provide colorful ice cream cups and spoons to make it more fun!

Jelly beans in test tubes

Fill plastic test tubes with candies like jelly beans to give off to kids as a party favor.

Drinks in Erlenmeyer flask

Serve your fun, fruity drinks in these Erlenmeyer flask-inspired sippy cups with silly straws. Fill it with juice, lemonade, pop, cola, punch, iced tea, or any kid-appropriate drink, and they would surely be a hit for the kids.