Back-to-School Party Ideas

Ignoring the fact that reuniting with old friends is a major perk of the new school year, some students may still be anxious about the next year. Having a party to welcome the new school year is a terrific way to relieve the pressure of getting the kids ready to return to class. It’s time to have a good time with these fantastic ideas for a back-to-school celebration, whether your kids attend a public, private, or home school.

Back to School-Themed Treats

There is a virtually infinite number of possible snacks with a classroom or school theme. Apples are a delightful symbol commonly associated with educators, but you can flip that idea on its head by preparing apple cupcakes instead.

You can make the apple’s skin and leaf out of red and green frosting. Cupcakes are always a delightful treat, but you can make them much more exciting by hiding a sweet apple filling within.

If your kids are old enough to tell the difference, you can reuse a glue bottle to store mayonnaise or another white condiment. You can count on a good round of laughter when your guests spray mayonnaise on their burgers and recall their first experiences with glue in elementary school. They have been given the green light to consume as much as they like without fear of reprimand.

Get yourself a supply of Smarties and Nerds if you’re looking for low-energy, school-themed snacks. For added hilarity, use lunch trays to present the meals

Back to School Movie Night

buckets of popcorn

A movie night is an excellent way to unwind and spend time with friends or family. Make your living room more like a cinema by adding numbered seats, sweets and popcorn in boxes, and small trays. Use cinema tickets or a movie poster as invitations for your pals.

Programs to catch:

  • Akeelah and the Bee
  • Diary of A Wimpy Kid
  • Freaky Friday
  • Harry Potter
  • High School Musical
  • Jessica Darling’s It List
  • Matilda
  • Monsters University
  • Sky High
  • The Magic School Bus
  • Wonder

Back to School Froyo Party

Ice cream is the quintessential party food. Set up a sundae station at your back-to-school party so that students can create their sweet treat. Take out the frozen yogurt or ice cream, toppings, and anything else you can think of.

Back to School Fashion Show

A back-to-school fashion show can feature any of your children’s school attire this year. Prepare a catwalk, activate the music and lights, and commence the fashion show.

Back to School Spa Party

a kid painting someone else’s nails

Surely everyone enjoys some time at the spa now and then. Children of all ages will enjoy a pampering-themed back-to-school party. Make it a spa day by putting on face masks (age-appropriate ones, of course), giving each other manicures, and stocking up on munchies.

Back to School Photo Frame Prop

Children enjoy wasting time in event picture booths, but this option is just as fun. A photo prop like a school picture frame would be a terrific way to capture some hilarious moments and beautiful photographs.

A Carnival Mix of Games

Exciting games are a must at any back-to-school party. Glue-stick Jenga, a lunch money bean bag throw, and a puzzle station are all fun for kids and adults alike.

It may be useful to spread these games like a carnival around the lawn or living room, as younger children tend to have shorter attention spans. They can now quickly switch between games as they like.

A game that people of any age may play is drawing on a piece of paper held against a person’s back. Draw what you feel on paper taped to the wall in the same motions as the drawing on your back. The winning group is the one who can make the most similar pair of drawings.

You should purchase trophies to hand out to the winners to spark some healthy rivalry. Remember to put some tasty candies in the trophy cup.

Back to School Goals Capsule

The students can make capsules to help them achieve their academic goals and take them home as party gifts. Moreover, having them on display at the party would be a great conversation starter. The kids can use the first bottle to set goals for the first three months of the school year, then keep the other two bottles empty for the remaining nine months.

New School Supplies

different school supplies in stainless steel buckets

Of course, a fresh batch of school supplies is something that every student looks forward to. Provide your kids with some brand-new school supplies as a pleasant surprise. 

In all likelihood, you’ll need to cash out for them. Placing them in a decorative paper bag makes them feel more upscale.

Back to School Scavenger Hunt

Making the hunt for school supplies fun is the quickest method of doing this. However, the kids will have even more fun if you hide the objects and send them on a treasure hunt across the house or party venue. This makes for an excellent activity for a party in honor of the return to school.

The group should be given a list of things to locate. Provide each person with an entertaining pencil pouch to store small items, such as pencils, erasers, pens, and pencil sharpeners.

Listed below are some items that you can find on the Back to School Scavenger Hunt:

  • backpack
  • calculator
  • calendar
  • clip board
  • crayons
  • eraser
  • folder
  • glue
  • lunch box
  • markers
  • markers
  • notebook
  • paint brush
  • pencil
  • pencil sharpener
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • tape
  • water bottle
  • watercolors

Back to School Party Favors

school supplies on a chalk board surrounding a “Back to School” lettering

One of the most time-consuming parts of preparing for the beginning of the school year is shopping for school supplies, so it makes sense to give your guests something they can use in the classroom. Personalized notepads, writing tools, or desk nameplates are all simple yet thoughtful presents.

Distributing matching t-shirts that students can wear on their first day and throughout the year is a fun way to help them feel more connected to one another and the school. There’s a plethora of catchphrases that could be printed on the shirt.

It’s also possible to use party images to create custom T-shirts for your guests to wear on the big day. If the guests’ friendships stretch way back, you can personalize their tees in advance using pictures from their shared history.

If money is no issue, you can even load up students’ backpacks to the gills with school supplies. That way, they’ll be ready and able to tackle the upcoming academic year with renewed vigor. 

A back-to-school party will surely be a blast for your kid, whether starting for the first time or going back for another year. Establishing a tradition can give your child and their classmates something to look forward to every year.

You may also try a back to school candy party. For more ideas, you may check out our Candy Land Party article.