Bathroom Décor: Makeover Ideas for Your Favorite Corner

Homeowners generally spend their time in the kitchen, bedroom, and living room. With the bathroom, they mainly focus on comfort. Choice of latest designs and features somewhere overshadows the whole concept of aesthetics. It doesn’t mean you have to do the same thing as them. Even though it can be smaller, leverage the possibilities of what you can achieve here; the dressed-up look will make up for everything else. Some ideas can help you reinvigorate this space. So pick the ones that fit in your budget easily. At the same time, you should be able to enjoy their presence.

You can try anything right from finishes, exposed bulbs, runners, chandeliers, etc. Or, you can also think about superior sink faucet features. The vastness of the options can make your bathroom upgrades overwhelming. You can avoid temptations and concentrate on the best details to give your space a coordinated touch through colors, draperies, cabinets, and more. Here are suggestions for rustic designs such as a farmhouse sink to shabby-chic bathroom decors. If you like this theme, you can follow the ideas.

Asymmetrical designs

Some bathrooms can have odd corners. It can be a challenge to use them properly. But the best way to handle them is to go easy on them. For example, you can choose that corner for installing an asymmetrical shower fixture. You can take advantage of its odd shape to do something visually creative.

Color palettes

People presume that white and bright colors are about modern decors. But it is upon you to make them work for any theme. Imagine adding an antique stool, for instance. You can choose gold and navy shades to enhance white backgrounds and pair them with vintage materials and furniture to give it a nostalgic feel.  Imagine a blue and white bathtub, a full-length golden-framed mirror, and a decent-sized chandelier in one nook. Some believe that neutral hues can be dull or bleak. Again, you can avoid this risk by making your space vibrant with a rug. Replace old bath mats with a nice carpet to experience the difference.

You don’t like gold. Do you? If you are not much of a fan of golden tinges, you can switch to the coolness of silver tones. The fixtures and mirrors can be silver-colored. Marrying white and silver colors can help you make your bathroom look crisp all the time.


No matter what background you choose, you must have all the tricks up your sleeve to make it stand out effortlessly. For example, you can opt for exposed bricks for walls. The repurposed metal ceiling and a claw-foot bathtub can combine well to produce an unmistakable vintage effect. Or, suppose you have used herringbone tiles on the sink wall. These would look like V-shaped rectangular zigzags. You can deck up this area with the antler mirror to make it the hero. If you have selected a barn theme, you can place a distressed-looking cabinet to serve the purpose of vanity and storage. To amp up its rustic vibe, you can even go after the chipped paint feel.

Surfaces/ finishes/ materials

It is not too much to ask for a spa-like feel in your bathroom, from the bathroom sink to the shower. Experts suggest that mixing materials can be excellent to keep its interiors interesting all the time. The combination of quartz countertops and herringbone-patterned porcelain tiles in the bathtub area can do the trick. You can match bronze hardware, wood mirror, and stone countertop on the vanity to put together a well-defined appearance.

Outdoor views

Of course, to be able to soak in the lush scenes and sceneries from your bathroom can feel like a dream. Many celebrities get to enjoy this. If your house affords any such heavenly vistas, you can request your designer to make your bathroom in such a fashion. Interiors can include limestone floor, hand-embroidered linen curtains in softer shades, and other highlights to keep up with the whole nature-inspired spirit. For some character and depth, you can use wildlife-based wallpapers on one side.

Since not every location guarantees privacy, you may not get a full-size door opening up to a blissful mountain view or verdant landscape. However, it doesn’t mean you should give up all your hopes. You can still go after a design that includes a window overlooking the beautiful panorama outside. Your bathtub has to lie below it to allow you to look out and enjoy the soothing vistas while soaking. In such a theme, black and white colors work better. The ceiling can be wood material to make you feel closer to nature.


Small bathrooms can feel cramped not because of the absence of a few desirable extra inches but the use of hurdles. For example, partitions in large bathrooms can add value as they define the purpose of every space. The same thing can go against the smaller room. That’s why you can remove doors and install curtains instead. Also, you can place large mirrors to create an illusion of space.

Other features

Too many similar finishes or surfaces can add boredom. You can eliminate this by popping colors here and there through different materials. If your bathroom has everything in an earthy wood finish, you can choose a specific section and color it differently to break the monotony. The choice of tone can be anything, such as pink. You can apply pink paint on the cabinet doors and place a rug too in the same style.

Essentially, redesigning or redecorating your bathroom can be fun. Shopping for different items can be time-consuming. But once you start adding them to the décor, the physical transformation will become evident. You may enjoy everything that you do. And if you get stuck with something, you can revisit its position and style to figure out the best way to incorporate it.

Sometimes, large-scale renovation may not be easy to pursue due to plenty of legitimate constraints. However, simple revamping ideas can step in and change the whole game for you. So, don’t bother about anything. Whenever you feel ready, you can experiment with different styles.