Birthday Surprise Ideas for Best Friends

Tons of presents; all your friends, family, and acquaintances getting in touch with you and wishing you the best; a scrumptious cake; food that you love; gorgeous outfit and endless fun. Aren’t birthdays always so special to us? Despite being celebrated every year; they never lose their importance and excitement. No matter your age; everyone waits for that one day that celebrates them.

Birthdays are remarkable; even more so if it’s your best friend’s birthday! Best friends make the world a better place; they share your joys and sorrows and ensure that you will never walk alone. It’s not often that we thank our best friends for being a part of our life. Birthday brings about an opportunity to express gratitude to your best friend and let them know just how much they mean to you.

Coming up with a brand-new plan for your best friend’s birthday is a herculean task indeed. Fret not; We’ve got you!

Below are mentioned 7 birthday surprise ideas for your best friends! Skim through and choose which you like the best!

A] Unplanned trip

Start your car, show up at the door of your best friend at 12 and honk till you have them at the door! Wish them a happy birthday and ask them to hop in the car and take them on an unplanned trip! Choose a location that your best friend likes and plan the whole itinerary in accordance with their likes. You can also invite your other mutual friends and ask them to join the thrilling day! Travel through the country roads as you listen to your favourite pop music! Your best friend will cherish the day for a lifetime.

B] Video message

With ever-changing days; personal meets and planning parties can often get tough. Everyone is caught up in their own schedules and might not live in proximity, causing difficulty to make it to the party. With such circumstances; video messages are at your rescue! Compile a birthday video message with people who mean a lot to your best friend. People can be a part of the celebration from any place at any time.

But connecting and collating different videos can be challenging. Here you can make use of video-making tools that automates the collection of videos in one space. All you have to do is make an account, create an invitation link and send it across to the people willing to participate in the video. The invitees don’t have to download an application or log in; they can simply click the link and film themselves. The videos will automatically be organized on your clipboard and you can further arrange and edit them! You can include photos, short video clips, birthday wishes and so on. Your best friend will certainly be touched by the gesture and will feel loved and treasured with all the wishes!

C] Write letters

Things changed; the world transformed by leaps and bounds but letters never went out of style! There is something about handwritten letters that just can’t be replaced. They carry deep meaning, are intimate and probably the greatest thing in the world. If your best friend values emotions and is someone who holds on to thoughtful stuff; letters will be a classic surprise for them. Ask all the near and dear ones of your best friend to write heart-warming letters to your best friend and you write one too. Gift your friend with a hamper of letters and watch as their face glows up and gets teary with joy as they read the heartfelt letters.

D] Throw them a surprise party

Surprise parties although predictable are a classic move! Moreover; they can always have a new element to them! You can throw your best friend a surprise theme party. Choose a theme that coincides with their interests. Invite the close ones, put on some music, get into themed outfits and have a fun night! Ensure the menu you keep is full of the items they love to eat and let the party reflect everything that your best friend loves! If your best friend is more of an introvert, you can plan something simple, small and special. You could go for their favourite movie, have a small picnic and so on!

E] Send them gifts every hour on their special day!

You probably might not remember how you celebrated your birthday but you most certainly will remember the gifts you received! A birthday without gifts just can’t be imagined. Gifts make a birthday even more amusing than it already is. On your best friend’s birthday, send them a gift every hour of the day! If you can’t fund them all; ask other close ones to pitch in and fill your best friend’s special day with gifts every hour!

You know your best friend the best; so, formulate a plan that you’re sure will make them go crazy! You can always use the above-mentioned suggestions and add your own twist to them or come up with something unique overall! Put your best efforts and heart into planning a surprise and your best friend will surely love it!