Bull Riding: Mechanical Bull Rentals in San Jose and San Francisco

Riding the bull! A phrase can be taken both metaphorically and literally. Few things in the world compared to the adrenaline rush of riding a bull; the excitement, the anticipation, and dare I say, the terror? Yes, dear readers, the sight of a bull alone can make even the bravest folks stammer. To ride one, even the consideration is frightening.

First originating in Mexican tradition, bull riding is a rodeo sport that involves one rider, one bull, and a great amount of bucking and jerking. The goal of the sport is to stay on the animal for as long as possible, but doing so is not without its difficulties. After all, there is a reason why bull riding, especially American bull riding, has been described as “the most dangerous eight seconds in sports”.

Such is not stated lightly either. Getting in the ring and atop one of these beasts can lead to no shortage of injuries, such as concussions and bruised or broken bones, and possibly even death. When taking such into consideration, it’s no wonder that it’s a terrifying experience to be had.

Terrifying, I say, but not without its perks, or its popularity. Bull riding (see more here) is becoming a popular activity in the United States, especially in places like Texas and California. The latter, in particular, is going through a surge of bull riding, but not in the way you may be thinking. What I’m talking about is a different, though altogether none less fun beast: mechanical bull riding.

mechanical bull riding.

Possessed of all the excitement, but none of the danger, mechanical bull riding is becoming a popular trend in the United States. An alternative to riding the real deal, it is an activity that a lot of people have taken advantage of. There are no bruises or hurts to be had here, besides that of your ego or pride maybe. There are even rental companies that specialize in renting these mechanical monstrosities. Whether for your wedding, your party, or your own personal quest for adrenaline, here are some of the mechanical bull rental companies in the California area that can bring the rush to you.

Mechanical Bull Rentals in San Jose and San Francisco

1. Best Mechanical Bull Rental

Ready for the ride of your life? This is the saying and the promise of Best Mechanical Bull Rental, a rental company that’s as popular in the business as they are successful. They bring the party to any event, whether it’s a birthday, bachelor party, fraternity or sorority events, even fundraisers.

They deliver their mechanical bull rental to the event location in one of two sizes: medium or large. They also build and set up the mechanical bull on-site and continue to operate for the duration of the party for your safety and peace of mind. The bull comes in multiple difficulties, fun for both kids and adults, so a fun experience is all but ensured for any age.

However, Best Mechanical Bull Rental doesn’t just deal in riding the bull. They also have inflatable bedding as well, for your safety and experience. Between all of this and special packaged deals, one would be a fool not to take this company by the horns (poor pun intended).

They service the San Jose and San Francisco Bay area.

2. E. Mechanical Bull Rentals

Another service of ‘hornorific’ entertainment. Catering with excellent service to their clients, A.E. helps bring the fun and excitement to your party. Though based in Irwindale, they also service the San Francisco and San Jose area.

3. Toro Show Mechanical Bull Rentals

A sure way to entertain the crowd, Toro Show Mechanical Bull Rentals is another company in the bull riding business. And don’t they know it, as they proudly serve the entire San Francisco Bay area and its surrounds. Their setup takes around 40 minutes to an hour, and when it’s set up be sure to watch out! Great for rodeo-themed events or western parties, Toro Show is yet another opportunity to buck up the crowds.

4.  California Jumping

California Jumping is another great addition to the roster in the California area. A great rental company for colleges, birthdays, high schools, bars, or even corporate functions, California Jumping is as diverse with their clientele as they are experienced in the business. Their mechanical bulls are from Galaxy Bull, listed as the safest mechanical bull on the market. They can accommodate all ages, from 10 to 50, and whoever grabs the horns is sure to have a fun time doing so.

In addition to mechanical bull rentals, California Jumping also rent out other services and products as well. They have rock walls for those who love to climb, water slides for those hot summer days, bounce houses and foam pits for the kids, spider jumps, carnival games, and even ziplines for rent!

The fun that doesn’t end with the bull, California Jumping is sure to bring the fun in almost any form you need.

5. Magic Jump Rentals

Another provider with a diverse list of products to choose from. They have for rent popcorn machines, wooden tables, an old west playland, and of course, the famed mechanical monster itself. Yes, their mechanical bull is as fun as it is safe, the head comprised of Sofolex Soft Foam to provide one of the safest bull riding experiences in the industry.

Magic Jump Rentals


And these are only 5 companies. There are plenty more listed throughout the web and yellow books that deliver this kind of entertainment all throughout the California area. And best of all, it brings all of the fun and excitement, with none of the risk.

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So, as you can see, bull riding is taking the nation by the saddle. Whether in California or Texas, the fun to be had is apparent and eager to be taken. So why not take this experience and rope it in? Get a bull rental today!