31 Dog Party Games


While having a party is all exciting, nothing adds thrill like a few fun games.  If you’re having a party for a puppy or your dog, you’ll need to organize fun activities to keep your canine friends entertained and busy.

To ensure your pup’s guests are not bored, we’ve listed some fantastic games and activities that will keep them busy for hours regardless of the weather or your location.

31 Fun Ideas for Dog Party Games

Below are some fun ideas for dog party games that dogs of all sizes and ages will enjoy.

1. Fetch

Fetch is a perfect game to keep your pup busy if you’re planning an outdoor party.  All you need is to have the puppy parents stand in one row while the pups sit beside them. Every parent should have a stick or a ball to throw.

Create a signal that will have the parents throw the stick or ball. The parents need to tell their puppies to fetch what’s been thrown.  The first dog to catch the object thrown and give it to the parent becomes the winner.  In a case where the objects are thrown too far such that the pups can’t fetch them, then the pup that brings anyone’s item back becomes the winner.

2. Catch the Treat

Have all the pups in a row. If some can’t stay put, have them leashed and someone holds onto them in a row.  The puppy parents should be five feet in front of them with ten tiny treats. Get the parents to toss the treats to the pups one at a time. The dog that has caught the most treats becomes the winner.

3. Course Run

An obstacle course is a fantastic dog party game if you’re having an outdoor party.  Get obstacles like ramps, jumps, and tunnels.  Experiment with different stations and have the dogs run the course. The dog that completes the course in record time becomes the winner. You can have prizes for the winner.  To make this more interesting, you can have a prize for the slowest pup too.

4. Frisbee

Frisbee is an advanced game of fetch as it covers long distances as opposed to short. Moreover, it’s an excellent exercise apart from being a fantastic game.  Get a soft disc to act as a frisbee.  Start by tossing it short distances or roll it on the ground to allow the dogs to familiarize themselves with the game.  After the dogs are excited to chase, increase the distance and toss the frisbee.  The dog that becomes the first to catch the disk and bring it back becomes the winner.

5. The Trick Competition

You’ll need to have judges to pick out the winners. The next step is to have the pup’s parents have their dog perform the coolest trick. The judges will pick the best from the performance. When picking the winner, the judges can look at the funniest, coolest, or the best trick.

If the dogs don’t have a set of tricks up their sleeves, you can use obedience commands to pick out a winner. The judges will evaluate the dog that obeys the commands accurately or the fastest.

6. Paw Basketball

Get a basket and a tennis ball to play paw basketball.  The dogs need to learn to retrieve the ball before putting it in the basket.  Make the game more exciting by hiding the ball and putting the basket at a comfortable height.  The dog that succeeds in getting this ball first is the winner.  Reward the winner with a small treat.

7. The Muffin Tin Game

The Muffin Tin Game is ideal for dogs of all ages, and it is simple to set up.  Get a 12-muffin tin and a ball to fit each hole.  Don’t forget to have some sweet-smelling food or treats. Place the treats at the bottom of the muffin cups. Place the tennis balls on top of the cups.  Once you have the game set up, place the tin on the floor and encourage the dogs to check muffin tin. The first dog to remove the balls and get the treat is the winner.  The part that makes this game challenging is where the dog has to remember where the treat is and where it is not.

8. Musical Chairs

Musical chairs is an old favorite, and you can come up with a doggie version of it to make things more exciting. All you need is to leash the puppies and have them walk around with their parents with the music playing. Once the music stops, the parents instruct their puppies to sit. The last one to get to the ground is eliminated. The game goes on until you get a winner.

9. Bone Hunt

If you’re having a puppies party, you might want to include the bone hunt game.  Simply get thirty plastic bones at the height of a mature dog. Have the pups hunt for these bones with their hands and knees.  The activity will not only keep them engrossed, but it will be entertaining for the guests.

10. Bark it Out Game

Although this game may be noisy, it’s an interesting way to keep the dogs happy. Have the dog parents command their dogs to bark at once. The dog that barks the loud becomes the winner and receives the biggest treat. Also, you can reward them for various types of barks like the funniest or the scariest.

11. Hide and Seek

A grass lawn party is a fantastic place to have a hide and seek game. Get a designated play area divided into rows.  Have the treats hidden under three boxes that are placed distantly.  The dog’s parent needs to walk the dog along these rows and motivate him/her to find the treat,  the dog that gets all the hidden treats quickly becomes the winner.  The parents should motivate their pets to be quick throughout the game.

12. Hula Hoops

The musical hula hoops is another musical chair version.  Arrange hula hoops at a distance of three feet. Have the parents walk their dogs on a leash while the music is playing. They should instruct the dogs to sit in the hoop once the music stops.  Remove a hula hoop with each round to ensure that you have two dogs competing for one hula hoop in the final round.

13. Play Trick

The play trick is another version of the treat trick game. Have the pet parents stand with a treat. They should show these treats to their dogs. However, the dog needs to roll over, sit, or lie to get the treat from the parent’s hand. The pup that has the coolest tricks to get the most treats becomes the winner.

14. Tug of War

Tug of war is an excellent mental and physical exercise for dogs.  Get some toys that you won’t use for other games like fetch.  Find something with rubber material like the Orbee Tuff Tug. Have the dogs and the parents in a row, but ensure there’s enough room to move about.  Instruct the parents to use commands like sit and release. The dog that responds to these commands accurately and fast becomes the winner.  Note that older dogs may become overly aggressive or excited. Take breaks to make sure things are in control when playing.

15. The Which Hand Game

The which hand game is an excellent way to find out the dog that has the best smelling senses. Have the dog parents have different dog treats in both their hands. The parents should then instruct their pets to pick a particular treat by choosing the hand it’s in. The dog that picks out the most treats accurately is the winner.

16. The Cup Game

Another perfect nose work game. Get different treats under several cups in a row. Get the dog parents to walk their dogs around and instruct them to show them a cup with a specific treat.  The dog that chooses the right cup gets to have the treat and becomes the winner. To make the game more exciting, you can mix the cups around after placing the treats, this will make the game more challenging.

17. Musical Mats

The musical mats game is another version of the musical chairs game. Start by having fewer dog mats than the dogs in attendance. have the dog parents walk their pets under a leash while the music is playing. They should instruct the dogs to sit on the available mats once the music stops.  Dogs that don’t get a mat to sit are eliminated and get to watch the others. The dog that lays on the last mat gets a treat and is the winner.

18. The Hot Dog Gobbler

The hot dog gobbler game is one of the most entertaining and fun fog party games.  Get a hot dog cut into several pieces and tossed into a huge pool. The dog that eats the floating hotdogs the fastest is the winner.  It’s a fantastic way to get the pups to cool off in the water and get a little food in the process.

19. Dog Water Race

If you’re hosting a summer dog party and have plenty of space outdoors, you might want to introduce the water races game.  Have the dog owners leash their dogs and line up at the start line.  Get a table with water jugs and small cups.

The parents need to all up the small cup with water and dash with their pet on their lead to the finish line and pour the water into their designated large cup. However, there is a catch, the pet owners need to go back to the start line and refill the small cups, race back to the finish line, and fill their bigger cups until they are full.

The first pet owner and dog team to fill their bigger cups is the winner, and the dog gets some treats to celebrate the victory.

20. Give a Dog a Spoon and Bone Race

The give a dog a spoon and bone race is a fantastic way for dog parents to show how well they work with their pets. All you need is to give each parent and a dog a spoon and doggy treat.  Put the treat on the spoon. The pet owners should hold the spoon in the same hand as the dog leash.

The pet owner and the dog need to run to the finish line. If the treats happen to fall, the dog owner will need to put them back on the spoon and rush to the end. The first dog and dog owner to get to the finish line wins the game.  You can make the game more fun and challenging by adding obstacles like barrels or small hurdles for the pair to go around or jump.

21. Trick and Treat

One fun way to get everyone involved and excited is the trick and treat game. Have the dogs and their parents line up. Give some treats to the pet owners and ask them to go to any random dog at the party and ask for some tricks. To make it more interesting, you can have the dogs line up and perform their unique tricks to get a treat.

22. Bobbing for Balls or Bones

Get a metal tub and some tennis balls or meaty bones.  Ensure the dogs have space and allow them to get the bone or ball. The fastest dog to get a ball or a meaty bone is a winner.

23. Costume Parade

Although it’s not a game per se, it’s a fun way to entertain guests if you’re planning a Halloween party for dogs. You can have the dogs parade their best costume and burn off some energy.   The idea is to have fun with your human friends. Get a judge to decide on the dog with the most creative, prettiest, or scariest costume.

24. Treasure Hunt

Another impressive way to keep everyone entertained is to set up a treasure hunt. You can hide party-themed treasures like toys and treats for dogs before your guests arrive.  Place them in the yard if you’re having an outdoor event or hide them around the house if you’re hosting an indoor party.  Once your guests arrive with their pets, send them off to find the hidden treasures. The team that gets the most treats in the shortest time wins the competition.

25. Kibble Ball

If you’re hosting an indoor party, clear the floor, and get rubber balls, tubes, and cons that can roll on the floor.  You can have three kibbles in various shapes and flavors, spread the toys and allow the dogs to roam freely.  The pet owners should encourage their pets to swat or roll the toys.  Reward the dog that gets this trick the fastest. You can also give a treat to the shy dog that picks up the kibble.

26. The Dog Chocolate Race

Get a bag of dog’s chocolate drops and a team of dogs. Place several lines of choc drops from halfway down the hall to the end if you’re hosting an indoor party.  The pet owners begin at one end of the hall and race to the lines of choc drops with their pets.  The dog that eats a single line of choc drops and races back to the start with its owner wins the race.

27. A Dog Pool Party

Having a party in the summer is more enjoyable and you can make it more fun by having a dog pool party. Use two kiddie pools and fill them with water.  Toss in some toys or floating balls and let the dogs loose.  The pet parent motivates his/her dog to pick an item and bring it.  The dog that is first to get the item and reach her owner with it becomes the winner.  As a reward, you can give the dog a special treat and a fluffy towel rub.

You should note that some young puppies may be excited about the pool and will want to get out and splash or roll. That is normal, but you can encourage them to stay in by awarding treats to the well-behaved.

28. Round Robin

Round Robin is another fantastic game to have all the guests involved.  Get the pet owners to have a handful of treats in a row. They should take turns to call their dog’s names. The dog that comes quickly is a winner and gets rewarded with a treat.

29. The Digging Box Game

Dogs love digging and you can get them engaged by getting a digging box. Create a digging box with sand and wood.  Allow the dogs to explore the box and dig out whatever they find.  You can make this game more interesting by adding in toys in the box.

30. Dog Limbo

Get an agility hurdle and have the pups wriggle under the bar as you cue the music. Let the dogs out, the last one who makes it under without touching the bars becomes the winner.

31. The Biscuit Eating Game

All you need are multiple biscuits, string, and a long pole.  Choose biscuits with a hole in the middle.  Tie the biscuits loosely to the string and suspend them from a pole. These should be the same length as the size of the dogs.

You need a pet owner at each end of the pole. Allow the dogs to run in heats from one side to the one with suspended biscuits.  The dog that eats the biscuit first becomes the winner.

Tips for Preparing for Dog Party Games

Planning for a dog party involves a lot of work. However, the same goes for dog party games. If this is your first time planning for dog party games, here are some timely tips to make the process hassle-free.

Have Dogs and Dog Owners Who are Part of Your Dog’s Social Life

It’s essential to invite pet and pet owners who are familiar with you and your dog.  Some dogs can be aggressive and not relate well with other dogs, something that could lead to fights at the party. Prevent this by keeping the number of invited guests low. You need to also have an even balance of male and female dogs.

Designate a Safe Zone for the Games

Ensure that you find a place that is safe for your party. Check to see that the party area is enclosed with a fence.  Find out if there are any loose boards or holes in the fence as dogs could use this as an escape route.

Also, ensure that all owners are present at the party. Have the guests bring leashes in case of any conflicts.  Ask the pet owners if their dogs have up to date vaccinations to prevent the spread of diseases and infections.

Find Out if there are Any Allergies

Some dogs are allergic to ingredients in kibble diets and treats. Make sure to ask ahead of time to avoid any inconveniences.

Allow the Dogs to Be Free

Do not let the games take too much time. Give the dogs time to roam around or hang out in a room without games.  Create a fun backdrop and put some dog props to make the party more exciting.

Have Some Take-Home Treats

No party is complete without some doggy bags.  Have the guests carry a tennis ball or bandana to have memories of the occasion. Alternatively, you can have some homemade cupcakes for the guests to snack on.

Don’t forget to have snacks for your human guests.  Ensure that you don’t have anything toxic to dogs like raisins, chocolate, and grapes.

Final Thoughts

You have no excuse for having a boring dog party with all these fun game ideas.  Find a game that will work with your hosting space and designate different areas for refreshments, games, and poops.  Remember to work with dog parents that are not sluggish or aggressive as this may ruin your party.  Don’t forget to ensure that all dogs in attendance are healthy to avoid spreading infestations and diseases.

If you are looking for more ideas and recommendations, you may also check out our Guide to Picking Fun Games for Parties.