Easter Hostess Gift Ideas

For most people, Easter is the biggest holiday of the year. It’s a time for family and friends to gather around the table for a feast, followed by an afternoon of egg hunting and games.

If you will attend an easter party, what kind of hostess gift to bring? You don’t want to show up empty-handed—but at the same time, it’s not like anyone expects you to bring a present. So what do you get?

Well, while it’s true that most people don’t expect a gift during Easter, it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like one! In fact, many hosts appreciate any sort of token from their guests as a way of saying “thank you” for an enjoyable time together. That said, there are some basic guidelines that will help ensure your hostess gift is appropriate and well-received by everyone who receives it.

Here are our top gift ideas that will make any hostess feel appreciated and loved this season.

1. Chocolate Bunnies

Delicious Easter holiday chocolate bunny, eggs and sweets

You can’t go wrong with chocolate bunnies. They’re a classic and often a favorite of the person you’re gifting them to. This is especially true if you’re gifting them to someone who likes sweets and chocolate!

If you want to give your hostess something special, consider getting her an artisan chocolate bunny. There are so many different ones out there: some are made with sea salt and caramel, and others have lavender or vanilla flavorings mixed in with the milk chocolate. You can even get bunnies made out of white chocolate! Your hostess will love it!

2. An Egg Dying Kit

Easter holiday concept

We love these cute, simple, and affordable egg-dying kits. They’re great for kids and adults alike.

The kit has everything you need to create a dozen eggs—and then some! It comes with two plastic egg holders, six dye tablets, a wooden spoon, and a dropper. You’ll even get an egg-shaped cookie cutter!

Plus, there are two different color schemes: yellow and white or pink and blue. The kit is around $5 – $9 for either color scheme—a great price for the amount of fun you’ll have with these!

3. An Easter-Themed Book 

Cute twin girls with their happy grandfather sitting with bunny ears on heads and reading

If you have a friend who loves to read, consider gifting them an Easter-themed book. There are plenty of options out there that will appeal to readers of all ages and interests.

For example, if your friend loves historical fiction, look for a book that’s set around Easter time. Or, if they’re more into contemporary fiction, find a book that takes place during the holiday season (which includes Easter).

You can also choose books that celebrate Easter in general rather than just focusing on the holiday itself. For example, there are several picture books featuring bunnies—an animal associated with Easter—and other adorable creatures like chicks or ducklings! There are also some great nonfiction books about how bunnies were once used for hunting purposes or how people used to dye eggs for Easter celebrations.

4. Ceramic Vase

Three vases of different shapes on a solid background. There are tulips in vases. The vases are decorated with Easter eggs. Easter concept, flower business. High quality photo

The ceramic vase is a great gift for the hostess who loves flowers. It’s also a great gift for anyone who loves to decorate their home with beautiful pieces.

The vase itself is made of ceramic, so it will last a long time, even if it gets knocked over. It’s also very easy to clean and maintain.

The vase comes in several different colors and styles, so you can find one that perfectly matches your hostess’s preferences and taste. If you’re looking for an affordable gift that will make any hostess smile, this is definitely something you should consider!

5. Jars of Cookies or Candy

Colorful sweets on a green wooden background

Jars of cookies or candy make great hostess gifts, especially if you don’t know the hostess very well. The best thing about these gifts is that they’re easy to get and don’t require much thought. You can grab a few different kinds of cookies or candies, put them in a jar, and tie it with ribbon or raffia.

If you’re feeling more creative, try adding personalized labels to your jars. You can buy stickers online that are already pre-printed with your name, or you can create your own labels on your computer with designs that match the occasion or theme. If you’re looking for ideas for this kind of gift, Pinterest is full of inspiration!

6. Succulent Pots

Group of small succulent plants in concrete plant pots on old wooden background. Scandinavian style domestic plants

If you’re looking for a hostess gift that will help your host or hostess remember you, succulents are a great choice. They’re beautiful, easy to care for and come in a range of shapes and sizes. You can even bundle them up with some soil and a note that says something like “Thank you for hosting!”

The best part about succulents is that they’re very low maintenance. Because of their slow growth rate and ability to thrive in dry climates, succulents don’t need much water. They also thrive on sunlight—but because they have thick leaves, they’ll still look good even if your host doesn’t have direct sunlight. 

7. A Set of Scented Candles

A set of different aroma candles in brown glass jars. Scented handmade candle. Soy candles are burning in a jar. Aromatherapy and relax in spa and home. Fire in brown jar

A set of scented candles is an easy and elegant way to bring a touch of springtime into your hostess’ home. A set like this will include four different scents: one citrus (like lemon), one floral (like lavender), one gourmand (like vanilla), and one spicy (like cinnamon). The candles are made with soy wax and are both environmentally friendly and long-lasting.

The scent of lemon is refreshing and bright, while lavender is calming and relaxing. Vanilla is warm, comforting, and sweet—it’s also great for people who don’t like strong smells! Cinnamon is spicy and stimulating.

These candles are also beautiful! They come as a set in a beautiful box that says “Happy Easter” on it in gold foil lettering. The packaging makes them perfect for gift-giving!

8. Garden Gloves

Top view. Multiple pea seedlings are visible. Gardening concept.

If you’re looking for a hostess gift that’s a little more personal, like garden gloves rather than the usual basket of chocolates or bottle of wine.

Garden gloves are useful and practical, but they can also be fun to give. They make a great hostess gift because they’re something your recipient can use over and over again (or just once if they don’t garden) and will let them know that you were thinking of them when you chose it.

Garden gloves can be found in almost any color or pattern imaginable. You can find them at most local home improvement stores. Still, there are also many online retailers who specialize in gardening supplies that carry them as well.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of spring and forget about the small things that make life so great. If you’re looking for a way to show your host or hostess how much you appreciate them, consider one of these simple gift ideas.

The best part of any holiday is getting together with friends and family. Show your appreciation for the time they spend hosting your holiday celebration by giving them a thoughtful, meaningful hostess gift.

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