How to Create an Awesome Casino Theme Party at Home in 5 Easy Steps

Did someone say party? Now, this is something right up our alley. Hosting a shindig must be one of the most fun ways to spend time with friends and family. There are inventive drinks, delicious food, and interesting company all mixed in one. Things get interesting when you host a themed party as your guests can come dressed in a costume and food and drinks can be themed as well. But do you want to know what’s fun? A casino-themed party, and we’ve put together 5 steps to help you host the perfect party, one that’ll teleport you right into Las Vegas.

Step 1: Decor

With a casino-themed party you want your guests to feel ultra-special, so the first thing is to set up a red carpet. Here you can hire a photographer or two to snap up some pictures of your guests. If budget allows it, print out the pictures as a keepsake gift for your guests. And for that little something extra, add a few palm trees, fake or real.

  • Now let’s head inside. You can’t just toss some poker chips on the table and call it a day; this simply won’t do. A wow factor here is to create or buy a few pieces that are going to show off your theme.
  • Bunting: Google a money template and print it out. Add some string to it and voila, money bunting all set. Use it around the entertainment space.
  • Your centerpiece: Make a giant dice. It’s not difficult to make and it can be any size of your choice. Your arts and craft skills will come in handy here.
  • The chips: Get a few of those poker sets and scatter poker chips, dice, playing cards, etc. all-around your entertainment space.
  • Playing cards: Dress the doors around your place to look like playing cards for that over-the-top casino feel, trust us, your guests will love it.


Step 2: Food

Because your night is centered around the casino, your guests will have their hands full, so finger foods and snacks are the play here. A simple note to remember, fry, fry and fry everything. But not to worry, we’ve put together some finger foods you and your guests will love.

  • Steak tartare: This is a simple yet elegant dish.
  • Bao: While not a traditional casino dish it is delicious and easy to eat. You don’t have to give it the authentic Asian flavor, instead, stuff the bao with some BBQ pulled pork and you’ve got a winner.
  • Prawn cocktail: Two words, prawn cocktail, it is obvious that you should serve this. Period.
  • Fried cheese curds: Yum, yum, and more yum. Nothing beats fried cheese, ever!
  • Fried chicken wings: Wings can be served on any occasion and people will be happy. If someone says they do not enjoy chicken wings, put them out.
  • Fries: Loaded or plain, give your guests at least two options.

Step 3: Drinks

The fun stuff! Here you can get creative and go to town on your creations. Think jello shots in the form of die or casino-themed cocktails. This is pretty much up to you. What we do advise is to keep it simple yet fun. Some drinks you can make include:

  • Snake eyes: An apple martini
  • Jackpot: Margarita
  • High roller: Whipped vodka and cranberry juice
  • Face card: Malibu and pineapple juice
  • Double down: Vodka and cranberry juice
  • Wild card: Kamikaze shots


Step 4: The invites

No one considers invites important unless they are for weddings. But sending out an invitation with all the necessary information is quite important. Also, guests simply must RSVP to ensure you are catering correctly and enough. Now, invites are quite cool to create as there are countless online templates where you only need to insert the information around your party. Find a cool casino-themed template and populate it accordingly. Then you are all set to send them out. You can opt to send them via email so that your guests are reminded about the party on the day.

Step 5: Get some help

No one should be stressed about cleaning and topping up food and drink while they are supposed to be enjoying a party. If your budget allows, hire two people who will be the waiters for the night. Have them clean up dirty spots, top-up food and drink, and adjust the tables and decor as needed throughout your party. That’s it, you are all set!