How to Make a Balloon Arch

Balloon arches and balloon garlands are a great addition to any party or event. It helps elevate the décor, emphasizes the color theme, and makes a great backdrop for photos, buffet tables, and more. Plus, it costs only a little, but it makes a big visual impact on the event. Balloon arches are easy to create, and you don’t have to order a pre-made arch or hire a pro to get your own custom balloon arch! Learn here how you can make your own.

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Balloon Garland Supplies

First of all, you will need the following items:

1. Balloons

You will need a ton of latex balloons. The size of the balloons matters if you want to make a more unique and interesting balloon garland instead of a simple arch.

Typically, for balloon arches that can go over half the doorway or half the wall, you will need about 100 balloons. If you want to do a full arch, the number will get closer to 200. It’s better to have too many balloons than not enough, so you can also give room for mistakes and trials.

2. Balloon inflater or hand pump

You will need a balloon pump to fill all those balloons with air. You can opt for a budget-friendly balloon hand pump, but that still needs work. It’s best to get an electric balloon pump to save a lot of time and effort because hosting a party is work!

3. Balloon arch kit

For smaller arches, you can get a craft wire and use a wire cutter to cut it to the length you want your arch to be. But if you want to go for a full-on arch, it’s best to buy a balloon arch kit, which you can use again for your next party. 

4. Balloon decorating strip

This is an essential tool for making a garland. This balloon decorating strip  can make things easier. A balloon decorating strip has holes wherein you can put the knot of the balloon through, plus it also comes with adhesives so you can stick some balloons together.

5. Command hooks

If you’re attaching your balloon garland or arch to the wall or ceiling, you will need command hooks. Command hooks are great because it doesn’t create an extra hole in your wall. Also, since balloon garlands are lightweight, you don’t need anything heavy-duty.

6. Glue dots

You need glue dots for attaching the balloons into holes at the end of your project. Glue dots are simply dots of glue that come on a strip. Peel them off one at a time as you use them. You can also use a glue gun if you already have it on hand, but glue dots are more convenient to use.

7. Embellishments

These are not required, but if you like, you can add fresh or faux flowers, greenery, tassels, or other decorative accessories you can add to the balloon garland or arch to make it more beautiful.

How to Make a Balloon Garland

A balloon garland can be used for decorating entryways to your party, or on top of the buffet table, or as the backdrop for picture-taking. You can drape it in any way you like – some people lay it out straight on the wall, while some lay it out in a curved manner on arches or doors.

1. Blow up the balloons.

Blow up balloons using a pump or electric inflator. Ideally, you’d want to have balloons of varying sizes and colors to make it more fun and interesting. If you have balloons of different sizes, blow them up to their intended size, but you can buy balloons of the same size but blow them up to different sizes.

2. Attach balloons to decorating strip.

Using the balloon decorating strip, push the end of each balloon through the hole to attach. Leave about a foot of length at the beginning of the strip and the end of the strip, and don’t fill it with balloons just yet. This will make attaching the garland to the wall easier.  

3. Keep attaching balloons.

Continue adding balloons to the decorating strip as long as you want the garland to be. Leave out some smaller balloons for filling in gaps later. Don’t stress a lot about the pattern of colors because when you actually place them on the wall, it never ends up laying how you planned it to be. Just keep on filling it up – you can always manipulate them to lay differently when you hang it later. Also, you will most likely add more balloons at the end anyway to break up sizes and colors.

4. Set up command hooks

Attach the command hooks on the wall where you want to hang the balloon garland. It’s best to hold your balloon garland up before attaching the command strips so you can identify precisely where you want the garland to go.

5. Attach the balloon garland to the wall.

Put one of the holes on one end of the decorating strip through the command hook. Then, attach the other part of the balloon arch either by the same method or by putting baker’s twine through the decorating strip hole and attach that to the hook. Sometimes, the balloons end up thick, so you can’t lay them flat on the hook. There are times you may need to remove a few balloons or add more.

6. Fill in holes

Once the balloon garland is up, use glue dots to attach leftover balloons into awkward spaces. Or, you may inflate a few smaller balloons and attach them to the garland. It’s best to put the glue dot near the knot of the balloon and attach it to the inside of the balloon so the knot won’t stick out. Then, put another glue dot on the additional balloon and connect it to another balloon on another side. This will ensure that the balloon won’t fall down randomly during the party. Try to keep on filling any holes or bare spots by adding more balloons.

7. (Optional) Add embellishments.

If you like, you can add embellishments. Using a glue dot or a low-temperature glue gun, stick on some flowers, leafy garlands, or tassels throughout the spaces to beautify.

How to Make a Balloon Arch using Arch Kit

A balloon arch is a great backdrop for any event! It can serve as a grand entrance for the party area or the aisle or simply serve as a festive decoration.

Getting a balloon arch kit is the best and easiest way to set up a balloon arch. With a kit, you don’t need to make your own base so the arch can stand, and you don’t need to manually tie up the balloons that you must attach to the structure of the arch. Also, the structure of the arch itself would be hard to create yourself. The best alternative would be metal wires, but the longer you have, the flimsier the arch would get. So, getting a kit can lessen the hassle and speed up the party preparation process!

Set it up quick by following these instructions:

1. Set up the base.

Insert the pipes provided to the left and right bases. Then, get the water bag and fill it with water. Place it on the base. The water bag will put weight on the balloon arch, holding it steady throughout the event.  

2. Blow up balloons.

Blow up the balloons using a balloon inflator. The kit contains a manual pump, so you may not need to buy a separate inflator if you like.

3. Use the knotter to tie the balloon.

The kit comes with a knotter for your convenience because, for some people, the hardest part is tying a knot in the balloon while maintaining its original size when you blow it up. The knotter can help you do it quickly and more efficiently.

4. Put the balloons on the balloon clip.

Use the balloon clip to group five balloons together. Without this clip, you need to tie your balloons manually using strips. Keep on doing it until you have used up all clips to cover up the length of the pole.

5. Insert clip on the balloon pole.

With the balloons in place, insert the fiber pole in the middle of the balloon clip. Keep on inserting the balloons until you filled up the whole arch. The pattern will depend on how you added balloons of different colors to the knotter and how you inserted the clip on the balloon pole. Be mindful of the design you want to create as you go.

6. Insert the balloon pole to the base.  

Finally, insert each side of the balloon pole to the bases. And there you have it, a beautiful balloon arch!