How to Plan a Camping Themed Party

If there is one thing that kids and adults both loves, it is camping. Of course, you don’t have to head out into the wilderness to experience the joys of camping. You can easily recreate it in your very own backyard. If your child wants to throw a camping themed party, here are some of the ideas you should consider:

Set the Scene

Start by choosing your décor. Keeping in line with the camping theme, opt for décor with natural elements. For instance, for your table runners or cloths, choose burlap. Set up vases around the backyard with wild flowers and plants.

If you can find any place wooden stumps around the backyard. These can double as chairs or side tables. For the evening time, you can have flashlights and lanterns for people to carry around. String up some Christmas lights to mimic the starts.

Choose the Right Furniture

Now isn’t the time for fancy furniture. If you can wrangle it, look for Woods gear such as camping tables and chairs. You may want to set out some sleeping bags where the kids can hang out on the grass and play. This can also be a great set up for board games.

You can even hang up a few hammocks around the space. If you want to ensure that everyone has easy access to drinks and snacks, set up wagons where people are seated so that they don’t have to keep getting up and walking to the tables. These can also double as storage spaces for wrappers and empty cans and bottles.

Have Proper Shelter

It isn’t camping without tents! If you are only planning on having a daytime party then a few canopies or shelters will do the trick. You can set up food and drinks tables here. They will also serve as shelter from the sun or rain, if needed.

In case the adults or kids will be staying overnight, then you should check out some Woods quality tents for sale online. Choose the ones that can accommodate around three to four adults, depending on the size of the party. This way, you can ensure that everyone is sleeping in groups and remains safe throughout the night.

Have Food Bars

The great thing about camping is that it is all about finger food. So, set up hot dog bars, burger bars, s’mores bars, and even hot chocolate bars. This way, people can put together their own fillings and toppings based on what they like. This can save you a lot of time and hassle.

Set Up a Campfire

It isn’t a proper campsite without a campfire. Now, if you are hosting this in your backyard, you will naturally be hesitant to start a fire there. Instead, buy or hire a firepit. Depending on the size of your party, one large firepit may do the trick.

Or, you can have several smaller ones around the space. Not only do this work well to give off cozy, warm light, they are also ideal for roasting marshmallows!

This is how you can plan the best ever camping themed party. With the right guidance and a bit of creativity, you will be able to pull off a wonderful event.