Ideas for Pet Birthday Parties

Every dog owner remembers a special day when his cute, little, furry pooch friend was born or adopted into the family. Why not consider holding a birthday party for your dog? This will surely bring out your playful side and boost everybody’s mood!

If you’re looking for ways on how you can celebrate your special friend’s birthday, here are some party ideas to get your doggy birthday fun started:

Where to Buy
Get a cake
Decorate with doggy décor
Prepare dog-themed goods
Provide party hats for every dog visitors (and a special one for your celebrant


1. Get a cake

What’s a birthday party without a cake and blowing of candles? A must-have for a dog birthday party is a cake that is good for dogs. When it comes to cake for dogs, you have a lot of options. You can make your own cake. If you plan on making a cake that is edible for both dog and humans, the cake should be less sweet than the usual cakes you’ve tasted. But if your human guests won’t be eating your dog’s birthday cake, feel free to top it with your dog’s favorite treats. Get a dog cake mix like Puppy Cake’s Wheat-Free Peanut Butter Cake Mix and Frosting especially made for dogs. Or, you can buy a dog cake from specialty canine bakeries you can find near you.

2. Decorate with doggy décor

Embrace the dog party theme with dog-related decorations. Create some cool banners with the face of your pup, or get a letter banner spelling their name or the phrase “good dog.” Go all out with paw-print napkins, paper plates, and balloons.

3. Prepare dog-themed goods

If you’re not a fan of decorating in a dog theme, cook or prepare dog-themed foods instead. Bake some bone-shaped treats or bone-shaped chicken fillets. Get some dog-themed candles for your dog’s cake. Serve food that both your guests (humans and their dogs) and your birthday celebrant will love. Your party treats could include popcorn, pizza, potato chips, biscuits, pretzels, corn dogs, hot dogs, bacon strips, cupcakes, licorice, and candies.

4. Provide party hats for every dog visitors (and a special one for your celebrant

Let everyone feel that it’s a doggy party by providing every guest dogs with a party hat or a bandana. It will be so cute on photos once they’re all gathered together! For the doggy celebrant, let him/her wear a special birthday hat, like a hat shaped as cakes and won’t If hats aren’t your dog’s thing, let them wear a show-stopping dress, a princess tutu skirt or an adorable bow tie.

5. Provide fun and entertainment for both dogs and their owners

Keep the party fun and blasting with interesting activities. You can play the ultimate fetch with the dogs present in the party and be amused by how a group of dogs can go crazy over a game of fetch. If the dogs present are well-trained, you can make the kids play show dog competition where they can participate in dog-friendly challenges and work as a team in games like relay racing, jumping over platforms and more. You can also set up a photo booth for your guests and their dogs – all you need is a great background, a well-lit area, and some props like hats, glasses, wigs, and statements on speech balloons. If you want, you can hire a photographer and a rentable photo booth complete with props and same-day edit and printing of photos.

6. Give away party favors as a remembrance

Send your party guests homes with party bags full of treats and toys they would enjoy. You can prepare a “Doggy Bag” for your canine guests and a “Kiddie Bag” for the children. Fill the doggy bag with treats owners can feed their dogs, Frisbees, chew toys or tennis balls. For the kiddie bag, you can give away puppy ear headbands, bone-shaped cookies and treats they will also enjoy. This way, the party is fun for everyone!

7. Give your dog a gift

Since it is your dog’s special day, he or she deserves a gift! Here are some adorable items you can give to your furry friend:

Where to Buy
A pet tent
Ball Launcher
Flavored dog chew
Bully Sticks dog chew
Pet blanket
Squeaky Toy


  • A pet tent – Keep your dog warm and cozy with this soft bed-slash-tent.
  • Ball launcher  – You might run out of energy while playing fetch with your dog, but the iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher won’t. Keep your dog busy playing with this as you’re away from home.
  • Flavored dog chew – Treat your dog’s taste buds with this tasty dog chew. This is available in bacon, chicken and peanut butter flavors.
  • Bully Sticks dog chew  – Get a chew that will last longer to protect your stuff longer – remember, a busy dog is a good dog!
  • Pet blanket  – Why keep giving your dog blankets that are too big for them, when they can have one specially sized for them?
  • Squeaky toy – Whenever you’re not around to hold them and make them feel warm, a cozy, squeaky toy can be a temporary alternative friend for them.