Little Man’s First Birthday Party

Celebrating your young little man’s first year of life? A little man theme is one of the best themes you can try. It’s a fun, first birthday party theme that you can also adapt for a baby boy’s baby shower, any of your little boy’s birthdays, or even for a Father’s Day celebration.

Mustaches and bowties are the must-have design elements for a little man’s party, but you may have trouble deciding on the specific details with so many colors and design choices. To help you with that, here are some solid, exciting ideas to adapt for your little man’s first birthday party:

Classy Baby Blue Little Man’s Party

Here’s a chance to have a candy buffet table all dressed up in lovely colors! The light colors of blue and white accented with black make it fresh, masculine, and baby-friendly!

Make a classic presentation of your sweets by trying out these ideas:

Decorate your party with elegant detailing all around the dining table and party area.

Green and Blue Preppy Little Man’s Party

Argyle, plaids, navy blue, baby blue, and lime green can give your little man’s mustache bash a fresh look. Thankfully, you can find a lot of party supplies in this design scheme. First, invite your folks with this mustache bash invitation.

Here’s how you can decorate with this theme:

For your food, serve manly foods like burgers and sloppy joes and use this little man toothpick toppers. It’s also great to use as a stick for keeping your sandwiches intact. Don’t forget the cake that goes well with the color theme!

At the end of the party, pack a goody bag with delicious treats or small toys, if lots of kids are coming.

Little Gentleman Party

Here’s another fun yet streamlined and elegant little man’s party theme. Guests will love the manly feel of the party beautifully created with the help of details. It will create the feel of a gentleman’s lounge that is fit for a handsome little man you are celebrating. Incorporate fabrics and patterns like houndstooth, plaid, and leather.

Set up a grooming table for the delight of the kids you invited. On a console table, set up a tablecloth and put up a mirror. Use a classy leather briefcase, keep it open, and fill it up with bowties. Upon the arrival of your little guests, welcome them to the grooming station to be fitted with a bow tie. Use this backdrop for picture taking.

Make sure the birthday celebrant himself is well-groomed and dressed like a gentleman, so dress him up with baby formal wear.  

With this theme, you can have fun with desserts and drinks you can serve. Here are some ideas:

  • Bake sugar cookies and decorate them in the shape of a mustache, bowtie, and necktie. On bowtie and necktie-shaped cookies, you can make patterns like plaids or houndstooth with your icing.
  • Make chocolate candy pops in the shape of a mustache.
  • Make some cupcakes in “manly” wrappers, like this one with a wood pattern. Add buttercream frosting, and decorate with cupcake toppers. Use a leather box to elevate some cupcakes, so your cupcakes are served in tiers.
  • Bake some double-chocolate brownies and cut them into bars. Use a piping bag to make white chocolate lines and draw some plaid patterns. Label them as “gentleman’s handkerchiefs.”
  • Serve wafer rolls and label them as “chocolate cigars.”
  • Let the kids and adults drink from brandy glasses and use mustache straws.  

Blue Onederful Little Man Party

Blue is the standard color for baby boys, and it’s a cool color for the eyes. With blue pinstripes, top hats, and dapper desserts, you can host a one-derful 1st birthday to celebrate your beautiful son. This theme is perfect for a casual, lighthearted event. Dress up your boy in a onederful birthday outfit!

The main attraction for this party must be the dessert table. Here are some details to look out for:

Set up the luncheon table with this party dinnerware set. Use striped straws and put them on glasses for your drinks.

Don’t forget to send off your guests with goodies! Pack your party favors in these striped bags.  

Mustaches and Mozzarella Party for the Little Man

This is a fun birthday party theme if you love pizza, and you’re excited to share your love for pizza with your little one soon! It’s a great party to celebrate with your parents’ friends and encourage them to bring their little kids as well.

Have a French chef-inspired display for your dessert table. Use a gingham tablecloth and decorate with a chef figurine beside a rustic tabletop chalkboard and write the menu there. Decorate the walls with hanging paper fans in a combination of reds and greens.

On the dessert table, serve chocolate candy in the shape of a mustache, and some cupcakes with frosting topped with white marshmallows (to look like chef hat). Add mustache drawings on the cupcakes with the help of an icing pen. Don’t forget the sugar cookies decorated as pizza slices.  

Set up a DIY pizza for the kids. Let them have some fun being a pizza chef! Here’s how you can do it:

  • Use a gingham tablecloth for the kid’s table.
  • In the middle of the kids’ table, set up toppings such as pepperoni, Canadian bacon, ham, mozzarella, grated cheddar, pineapple, olives, and any other toppings you think kids may like. Use glass bowls to serve each topping. Serve the pizza sauce in a squeeze bottle to make it easier and less messy for the kids to add to the pizza. Assist them when they need help.
  • Provide each kid with a pie tin with dough, then write the names using a marker to know what pizza belongs to who during baking. Sprinkle a little bit of cornmeal on the bottom of each pie tin to prevent the pizza from sticking.
  • Give each child a personalized chef hat with a mustache sticker.  
  • Provide each one with a Coca-Cola glass and add mustache straws.
  • While the pizzas were cooking, keep the kids busy with an activity like coloring, arts and crafts, or games.

For the adults, serve pizza from your favorite pizza place to make it easier for you, then serve some delicious homemade dishes like pasta and salads.

Don’t forget the chef costume for the little man of the hour!