70th Birthday Party Ideas


Birthdays are fun to celebrate – especially when the guest of honor has reached a milestone like 70 years of age. After seven decades, your loved one has probably seen a lot. You want to make their birthday celebration something …

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18 Stag Party Ideas

Stag Party Ideas

You and your best friend have been each other’s wingmen for years, but there’s no more important time to get it right then when you’re planning his stag party. No matter what you call it, the stag do, a bachelor …

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16 Royalty Party Themes

a smiling little girl wearing a crown in front of a table with sweets and dolls

Folks have always been fascinated with the royal family and their traditions. Children are most engaged by games that encourage them to use their creativity, such as endless princess dress-up parties or broomstick battles between knights and kings. Royal themes …

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12 Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas

Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas

A teenager’s sweet sixteen marks an important milestone in their growth into an adult. In many places, the sixteenth birthday marks the age where teenagers can acquire a drivers’ license. In several countries around the world, the legal drinking age …

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167 Funny Birthday Wishes

Funny Birthday Wishes

Birthday greetings don’t always have to be too serious. Sometimes, funny wishes make the birthday celebration more fun and memorable. Whether you want to greet a family member, your friends or your special someone, a funny birthday message makes it …

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111 Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Niece

Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Niece

Nothing like having a beautiful and charming niece to brighten up your day! Aunts and uncles love to hang out with their nieces.  On her birthday, make the celebration extra special by writing her a sweet birthday wish. Let your …

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141 Happy Birthday Wishes for Brothers

Happy Birthday Wishes for Brothers

Celebrating the birthday of your brother is something you must always take time to in spite of your busy schedule. Your brother is your protector, confidante, and your soulmate. It will make him happy once he finds out you prepared …

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