Painting Birthday Party


My sweet twin girls turned four a couple of weeks ago and I can’t believe they are that old already.  Although they can be very similar, they can also be very different and so we went through a couple of birthday themes before they agreed on something they both love….PAINTING.  Yes…I agreed to have a painting party for four year olds.  I usually don’t mind inviting a good number of people but I did have to cut this list short this year because they would be painting.

I started by making the invitation using my Cricut (which I’m slightly obsessed with).  I cut out the artist palette and added puff paint and a paintbrush.

I also made each of them an artist shirt for the party.

I set the girls easel on the front porch and let them add a little of their own art work to it.  I also splatter painted a number four to hang on the front door.

I hung their banner on the fire place along with pictures of them from the past year.  Some of their art work from this year was also showcased.

We used an art gallery themed backdrop for the cake table.  The backdrop included more photographs of them and more of their own art work.

I made the frames for each of their pictures and I always have books for everyone to sign or leave special messages for them.  I love these books because I write them a letter each year about things that have  happened or new things they have done.

When the guests arrived, we started by making hand prints on canvases that I had painted.

Next, each guest was able to go to have their “self portrait” done.  Their individual photos were included in their thank you notes.

This is the painting table where everyone had a ceramic piece to paint.

I made all of the girls personalized aprons and hung them on the chairs so everyone could easily find their places to paint.  The weather was nice enough to have the table set up outside, however we did battle the wind a lot but it didn’t seem to have any impact on the girls!

After they finished painting their ceramic piece, I had a big piece of butcher paper hung on the fence for everyone to paint on.  We ended up with a beautiful masterpiece that I was able to fold up and keep for my girls.

As tradition, we always have a pinata and yes…I think the pinata is taller than the kids!

After all of the painting fun, we headed inside to eat.  When I was planning this party, I came across some cake ball’s from Terri’s Treasures that she made for Paper & Cake’s art party.  I loved that idea and thought it was so cute!  Well, each girl had their own artist palette with their own cake balls.

On the light fixture, I hung rainbow tissue poms, paint brushes and paint chips.  This was an easy and inexpensive was to decorate.  Simply fold the paint chips accordion style and then hang them with other paint accessories.

I LOVE this cake!  In addition to all of the cake balls, we had this wonderful cake for the parents and other guests.

My girls had their own cake balls on an artist palette too and of course some colorful candles to go in them.

I had drinks and food set out for the parents.  The food consisted of Painted Popcorn; Painters Fruit Caddy; Paint Chips and Dip; Paintbrush Pretzels and some Painters Sweets.

The guests had a handful of favors to take home like the aprons, hand print canvases and pinata treats but I couldn’t resist getting these buckets from Oriental Trading Company.  I filled the buckets with paint, silly bands and a cute paint brush candy.

It was a wonderful party to celebrate my two sweet girls and I am glad that we were able to share this with such close family and friends!