Stay Safe: A Guide to Avoiding Scams in the Online Gambling World

Online gambling isn’t exactly the safest way to spend your money. Unfortunately on an almost daily basis users of casinos bankrupt themselves. While making money from casino games is indeed possible it is not something that the average bettor is able to do. With determination and a good attitude, however, you will be able to transform gambling into a profitable hobby.

If you want to try your hand at online gambling and want to keep yourself safe then responsible gambling is the least of your concerns. Rather than focusing on how to gamble sensibly, this post will instead delve into avoiding scams and preventing criminal gangs from stealing your personal information.

Finding a Reliable Casino

One of the main scams used to target gamblers is rigged games. You can avoid rigged games by choosing a safe and reliable casino. According to, some casinos give their users bonuses to use. A bonus is a monetary gift given to casino players to get them committed. In addition to bonus offers, reliable casinos are also a lot safer. What makes a casino reliable though? A reliable casino is one with robust security measures and strict data privacy policies.

The reason that you need to find a site with robust security measures and strict data privacy policies is that otherwise, you could end up getting scammed. A security’s data privacy policies are of particular importance because if the site you are using does not have strict ones, your data could be leaked and fall into the hands of a criminal gang. If your data falls into their hands then they could end up using it to impersonate you or outright steal money from your bank account. An SSL certificate is a good way of verifying that a casino is safe to use.

Identifying Scams

Before you can avoid scams you need to be able to identify them. Unfortunately identifying scams isn’t the easiest of things to do. A lot of people who’re frequent online gamblers fall for scams on a regular basis. Of course, you can completely avoid them by choosing a reliable casino and then sticking with it. However, most people do not stick with the reliable casinos that they come across and instead, they spend their time moving money around and using different websites, looking for the best and most reliable deals and offers.

Going back to finding a reliable casino, the easiest way to determine whether or not the casino you have chosen to use is genuine is to read its reviews. Casinos that do not have positive reviews should always be avoided. It is especially important to make sure that you check out your chosen casino star rating as well. Star ratings and reviews go hand in hand. If a customer does not feel like leaving a detailed review then they will leave a star rating instead. Prioritise reviews that have been posted on Google and TrustPilot as these are industry leaders.

Avoiding Rigged Games

You must do everything that you can to avoid rigged games. A rigged game is a game that is pre-programmed to end more favorably for the house. You can avoid rigged games by finding reliable casinos and then investigating each game’s odds. If a game does not have its odds published openly then that is suspicious. Casinos are usually compelled by law to publish the odds of the games that they host. If you have suspicions that the casino you are using rigs its games then you must report it to the gaming authority in its host nation.

If your chosen casino does not openly publish its odds then before reporting them to their host nation’s gaming authority you may want to consider getting in touch with them via e-mail or their website live chat service and asking them for the specific game’s odds. If it is a legal compulsion in the website’s host nation then they will have no choice other than to send you information relative to the game’s odds. If you are unfamiliar with the term then “odds” are the statistical probability of a game ending a specific way. They are always in the house’s favor although you can sometimes find ones that are slightly more favorable for you than they typically might be.

Licensed By Industry Regulator

Licensed By Industry Regulator

You must ensure that the casino you use is licensed by an industry regulator. Using a casino that is unregulated is very dangerous. If a casino is unregulated then it means nobody is monitoring its actions or auditing it. If a casino is able to act with impunity then it can do anything. You can find out whether or not your chosen casino is moderated and regulated by an industry regulator by getting in touch with their customer support department and asking directly. An alternative to this is to get in touch with the gaming authority in the casino’s host nation (which you can find out by getting their mailing address) and ask them.

If a casino is unregulated then you should avoid it. While an unregulated casino cannot legally steal your money (because that would be a crime and you could report them) they can employ underhanded tactics that are not allowed by oversight committees. Additionally, if a casino does not get itself licensed and regulated it suggests that it does not care about rules and regulations and therefore cannot be trusted.

Protecting Your Personal Information

Be very selective about where you submit your personal information when you are gambling online. Make sure that the casinos you use are safe for you to use. Even if the casino you sign up for seems legitimate and doesn’t steal your money, there is always a chance they could sell your personal information to marketing companies or even criminals looking for people to impersonate. You should never give away your personal information to companies that you cannot trust.

You need to do everything that you can to protect yourself online. Be very careful about where you submit your personal information and make sure that you only use licensed and regulated casinos. As long as you do these things then you won’t ever have to worry about fraud.