The Holiday Season Could Be the Perfect Time to Overcome Your Fears and Stop Piking Out 

The winter season includes countless hours of mingling at different festive events and money spent on new outfits – it can be a traditional family get-together, a glamorous jam with your significant other, or a work event. We all have to attend parties and social events. If you enjoy solitude, it takes a lot to convince you that you should give it up. For a person with social anxiety, the idea of attempting a celebration triggers an adrenaline rush, not to mention a cascade of worries. It can feel like a nightmare scenario. You feel a nagging anxiety that can’t be relieved. You feel like you’re always evaluated by someone else, and there are many people at a party. 

We all have our issues, but if you worry too much about other people’s opinions, you may have social anxiety. Don’t let your insecurities rule your life. For some, it gets better as they get older, while for others, it doesn’t go away without treatment. More often than not, getting out there is the best treatment for social anxiety, so get your act together. Social anxiety doesn’t have to stop you from going out with people. There are many steps you can take to get through the Christmas season, so face your demons and free yourself of the pain of the past. 

Do You Have Social Anxiety, or Are You Just Shy? 

Social anxiety and shyness are often used interchangeably, but they’re not one and the same. Shyness is a universal human experience, so even the most charismatic individuals have their moments of insecurity from time to time. While it seems as if everyone is calm and relaxed, making witty conversation, effortlessly connecting, and radiating confidence, they’re not. It’s normal to feel shy or nervous when attending a formal function or addressing a crowd, yet if those feelings interfere with your ability to function, you may have social anxiety disorder. Watch out closely for your fears. Above all, make lifestyle changes and change your behavior to set yourself up for success.  

How To Manage Social Anxiety Before, During, And After an Event 

You come across a situation that makes you feel stressed, nervous, or blatantly uncomfortable. It’s okay to feel a certain amount of anxiety, but if you constantly experience heightened emotions, your anxiety keeps you from trying out new things. Keep on reading to find out how to survive an event when you have social anxiety. 

Pace Your Plans for A Better Chance of Success 

Socializing is a slow and ongoing process, but it’s supposed to be pleasurable and not a measure of self-worth. If you try to take on too much, you’ll most likely change your mind at the last moment. A plan will provide a rough idea of how the party should progress. So, decide what you’re going to wear one day in advance and consider experimenting with a new hairstyle. Most importantly, list the things that terrify you on a scale and do them over and over until you become comfortable. If you’re afraid of one-on-one conversations, have several conversation starters up your sleeve to form connections with others.  

Have Some Distractions (Or Distraction Techniques) On Hand 

At times, the best way to deal with social anxiety is to distract yourself. You can listen to music or engage in any other activity that helps you calm down your nerves. People with social anxiety use cannabis for coping and/or avoidance. The blueberry strain, for instance, can help combat anxiety and stress, providing an effective energy release. Social norms and the stigma of cannabis are beginning to shift worldwide, so if you avoid getting out of your room, you should enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. The blueberry strain encourages the body to release tension and stay calm. 

You’ll be walking into a crowded room where no one cares about you, but in your head, all you can think about is the spotlight is on you, and you’re judged left and right. Find a way to take the edge off being in a social situation and divert your attention from all the negative thoughts by doing something enjoyable. Holiday parties and alcohol go hand in hand, but if you’re an inhibited person, drinking will only add to your social anxiety. Cannabis doesn’t come with risks like alcohol; as far as potency is concerned, autoflowering cannabis seeds are great if you’re looking for a higher THC level. For example, you can eat the seeds – sprinkle them on top of your favorite snacks, and you won’t be sorry. 

Fake It till You Make It 

When you’re under stress, you have to somehow keep going. If you lack confidence in your abilities, simply imitate the confidence, competence, and optimistic mindset of a hero whose social style you relate to. It’s helpful to borrow a little confidence and a positive outlook – faking it might make everything look fine. For example, you can try copying Kanye West’s style; he certainly doesn’t need a self-esteem boost. Ye, as he’s referred to now, is the embodiment of a confident, bold, fearless person. Acting as if can be very helpful, so bring your behavior in agreement with your ideal self. 

Practice Self-care Afterwards 

If you try every trick in the book and still feel anxious, don’t beat yourself up. It takes some time for the negative emotions to dissipate, and knowing this is helpful to a certain extent. If you succeeded in making it through, be proud of yourself. Make yourself some tea, cozy up in bed, or read a book. This, in turn, will increase your motivation, so give yourself small rewards. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to stay consistent if you don’t see immediate results from your behavior change, which is why you should reward yourself when you can, i.e., when you reach a milestone. 

Final Remarks 

If you feel overwhelmed all of a sudden, don’t run away or drink yourself under the table. Most importantly, don’t give your thoughts the power to interrupt your well-being.