The Significance of Engagement Parties

Engagement is a momentous occasion that calls for a celebration. So, once the “Will you marry me?” question has been posed and the engagement ring has been placed on your finger, you may begin to wonder, “How do I celebrate this awesome moment”. Many couples begin by calling family and friends to announce their engagement, followed by posting photos of the ring, the emotions, and the fiancé all over social media.

But once the announcement has been made public, you may begin to question whether you should host one of the first wedding-related events—the engagement party. This article is for you as it will give you tips on how to make an engagement party meaningful!

How the Engagement Party Came to Be

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An engagement party, also known as a betrothal party or a fort, is a party conducted to celebrate a couple’s recent engagement and to introduce future wedding guests. Traditional engagement parties are hosted by the bride’s parents, but many modern couples hold their own celebration.

Numerous couples may define the term as a celebration of an engagement. However, tracing the origins of an engagement party requires going back centuries.

As it turns out, the original engagement party was not as enjoyable as the one we know today. According to legend, engagement celebrations originated in ancient Greece. They did not include the bride, the betrothed, and a family gathering. The engagement celebration consisted instead of conversation. The conversation was between the betrothed and the bride’s father. The father transferred his daughter’s economic and financial responsibilities to the betrothed.

Not quite the romantic history you had anticipated to discover? The fortunate news is that this aspect of history did not endure for too long. Since ancient Greece, engagement celebrations have changed with the times. This means less discussion of dowry and more celebration of love and contentment.

Most people today, particularly in the age of social media, are aware that they will be attending an engagement party. The purpose of the event is to commemorate the couple’s engagement. In addition, it introduces the two families as well as the wedding attendees.

Who Should You Invite to an Engagement Party

It can be extremely difficult for a recently engaged couple to determine who should or should not receive an invitation to the engagement party. There is little established traditional etiquette here. Brides and couples are permitted to invite as many loved ones as they wish. They may also opt for an intimate setting. In a world where our connections are constantly expanding, from colleagues to Twitter followers, who should be invited to an engagement party?

The simplest place to begin is with the couple’s family members and those who have been mutually selected for the wedding party. Are you still having trouble finalizing the guest list? Ask yourself, “Do I want to celebrate with this person on my wedding day?” Remember that any guest invited to the engagement party will likely presume they are also invited to the wedding. This query provides the couple with the opportunity to make decisions jointly.

Planning Considerations for an Engagement Party

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Here’s how to plan an engagement party, from the initial decisions you’ll need to make to the day-of details.

Determine who will host

Almost anyone can plan (and pay for) the celebration, including you and your partner, your siblings, your best friend, or your partner’s family. If you’re going all out for your engagement celebration, you can hire a professional (some wedding planners even include it in their overall package).

Choose a Date

Within the first few months of engagement is the optimal time. The wedding planning tension has not yet manifested, as the excitement is still fresh.

Create the Invitation List

The best course of action is to keep the engagement party small and invite only those who will also attend the nuptials. Consult with the host before ordering invitations if the party is being thrown on your behalf.

Select a Venue

Engagement parties can be as large or small, formal or informal, as desired, giving you a great deal of venue flexibility. A party at your parents’ house or in your aunt’s backyard is a lovely low-key option, while the private dining room at your beloved restaurant is an excellent choice for a more intimate and formal occasion.

Send out invites

Invite people at least a month ahead of time, and include a date by which they need to respond if they plan to attend. Your choice of invitations will depend on the type of event you are hosting. The good news is that these invitations do not need to coordinate the rest of your wedding stationery, so choose something festive that you enjoy!

Prepare the Menu

If you are serving alcohol in any form, you should also offer sustenance. Choose passed canapés or a display of cheeses, meats, and crudités for a night of cocktails. Getting together in the backyard? Your preferred barbecue foods are required. If the evening will be more formal, a plated meal is a lovely touch, but it is not necessary to serve a five-course meal with wine pairings.

Create the Ambience

As with every other aspect of the engagement party, the theme and décor can be as simple or complex as desired. The focus is on reveling, so do whatever you can to contribute to that atmosphere. Candlelight and a few small floral arrangements will really liven up the room.

Select an Outfit

Choose attire that is appropriate for the location of the function. You don’t have to wear all white if you don’t want to (we adore floral patterns with a white base or soft pastels), and you can certainly wear another color if you prefer. Your partner’s attire should complement yours and be appropriate for the occasion.

Why You Should Celebrate Your Engagement

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Engagement gatherings facilitate communication between families.

No matter how long you’ve been together, you’re guaranteed to have never met long-lost relatives on either side. An engagement party is the ideal opportunity for you and your partner to meet extended family, as well as for your family members to become acquainted. This will prevent embarrassing introductions when you are congratulated following the ceremony on your wedding day.

Engagement parties are an occasion to gather together friends.

In today’s hectic world, it is uncommon to have the opportunity to gather all of your acquaintances. But while after-work drinks and weekend get-togethers are simple to decline (we all have those friends), no one can refuse an engagement party invitation. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to have all of your favorite individuals in one place; don’t let it pass you by.

Engagement parties are a wonderful pre-wedding planning exercise.

In case you hadn’t realized it by now, nuptials are difficult. If you’ve never organized a dinner party before, coordinating the location, attire, transportation, lodging, guest list, and menu can be incredibly difficult. Hosting an engagement party is a great opportunity to start noting how many guests you’ll need to plan for, how much people will eat and drink, and if there are any guests who may prove to be more demanding than others.

Engagement celebrations: a reason to eat and drink.

Does this even require further explanation? Who could possibly refuse?

Engagement parties can assist in reducing the wedding attendee list.

If you are planning a small wedding or even considering eloping to an exotic location, an engagement party is an excellent way to reduce the visitor list. Large engagement parties are much less expensive and elaborate than large nuptials, and you may even be able to let guests know they won’t receive an invitation while still including them in the celebration.

The engagement party is an occasion to reflect, recollect, and celebrate.

This is a momentous occasion in your life that merits a celebration. You can be certain that your family and friends have been waiting with bated breath to celebrate with you, and they likely have uproarious and heartfelt stories from the distant past that they can’t wait to share with you and your loved ones. Including likely your parents. Isn’t it best to resolve any humiliating issues before the wedding?

While planning an engagement party on top of a wedding can be stressful, it’s one of the few opportunities you’ll have to pause, celebrate, and share a special occasion (and a few embarrassing stories) with your closest friends – as our top reasons for having an engagement party demonstrate.

To summarize

Ultimately, an engagement party is exactly what it sounds like: a celebration of the engaged couple and their impending nuptials. Consider it the official beginning of your wedding festivities, the first of many opportunities to toast the newlyweds and mingle with loved ones.