What You Need to Throw a 90s-Themed Party

The 90s was a unique and magical time, especially for those who experienced their childhood in that decade. Most millennials have enjoyed their fair share of parties from that era, so it’s not surprising if they want to revisit all the fun in this millennium as well.

A 90s-themed party can be a lot of fun; what’s even better is that it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to arrange one. Whether you want to put together such an event for adults or bring back the 90s for your own kids, here are some tips to get started:

Start With the Invitations

Prepping for your 90s-themed party means that you have to start from the invitations. It might be a fun exercise to see just how 90s you can make your invites.

You don’t even have to spend anything on the invites to get into the right mood; an e-vite sent from your old Hotmail address would do. Write the invitation in the cringy form that you used to text and chat with in the 90s. Add some smileys and delight everyone with the 90s weirdness.

Of course, you can also send out some good old paper invites. These could be made by hand if you’re creative like that; alternatively, use WordArt and Microsoft Paint for just the right touch. There are also some great options available online, such as these nostalgia-inducing cards:

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90’s Throwback – Fill In 1990s Party Invitations

These party invitations are just like the ones we used to have for inviting our friends over to our birthday parties and other occasions. The card paper is heavy-stock, with a shine that promises high quality. This way, you’d be sure that your friends receive their invitation without any damage. There are even some squiggle-flap envelopes accompanying this pack, which completes the 90s nostalgia on the invitation count.

Picking the Perfect Outfit

The 90s were characterized by fluorescent colors, silky slip dresses, black tights, and several other quirky fashion trends. Not all of them might be comfortable or suitable for the kind of party you have in mind, though. Do a bit of digging and you’re likely to find the perfect outfit that can help you fulfill that 90s dream.

in order to capture that essential 90s vibe, you should also make the dress code clear on the invites. You may choose between a general 90s theme, a specific one based on a 90s show, or have everyone dress as their favorite 90s character/celebrity. there’s a lot of choice out there when it comes to a 90s costume, so there shouldn’t be any excuses.

You can also help to accessorize the 90s outfits in your own way by having some butterfly clips, funky sunglasses, and jelly shoes on hand. A simple yet classic 90s look might include this plaid dress, which hearkens back to the character of Cher from ‘Clueless’:

Allegra K Women’s Plaids Contrast Peter Pan Collar Puff Sleeves Flare Dress

This rayon plaid dress comes in a variety of styles, so you can pick and choose according to your taste and comfort. This could make a suitable costume for a general 90s-themed party, or even if you want to go as Wednesday Addams for a specific theme.

The material here is lightweight, soft, and forgiving when you wear it for hosting a party. The dress itself is low in price and will probably fit even a tight budget. If you want some extra warmth and thickness feel free to add some layers for an even more authentic 90s look.

Using 90s Lingo

Since we already have our guests dressing like they were from the 90s, everyone should also be speaking the way they were during that decade. Make things authentic by insisting upon certain catchphrases, slang words, and other forms of lingo that characterized the 90s.

Just a few examples of phrases/words that you can encourage your guests to use include: “As if!”, “Dawg”, “Like”,” Talk to the hand”, “Whatever”, “BFF”, “Chillax”, and “Dope”. Once the vibe is set, you can all take photos of this memorable party with props like these:

Beistle 54667 Cassette Player Cutouts

These huge cutouts will be a great addition to your 90s-themed party, but keep in mind that they don’t come with their own stands. Make sure there’s some arrangement for that beforehand, or just stick them up on the wall with some masking tape. Many reviewers have found these great for a Stanger Things-themed party, which also hearkens back to the 90s.

Getting Some 90s Décor

Whether you’re having an outdoor party or an indoors one, decorating for it is one of the best parts. For a 90s party, it shouldn’t be too hard to get the right vibe going. For instance, you might want to invest in a few inflatable chairs for sitting on or set up a party photo booth with large props. Some posters of the Spice Girls, NSYNC, the Backstreet Boys, and other iconic bands/musicians of the 90s will also help. Movies such as “Titanic”, “Jurassic Park”, and “Pulp Fiction” also deserve their very own posters.

Other forms of décor could include some vintage and retro toys from the 90s. These could include Beanie Babies, Furbys, Trolls, Legos, etc. Set up an old SEGA console for entertaining your guests, or an old-fashioned TV/radio. Ask around and borrow from your friends or pull out your own collection; you might be surprised at what’s available out there!

Even if you don’t have any of the above, these decorations could help you transform any venue into a 90s vortex:

Big Dot of Happiness 90’s Throwback – 1990’s Party Photo Booth Props Kit 

This pack includes twenty party decoration items along with adhesives and wooden dowel sticks for easy assembly. All you have to do is set them up quickly for that essential 90s vibe and a lot of photo ops for everyone’s Instagram.

These party supplies are suitable for both kids and adults, so you can even save them for any other 90s-themed event in the future. The cardstock paper is thick and will last a long time. Plus, everything already comes cut out, saving you a lot of trouble.

The Food

No party is complete without food, but you can easily make the menu a part of your 90s theme. Forget any sit-down meals; a 90s party should have lots of candy, small pizza rolls, baked goods, cheese balls, etc.

If you were in school during the 90s, you and your friends probably enjoyed those Lunchables boxes at some point. Recreate that joy by setting out small crackers, tiny slices of cheese, pepperoni slices, and any other component that might have been part of that lunch.

For those with a sweet tooth, a dip made from vanilla frosting and an assortment of tiny cookies will probably be a hit. These mini cookies will do the trick:

OREO Mini Mix Sandwich Cookies Variety Pack

These tiny Oreo cookies are adorable in their own way. Pair them up with some vanilla frosting and sprinkles, much like the Dunkaroo cookies that kids used to enjoy with their lunches in the 90s. The variety pack gives a mixture of vanilla and chocolate, so you’d have something for different tastes.


You may just want a party where the guests mingle and catch up with each other, but a little effort in the entertainment sector will make sure that the event is an unforgettable one! Old video game consoles like the afore-mentioned SEGA or a Nintendo will be great, though they allow limited players.

If you’d like to revisit your childhood, games like musical chairs or a scavenger hunt could also be great fun. For a more quiet an all-inclusive option, the following card game might be a nice investment:

Buffalo Games Hella 90’s – Pop Culture Trivia Game

These cards have more than 400 questions about the pop culture of the 90s. Added to this are lots of pictures, game challengers, and 90s trivia. You can use this game to relive the movies, television shows, fashions, and all the 90s trends with your friends. There’s even a timer to make sure that everything’s fair.


A 90s theme could be one of the best bachelor party ideas for 2020, but it’s versatile enough for any occasion. The props and other items will help you in throwing everything together, so look them up and get ready to enjoy the 90s all over again!