Radio Flyer – Red Wagon 1st Birthday

This is a fun Red Wagon 1st birthday from Growing Up Gardner.  Not only is this an adorable party but it was all put together for under $150!  The printables were purchased from Dimple Prints and added a great touch to this celebration.  A great idea that I love is writing your child their own personal book.  This is such a special and personal present that will create many memories.  I am also always impressed with food presentation and I love the wagon cake balls and wagon wheels that were served with barbecue style foods.

Be sure to check out all of the budget friendly ideas for this party at Growing Up Gardner.

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  1. What an adorable party! I love all of the little details. It’s such a classic theme.

  2. Love this iconic theme! But am I the only one who wonders how a red wagon got the name Radio Flyer?

  3. I love the cake pops…how were they made? Or where were they purchased? I would love to have this theme for my son’s first birthday in a month!

    • Carole…this is a featured party from Growing Up Gardner. She had the cake pops made from a co worker. You might contact her for more details on them. Good luck with your party!!!