25 Best Birthday Gifts for Husbands

There are many special occasions throughout the year to celebrate your significant other. What better way to show that special someone how much you care than through a gift. After a few years of marriage, finding gifts can start to become increasingly difficult as you share so much of your life together. It can become hard to come up with ideas of what he needs and would love, that you have not already gotten him. After a while, birthday gifts between spouses can become not so much about value as sentimentality. A small personalized gift can mean so much more to a husband of ten plus years than spending ten times the amount on a practical gift. Each type has a time and a place. Here is a list of 25 great gifts with a variety of options that cover all stages of marriage and can be used for a variety of occasions.

Our 5 Top Birthday Gifts for Your Husband:

Where to Buy
Personalized Men’s Wallet by Swanky Badger Inc.
Good Morning Love of My Life Ceramic Mug by Middle of the Road
TAC-FORCE Engraved Pocket Knife
Elegant Signs Lucky to be in Love Picture Frame
Michael Kors Silver Lexington Watch

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25 Best Birthday Gifts for Husbands

Where to Buy
Personalized Men’s Wallet by Swanky Badger Inc.
Good Morning Love of My Life Ceramic Mug by Middle of the Road
TAC-FORCE Engraved Pocket Knife
Elegant Signs Lucky to be in Love Picture Frame
Michael Kors Silver Lexington Watch
Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set
Holy Stone F181W WiFi FPV Drone with 720P Wide-Angle HD Camera
Herschel Supply Co. Novel
Tamarac by Slippers International Men’s Camper Moccasin
Echo (2nd Generation)- Smart Speaker with Alexa
Custom Personalized Free Engraved Leather Keychain by Caramel
Personalized Name Coaster- Set of 4. Free Engraving by Griffco
Best Sports Water Bottle-32oz Large-by Embrava
Broadway Basketeers Gift Tower of Sweets
Silensys E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth
Homtime Multi-Function Alarm Clock
Theory11 Artisan Playing Cards Luxury Set
Personalized Wedding Fit-Monogram Key Holder by ArtLery
Mixology Bartender Kit: 10-Piece Bar Tool Set with Stylish Bamboo Stand
Craftsman 230-Piece Mechanics Tool Set
WeiShang Lot 6 PCS Classic Men’s Tie Silk Necktie
Beard Grooming and Trimming Kit for Men Care by Rapid Beard
BBQ Grill Tools Set with 16 Barbecue Accessories by Home-Complete
Pizza Socks Box Pepperoni 4 Pairs Cotton Socks
Professional Wine Opener by HiCoup

1. Personalized Men’s Wallet by Swanky Badger Inc.

The personalized men’s wallet by Swanky Badger Inc. is a gift that is both personal and practical. Every man needs a wallet at some point in his life. Wallets are used often and can be worn through easily. This is why men need replacement wallets every few years o keep all their cards and cash safe. This personalized wallet is a gift that can keep giving. Each time your husband’s wallet starts to wear out, you can gift him another that is uniquely designed for that particular period of his life.

The wallet can be personalized, which makes it stand out from regular wallets. The personalization is free as part of the price of the wallet. The front of the wallet has room for up to three initials. This way, your husband has his wallet marked as his own. The inside of the wallet has a pocket with room for up to 160 characters. Not only can the wallet have your husband’s initials, but also a personalized message or love note hidden away as a reminder of you. You can add a heart into your message by simply writing (HEART) in the personalization section.

The wallet itself is very high quality. It is made from split cow’s leather. The leather is durable, so your personal message can last for years. It comes in a dark brown color with a beautiful gold engraving.

The wallet has plenty of space for all your husband’s essentials, so this wallet can become your husband’s everyday wallet. It comes with a clear ID sleeve, which could also hold a family picture. There are also eight credit card slots for all your husband’s cards. There are two pockets for your husband’s cash, a zippered bill pocket, as well as a coin slot for his change.

Even though the wallet has all those pockets and features, the wallet is still very compact. The wallet measures just 5 inches by 4 inches when it is closed.


  • The gift can be personalized.

  • This is also a practical gift.

  • The wallet is neutral enough to fit men of all personalities.


  • The wallet is handmade, so there is a higher probability of error.

  • The price is a little higher than the quality offered.

2. Good Morning Love of My Life Ceramic Mug by Middle of the Road

If your husband wakes up for work before you, you can gift him this mug as a morning reminder of how much he is loved. Mugs are a very versatile gift that can be used for men of all personalities. Mugs are also an item that can be used for years to come.

This mug is a special color changing mug. It starts out black. As a hot liquid is added to the mug, the black slowly turns into White. The white background will reveal the special message “Good Morning Love of My Life,” followed by a red heart.

The mug is made out of ceramic. It is an 11-ounce mug. The mug is microwave safe, but should not be washed in a dishwasher as the extreme temperatures of the dishwasher could ruin the color changing effect of the mug.

This mug can work great either as a stand-alone gift or accompany other items. It can be filled with treats or other food items and wrapped up for Valentine’s Day, or filled with a steaming beverage to be handed over to your husband along with breakfast in bed. The way to a man’s heart can truly be through his stomach. Unfortunately, food does not last very long. A mug combines your significant other’s love of food with a longer lasting item that will be a constant reminder of how much he is loved.

The mug is designed by Middle of the Road. They have created other personalized, color changing mugs for all occasions. If this mug is not exactly what you are looking for, you can view their other message options. Other brands of mugs may have a more appropriate message for your specific relationship. This specific mug is a good general option that can be used for all personality types of husbands.


  • The mug is very versatile for all personality types.

  • It is practical and can be used every day.

  • It has a personal message.

  • It has a long lifespan.

  • It is a more affordable gift


  • The mug cannot be washed in the dishwasher.

  • It is a smaller mug.

3. TAC-FORCE Engraved Pocket Knife

The TAC-FORCE engraved pocket knife by Palmetto Wood Shop is a special gift that is personal and practical for all men. You can offer your husband a small tool shop that he can carry around in his pocket. The ability to personalize it makes it a gift that will remind him of you every time he uses it throughout his day.

The blade of the knife is steel while the handle is burl wood. The wooden handle is what is engraved with your personal message. You can have up to two lines of text engraved in a dark font. The text can be as short as his initials, to as long as your name and wedding date. This gives you the ability to make the knife exactly how your loved one would best like it.

The blade of the knife measures 3.45 inches long and is 3 mm thick. The entire pocket knife measures 4.5 inches long with the blade closed. It weighs only 5 ounces. A pocket clip allows your husband to easily attach it to his pocket when it is not in use.

The pocket knife’s main feature is the long blade. This blade can either be opened using a piece of the blade that is protruding, or by using the easy open thumb stud. The blade locks open once it is opened. It has a partially serrated edge that can cut through many materials. The handle is curved with easy grip portions to make it easier for your man to do his tough jobs. The pocket knife also includes a can opener, rope cutter, and glass breaker.


  • This gift can be personalized.

  • It is very practical and can be used for years.

  • It is a smaller gift, so it is great for those who are short on space.

  • This is a more affordable gift.


  • Not all men may use a pocket knife.

  • Too many words engraved can result in very small lettering that is hard to read.

4. Elegant Signs Lucky to be in Love Picture Frame

The Elegant Signs is a gift for all stages of a relationship from newlyweds to that golden anniversary. Picture frames are a timeless gift that help preserve all those memories from your marriage. What better way to say you love your husband than by reminding him of some of your favorite times with him through a touching, romantic picture frame.

Elegant Signs creates high quality, beautiful frames with cute phrases that match all occasions. This frame measures about 8 inches by 10 inches.  One side says “Lucky to be in Love with my Best Friend.” The other side holds a 4” x 6” photograph.  The picture is very easy to slide in at the side so that you can constantly update the photograph with new memories you and your loved one make together. You can also use the area to write a personal note to your husband which can be framed and kept in memory of the occasion.

Picture frames are great to be given on their own or in a group with other gifts. Anniversaries are an especially great time to gift a picture frame as each year you can mark the occasion with a photograph of where you are in your relationship. You are then able to hang up all the photographs along the wall to show the progression of your relationship for a fun yearly tradition.

The pictures are protected by a clear acrylic sheet. The frame itself is made of wood. It can either use the easel on the back to stand on a shelf, or use the multidirectional hooks to hang from the wall.


  • This gift is timeless and is suitable for all types of relationships.

  • A picture frame allows you to personalize the gift with a photograph.

  • The quote makes the gift more personal.

  • It is an item that will last for years.


  • The frame is only available with the one phrase.

  • It is not a practical gift that will be used daily.

  • It can take up space, whether wall or shelf space.

5. Michael Kors Silver Lexington Watch

The Michael Kors Silver Lexington Watch is the male version of giving a diamond necklace. It is a little extra manly bling for your significant other which is both attractive and practical. The watch is nice enough to be worn for work or special occasions while still being hardy enough to stand up to everyday use if desired.

The watch is made in the USA and is silver-toned. The face of the watch is a dark navy color that beautifully accentuates the silver hands. The watch is water resistant for up to 100 meters. The watch can be worn when swimming or snorkeling, but should not be worn when scuba diving.

The watch is a Quartz movement with analog display. Quartz watches tend to be more reliable than other mechanical watches. The numbers are silver lines all the way around with Roman numerals marking twelve. In addition to the main clock face, there are three additional chronograph sundials. There is also a small window for the date. There are three knobs for adjusting the time and date.

The wristband is large enough to fit most men’s wrists. There are removable links that can be used to adjust to each person’s specific sizing. The band is 22 millimeters wide. In total the watch weighs about 5.28 ounces. The watch does require batteries to operate.


  • A watch is a more practical gift.

  • It is high quality and will last longer than other gifts.

  • There are plenty of features to make it useful for all occasions.

  • The watch is water resistant.


  • This gift has no way of being personalized.

  • It is a more expensive gift option.

  • Not all men may like this style of watch.

6. Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set

The Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set is a great gift for the man who likes outdoor hobbies. Golf is a fun sport for men of all ages and talents. It is very relaxing and can be played as a single person sport or with a group of friends. Many men have really enjoyed spending their afternoons on the green. You can offer your significant other the opportunity to join in this popular and relaxing sport by gifting him a starter set of golf clubs by one of the best golfing companies.

This set is best for beginners. It has all the clubs your man will need for a fun game of golf with his friends. More advanced sets are available with the largest set offered being 18 clubs. As your husband becomes more involved with golf, you can then invest in individual clubs from Callaway that are designed specifically for his height and style.

This basic 12 set includes nine clubs, two head covers, and a high-quality bag. The clubs include a driver, fairway wood, a hybrid, four irons, a wedge, and a putter. The driver is a 460cc forged driver.  One of the head covers is designed to fit the driver. It has a long flat edge for a more forgiving shot. The Fairway woods is a 3-wood that is another club that is more forgiving for those long drives. The Hybrid has a slightly different shape to provide a different spin on the ball during those long drives. The four irons are designed specifically for the more controlled shorter shots. The putter is designed just like a mallet for the most accurate of shots for the very shortest of swings.

The bag is a high-quality Strata bag. It is very durable and can stand up to an hour of golfing. It is also lightweight so you are not adding the bag’s weight to the weight of the clubs inside. It comes with a stand that will prop up your clubs during each swing. There are also five pockets to help hold all your additional gear. A cooler pocket is ideal for storing water or food items that need to stay cool. There is a rain hood as well that will protect your clubs in the case of foul weather. The bag is then carried as a backpack from hole to hole.


  • This is a nicer gift for nicer occasions.

  • The set comes with all the clubs a beginner golfer might need.

  • A high-quality bag is included.

  • This is a hobby that will keep your husband entertained.

  • The gift will last years.


  • Not all men may enjoy golfing.

  • This is just a beginners set and may not be appreciated by higher level golfers.

  • It is a larger item that will require more storage space.

  • It is a more expensive gift.

7. Holy Stone F181W WiFi FPV Drone with 720P Wide-Angle HD Camera

The Holy Stone drone is a fun gift that will both entertain your special someone as well as capture important memories. The drone is equipped with a high definition camera so that your husband can capture scenic moments and film landscapes all while lounging in your backyard.  This is not a racing drone.

Drones are small remote-controlled helicopters. They are normally sold in two different varieties: racing and camera drones. Racing drones are built for speed and agility. People join together for tournaments to race the drones through obstacle courses. This can be a fun hobby for some men. The other type of drone is the camera drones. These are designed to fly steady and hold heavier weights in order to support the equipment necessary to film scenic shots.

This drone has a 120-degree FOV HD Wi-Fi wide-angle Camera. The camera can be connected via Wi-Fi to your phone. Your phone is then mounted on the controllers so you can see exactly what the camera sees. You just need to download the corresponding app. The camera is able to take both pictures and video, both in high resolution.

The drone is designed for stable video quality so that you can easily take those swooping landscape shots. An automatic altitude hold uses air pressure to keep the drone stable when releasing the throttle stick so that the drone will hover over an area for a clear and steady shot.

The drone is simple enough for beginners to use. A 6-axis flight control system helps the drone remain stable throughout flight for even the most beginner of drone users. Each flight motion is easy to execute with the controller. The drone also has an increased wind resistance so that the beginner does not have to worry about calculating the wind when trying to control the drone. The drone has a 3-D flip capability. This allows you to turn your drone in any direction while still maintaining a stable shot.

This drone also has a headless mode. This makes it easier for the beginner to fly the drone. The head of a drone is where the front portion of the drone is. Regular drones will have a head, and the controllers will be controlling the drone according to the direction the head is pointing. If the drone’s head was pointing to the left, even if the controller was pushed forward, the drone would turn left, as it is directed by the head. This headless drone has no head. That means that forward will move the drone forward in relation to the controls, not the head of the drone. The controls have a home button that will recall the drone no matter where it is.

The drone takes two 3.7 volt 750 mAh LiPo batteries. The batteries can last for around 7 to 10 minutes of flight time. Having multiple batteries on hand can extend the flight time. The drone does not require FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) registration. The drone box includes the drone, remote, camera, 4G TF Card SD Card Reader, USB charging cables, a phone holder, and all the screws needed to assemble the drone.


  • The drone can be fun for men of all ages.

  • It is a great way to capture family moments.

  • Flying the drone can also become a hobby for your husband.

  • This is a nicer gift that will last longer.

  • The drone is designed to be easy to use by beginners and more advanced drone users alike.

  • All that items required to fly the drone are included.


  • The short flight time can limit the amount of use of the drone.

  • The drone should only be used outside, which can limit when it can be used.

  • It is not a personalized gift.

8. Herschel Supply Co. Novel

If your husband travels with work, a great gift for him would be a Herschel Supply Co. duffle bag.  It comes in many colors so that is can be perfectly matched to your husband’s personality. A duffle bag is both practical and a little different of a fashion accessory than the normal fashion gifts. Many men will receive shirts or ties as gifts, but not many will receive a nice bag to take with them when they travel. Airlines do not always take the best care of suitcases and duffle bags, so purchasing regularly nice duffle bags will help your husband continually appear classy on his trips both for business and with the family.

Herschel Supply Co. was founded in 2009 by two brothers, Jamie and Lyndon Cormack. The company is named after the family’s hometown. The company is based out of Vancouver, Canada. The brothers founded the company with the focus of having high quality and fine detail. Their focus is on providing the best bags and accessories for the everyday traveler. The feeling of the company is very old fashioned in a good way, giving off a nostalgic vibe in their pieces. This makes each travel piece very timeless, while not compromising on its updated functionality. They also offer a line of more artistic bags as well as a children’s line.

This Herschel duffle bag takes the more nostalgic look. It is a very simple design that will stand the test of time and will look good no matter what your husband is wearing. There are over thirty different color and design options to choose from to find the perfect fit for your husband’s taste. Each Herschel bag has the Herschel patch on the outside as a guarantee of their quality.

The bag has two top handles that are attached to wrap around bands for ultimate support. The handles have a drop of 6.5 inches and a length of 19 inches. A removable shoulder strap is attached to either end and measures 55 inches in length. The shoulder strap has a removable padded webbing for more comfort on your shoulder when carrying for longer periods of time.

The duffle bag is secured with a two-way waterproof zipper. There is also an exterior zipper pocket for small items that may need to be accessed quickly. The rest are securely sealed inside the main compartment. The main compartment includes a multi-function pocket as well as a large open space. There is also the signature shoe garage in the duffle bag. The entire duffle bag measures 11 inches by 20.5 inches by 11.5 inches.


  • This is a very practical gift.

  • It can last your husband for years.

  • It is a very classy, fashion accessory.

  • This is a high-quality duffle bag.


  • This gift is not as personal.

  • Not all husbands may need a duffle bag.

  • The duffle bag’s style may not be in all men’s taste.

9. Tamarac by Slippers International Men’s Camper Moccasin

What better way to bring comfort to your special someone on their special day than to give them a comfortable pair of slippers! Slippers are an item that can be used by men of all hobbies, personalities, and careers. No matter what your husband may do during the day, he will still return home and kick off his shoes. Having a cozy pair of slippers to support and bring comfort is a great way to greet your husband when he returns from work.

Tamarac Slippers are known for their high quality and longevity. They are very comfortable without sacrificing anything when it comes to looks. The look is a classic moccasin design that is timeless and neutral.

The exterior of the slipper is leather. The leather will stand the test of time. It is durable, yet flexible to fit around your husband’s feet. There are eight different colors to choose from so your husband can have a slipper that is suited to his personality. The sole of the slipper is a synthetic sole that is great for both indoor and outdoor. The hard material will protect the leather of the slipper from being torn up when worn over rough ground, yet it is gentle enough not to scratch floors or leave marks as regular outdoor shoes would.

The inside of the Tamarac slipper is what truly makes it a slipper above all other slippers. It is lined with sheepskin for ultimate comfort. The slippers do not have memory foam. Instead, his feet will sink into the luxury of sheepskin with its many beneficial properties.

Sheepskin is a natural insulator. This will help keep your husband’s feet warm in the winter while not sacrificing on the breathability. Sheepskin has great properties to allow for your feet to still breathe. It wicks moisture away from your feet so you will not feel all sweaty and clammy. Because it is real sheepskin, instead of fake sheepskin, the rate at which moisture is wicked away is much faster, leaving your feet nice and dry while also remaining warm.

Sheepskin also has self-cleaning properties. Bacteria and mold do not grow as easily on sheepskin as other materials. The natural aspect of sheepskin is also more gentle on the skin. Sheepskin also is resistant to static electricity, which more synthetic materials are prone to.


  • These are very comfortable slippers.

  • They are made of real sheepskin with all that entails.

  • They are a timeless fashion gift.

  • They are practical for all men.


  • They are difficult to wash.

  • Because they are more luxury slippers, they are also more expensive as far as slippers go.

10. Echo (2nd Generation)- Smart Speaker with Alexa

Alexa and Siri and many other smart devices have become very popular in today’s society. They make life so much simpler in many ways. They are also very easy to use. So, whether or not your husband is tech-savvy, he can still appreciate the many features of the Echo with Alexa. For a man that works hours every day, you can help him by making his time at home as easy as possible with the Echo.

The Amazon Echo is a smart device that connects your entire household seamlessly. This allows more control of everything with just a click of a button on your smartphone, or a spoken word. The Echo is a small smart speaker that can sit on any countertop in the home and be paired with as much or as little as you choose.

The Echo is available in five different colors. It has a 2.5-inch downward-firing subwoofer for the best sound followed by a 0.6 upward-firing tweeter. This helps to create clear, loud sounds throughout your home. There are also seven different microphones that work together to cancel out extra noise while picking up your voice to hear a clear command.

Alexa connects to all areas of your home. As a speaker, it connects to your many music apps. It is compatible with Amazon music, Spotify, Pandora, Audible, iHeartRadio, and so many other music apps. The music can be easily controlled through voice activation. Simply say “Alexa, play music,” or you can specify exactly which song or genre you would like to be played. With multiple Echos, you can even have them all interconnected to play music all over your home.

Music is not the only feature that is hands-free with the Echo. You can also connect your lights, coffee maker, or thermostat through the Echo. This way, by simply giving Alexa a command, you can have her trigger whichever item you need to be activated. You will no longer need to have the regular argument when going to bed as to who will turn off the lights. Alexa will have you covered.

You can also connect your FireTV through Alexa. With a simple command, you can have your favorite TV show playing in a second without lifting a finger.  Your husband will really enjoy coming home from work, sitting on the couch, and searching for his favorite channel without even having to find the remote.

Your phone calls can be connected to Alexa for hands-free calling and messaging. Just speak to Alexa and the Echo will become a speakerphone so your husband and you can continue the regular household chores and duties while still being able to answer and send out calls. If your husband is a businessman who takes calls regularly, this will simplify the process. You can also send text messages by speaking the message to the Echo as well.


  • Alexa will help make your husband’s time at home easier.

  • This is a gift that can benefit the entire household.

  • It is very easy to use.

  • This is a very practical item.


  • This device does require specific compatible devices for all the features to work.

  • Since it is technology, it may not last as long as other items.

  • This is not a very personal gift.

11. Custom Personalized Free Engraved Leather Keychain by Caramel

The Custom Personalized Free Engraved Leather Keychain by Caramel is another gift that can be personalized for each man. It is a gift that will remind him of you every day. One of the great parts of a keychain is it is an item that is used multiple times a day, just like a wallet or a watch, so he will constantly be seeing your gift.

The key change is made by Caramel. Caramel is a company focused on engraving everyday items to make them customized for those who you care about the most. A personalized, engraved gift will stand out from the rest because it is unique. It shows that you took the extra time to make a gift specific for a person. It also makes the gift that much more special to the person it is intended for.

The keychain is a very simple item. It is a plain, black leather keychain. It is made from genuine black leather and zinc alloy. The key ring and the metal covering are made of the zinc. The metal covering is what is engraved. The entire keychain measures just 9.2 cm by 2.8 cm. It is small and very neutral so that it can match all men’s styles.

The space for engraving is large enough for one line of free engraving. You can put his name, your wedding date, or a very short love note as a reminder of how much he is thought about throughout the day. Ten different fonts are available to choose from when customizing the keychain. The more words that are added, the smaller the text will be, so longer messages may be harder to read than short, sweet messages.

This is a very small and inexpensive gift so it is perfect for those “just because” occasions. It can also be given along with other items. If you gift your husband a new car, motorcycle, or another vehicle that requires a key, adding the keychain will provide a personal touch to the gift. You do not need to limit it to vehicles. The keychain can be added to any practical or generic gift as a personal and practical touch that your husband will be able to use for years to come.


  • The keychain can be personalized for each person.

  • It is a neutral gift that can be enjoyed by all types of personalities.

  • It is inexpensive.


  • It is a smaller gift.

  • It is a very simplistic design.

12. Personalized Name Coaster- Set of 4. Free Engraving by Griffco

These personalized name coasters are another great way to give a personal twist to an otherwise regular practical gift. Coasters are something that can be used by the entire family, or used in your husband’s man cave to set his beers on. Whatever the use, your husband will be thinking of his family whenever he sees these beautiful coasters.

The coasters are made of certified renewable bamboo. The real wood gives the coasters a very classic and timeless appearance. This will compliment any room’s décor. There are four coasters in a set. Each coaster measure about 4 inches by 4 inches. The coasters come in a beautiful coaster holder made out of the same bamboo with two slots on either side to make retrieving the coasters easier.

Each coaster can be engraved to fit your specific relationship. There are three parts of the coaster that can be engraved. First is the main background. You can choose one large letter to be the main background of the coaster. Next, you choose a name to run vertically up the center of the coaster. This is a great place to put your family name. The third item is an “established” date. This is a great place to engrave your wedding year. This third engraving is optional.

Griffco is a small, family business. It began in 2007 as a business for working dog equipment. This business led to a large amount of engraving. Around 2009, the company expanded and began engraving more items. They began producing high-quality items with the option of personalization such as desk plates and knives. Their factory is located in Uniontown, Ohio.


  • The coasters can be used by the entire family.

  • This is a personalized gift.

  • It will last for many years to come.

  • These are very high-quality coasters.


  • The coasters are not specific for your husband, as they are a household item.

  • There are only four coasters in a pack.

  • They are a higher price for the small quantity.

13. Best Sports Water Bottle-32oz Large-by Embrava

A great gift for your husband is also a healthy gift. A good quality water bottle is not only practical, it also encourages healthy habits. This water bottle is manly, and great for sports or every day. The classic look of the water bottle makes it appropriate to even bring to work. While it can work for all occasions, it is designed to work best for sports and fitness.

The water bottle is a clear, dark gray bottle with a gray and black lid. This neutral color makes it a gift that can be given to all types of men. The outside of the bottle has the Embrava symbol as well as the motivational phrase “Fortune favors the brave.”

The water bottle is made from hard wearing, BPA-free Tristan Co-Polyester. It is designed to withstand the rough use of hikers, athletes, and bikers. It has undergone premium craftsmanship in order to create the top quality water bottle that is available.

The spout is very easy to drink out of. It is a plastic spout with a fast water-flow. A plastic lid clips over top the spout along with a stopper to keep the spout from leaking. The lid is then locked with a latch so that it will not pop open on its own.

The entire water bottle is made to accommodate the active lifestyle. It has a very sleek shape and design that can fit in cup holders, bike water bottle holders, and backpacks. It is also easy to grip in your hand. The tall and thin design allows you to carry around up to 32 ounces of liquids without the discomfort of a bulky water bottle. The water bottle also has a wrist strap that is durable and can attach to your arm or backpack without you having to fear it breaking off. The entire lid is completely spill-proof.

Today’s society has also shown an increased popularity in glass water bottles. Many people love the crisp and clean taste of water that is drunk from glass water bottles. Many plastics begin to leak unwanted flavors into water. This is because they are cheaper plastics. Embrava offers the same crisp flavor of a glass water bottle without the risk of it breaking. Its shatter-resistant design will help it withstand being dropped and bumped around in your daily life.

The water bottle also comes with a “Hydration for Athletes” guide. This little PDF guide is meant to give a springboard in your new healthy lifestyle. It will give helpful tips, tricks, and facts about the importance of hydration and how to keep optimal hydration throughout your day and workout. The water bottle also comes with a free gift box which makes it even easier to give to your husband on his special occasion.


  • This gift encourages a healthy lifestyle.

  • It is a practical and long-lasting gift.

  • This is a very high-quality gift at an affordable price.

  • The use of the water bottle is very flexible to suit all men’s lifestyles.


  • This gift is not very personal.

  • There are not any color or style options.

14. Broadway Basketeers Gift Tower of Sweets

As mention before, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. That is a rather cliché saying, but is so often rings true. Many men love food even more than tangible items. A home-baked pie may be received with just as much excitement as a brand new wallet or watch. Never underestimate the importance of food when it comes to finding a gift that your husband will enjoy. The Broadway Basketeers Gift Tower of Sweets is a large collection of delicious treats and snacks for your husband.

This special collection of snacks is arranged in a beautiful tower beautifully gift wrapped. It is five boxes high in a pyramid shape. It comes in a soothing chocolate-caramel color with a matching bow wrapping all the way around all the boxes. This beautiful presentation shows great care in assembling the gift which helps increase it’s value and impressiveness when presenting for your husband’s special occasion. The gift boxes are high quality and can be reused for other occasions. The entire tower measures 6.5 inches by 6.5 inches by 15 inches high.

There are multiple different snack options available in each of the boxes. There are yogurt pretzels, chocolate chip cappuccino cookies, gourmet popcorn, butter peanut crunch, Sheila brownie brittle, Almond Roca butter crunch, and soft caramel apple kisses. Each item has a sweet theme for your sweet-tooth husband. The items range from candy sweet to salty-sweet so that there is a snack for each occasion. All the snacks are kosher certified so that you can rest assured that your husband can enjoy the snacks without fear of negative reactions.

Broadway Basketeers offers other gift Tower options for a specific occasion. Each one has a different color and design. They also have a different collection of sweets and snacks. If your husband does not have as strong of a sweet tooth, a more salty snack collection can be found in one of the Broadway Basketeers other gift collections. Each gift tower can be sent with a personalized message so that your husband knows it is from you and you have a chance to make the gift more personal.


  • Food is an item that is generally always accepted.

  • The gift boxes can be reused for other occasions.

  • There are many different snack options available.

  • A gift card can be sent with the package to make the gift more personal.


  • Food is not a very long-lasting gift.

  • A large amount of snacks means a higher chance there will be food your husband may not like.

15. Silensys E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth

Headphones are a very versatile gift that can be used by all types of men. Headphones can be used to listen to music while working or working out, play video games, or work on the computer. Whatever your husband does, he is sure to at some point require a good set of headphones. Why not gift him a high quality, Bluetooth headphone set for his special occasion!

The Silensys E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones can be used in nearly all circumstances. The Bluetooth feature makes these headphone freer as your husband will not be bound by a wire holding him to a device, or having to only use devices with a specific headphone jack. Bluetooth headphones can connect to any device that offers Bluetooth, which nowadays is nearly all smartphones, computers, and speakers. While they are mainly Bluetooth, they also offer a wire option in case Bluetooth is not available with your specific device.

These headphones are noise canceling. Their special noise canceling technology makes them usable in all situations. Whether your husband has to work on a busy subway, or in the house along with five toddlers screaming, he will be able to focus on his work as the headphone cut out all distractions. If your husband travels with his business often, such as on buses and airplanes, these headphones would come especially handy.

The headphones have proprietary 45mm large-aperture drivers and employ 5.0 Bluetooth technology. These help boost the sound and provide the best quality for your husband’s listening experience. The headphones wrap all the way around the ear to cut out all outside noise so that all you will hear is the voice or music that is coming through the headphones.

The headphones also have a built-in microphone. This will allow your husband to take hands-free calls while traveling. It can also make the headphone suitable for gaming that will require the contact with other gamers. To make taking calls easier, the headphones are also paired with voice prompts so that you are able to answer calls without even having to pick up your device.

The headphones are made with skin comfort so that they can be worn for long periods of time while still remaining comfortable, though headphones should still be taken off every two to three hours to allow your ears to relax. Each time your headphones are charged, they will last for more than 30 hours of playtime on the Bluetooth mode. The headphones have a built-in 750mAh battery.


  • These headphones are high-quality and long-lasting.

  • They can be used with or without wires.

  • They include a built-in speaker.

  • They are very versatile in their uses.


  • This is not a very personalized gift.

  • Technology does not last as long as other items.

16. Homtime Multi-Function Alarm Clock

The Homtime multi-function alarm clock is more than just a device to wake your husband up in the morning. It has many features that can help your husband be more prepared for the day. It is a more practical gift that he probably would not buy himself. Most people will just use their phone as an alarm. Why not treat your husband with something a little nicer to show him just how much you care.

The alarm clock has three different options along with the basic alarm feature. It is, first and foremost, an alarm. The time is displayed on a large LCD screen.  There are four levels for LCD dimming so that the light will not keep him awake. The font is 3.2 inches so that he can easily read the time, even when he is half asleep in the morning. Setting the alarm is very simple. Instead of the usual button that needs to be held, this alarm features a spinning dial. The large dial on the top is easy to spin to the desired time for the alarm. You then simply need to press set and the alarm will be set for the morning.

The alarm has a snooze and gradual wake setting. The snooze function is a large button on the top of the alarm. The gradual wake setting has the alarm start out as a soft noise that slowly increases so that you are gently woken up versus the sudden morning startling of most alarms.

The alarm is also a thermometer. It can let you know the temperature of the room. The front of the alarm has a dual-port USB charger. This gives you easy access to changing your phone and one other device right there where you can easily access it.

The alarm clock is plugged into the wall to keep its charge. It also has a space for three AAA batteries. These batteries will take over so that if there was a power outage, the alarm will not lose any time and you can be sure you will still be woken up in the morning.


  • This is a very practical gift.

  • This is a more affordable gift.

  • This gift will last longer.

  • There is a backup battery pack for if the power goes out.

  • The alarm also shows the indoor temperature and has ports to charge your phone.


  • This gift is not very personal.

  • The alarm only has one sound option.

17. Theory11 Artisan Playing Cards Luxury Set

The Theory11 Artisan Playing Cards is a specialty playing card deck for the card-lover husband! Playing cards are a very versatile gift. They are able to be used for many different types of games and activities. Some of the more popular card games are Solitaire, Black Jack, and Texas Hold ‘em. They are also great for magic tricks and sleight of hand. Whatever game is your husband’s forte, these playing cards will take his game up a notch.

Artisan playing cards are one of the best playing cards available. David Copperfield, the great magician, called them “the best playing cards ever produced.” They are made at The United States Playing Card Company. All playing cards are made in the USA. The artwork for the Artisan playing cards was done by Simon Frouws from South Africa.

The cards themselves are environmentally friendly. They are made on FSC-certified paper. This paper is made from sustainable forests and uses natural inks derived from vegetables. The laminate is starch-based. The cards are very durable, yet kind to the earth. Each card is sealed with a vintage, red tax-stamp that states when the cards were produced.

The cards are very easy to handle. This is especially important if your husband plans on using the cards for magic tricks and sleight of hand. They are durable enough for many card games such as poker or solitaire. The pictures and artwork have a minute attention to detail that makes the cards very classy.

This special edition of Artisan playing cards is specially made as a collector's item. The collection includes four sets of Artisan playing cards. There are two black edition sets and two white edition sets. The cards are kept in a large wooden box. The box is laser-etched and engraved with the Artisan trademark. The edition number is written on the front of the box so that it can be kept for years and handed down through generations as a true collector's item.


  • These cards are timeless and can last for generations.

  • The cards are very elegant and come in beautiful packaging.

  • The cards have a very versatile use.


  • The price is very high for playing cards as these are collectibles.

  • Not all men may enjoy playing cards.

18. Personalized Wedding Fit-Monogram Key Holder by ArtLery

When trying to find a personal and sentimental gift for your husband, one of the best places to look is in wedding gift sections. Wedding gifts are often monogrammed. This key holder is a great example of an everyday item that is made extra special for that significant other. It is a monogrammed picture frame and key holder.

This gift is great for the newlywed couple. At this time you are probably just moving into a new home together and gathering furniture and wall decorations. One item that often gets overlooked is a key. Keys are essential for everyday use, and yet people are constantly losing their keys. The loss of keys is so common, it is the cause of many common jokes in mainstream media. This loss of keys does not have to become a common occurrence in your household. Why not give your husband the gift of organization by providing a key holder so that he will always know where his keys are.

The key holder frame measures around 5 inches by 7 inches or can be purchased in the larger size of 7 inches by 9 inches. It is a small plaque with a vinyl sticker. There are several options for the vinyl personalization. It can be white with black font, black with white font, or brown. Underneath the plaque, there are three hooks for hanging keys.

There are three items that can be personalized on the plaque. First, you can choose the background letter. It is an elaborate calligraphy single initial. This is a great place to write the first letter of your last name. The next personalization area is the name area. This is a horizontal area cleared for a short message, name, or series of names. The third section is in the corner where it is cleared for an established date. This date is perfect for either the day you moved into your new home or the day you were married. If this is an anniversary gift, the date can reflect which anniversary it was given on.


  • This is a more personal gift.

  • This gift has multiple color and size options to find the best one suited for your home.

  • This gift can last for years.

  • It is a gift that can benefit the entire family.


  • This gift requires wall space.

  • There are only three hooks for keys.

19. Mixology Bartender Kit: 10-Piece Bar Tool Set with Stylish Bamboo Stand

What better way to cheer for your husband’s birthday or an anniversary than with a homemade cocktail! Mixology offers a mini bartender kit that can easily be stored in your kitchen and pulled out on those special occasions. This is a great way to bring the party to your home for both you and your husband. It is also a great way to save on money as it means fewer trips to the bar are needed as you can make your own bar and invite only the people you would like at the time.

The bartender kit includes ten different pieces. There are enough pieces to create most drinks. All that is missing is the alcohol. Each piece is made of high-quality materials. They are heavy-duty and rustproof. All the pieces are made of stainless steel alloy. The items are also all dishwasher safe so it is easy cleanup after the party. To further ease your mind about wear and tear, the items all have a lifetime arrant.

With this all-inclusive kit, these will be the only items you will need to craft the perfect cocktail. All cocktails can be created in the Mixology 24-ounce shaker which is completely leak-proof. This allows you to make up to three drinks at one time.

The set also includes a double-sided jigger, mojito muddler, mixing spoon, Hawthorne strainer, two liquor pouters, ice tongs, double lever corkscrew, and a bamboo stand. The bamboo stand is a high-quality wooden stand that holds all the items in an organized manner. In this way, you can be guaranteed to find whatever item you need just when you need it. You will also be given access to the online Mixology and Craft cocktail recipe catalog to get you started on your home bar.


  • All items are high-quality, rustproof and dishwasher safe.

  • This set can last for years.

  • This is an item the entire family and friends can enjoy.


  • This is not as personal as other items.

  • Those who do not drink alcohol would not be able to use this gift.

20. Craftsman 230-Piece Mechanics Tool Set

The Craftsman 230-piece mechanics tool set is the perfect gift for your handyman husband. This toolset will include all he needs for all basic work on vehicles and household equipment. Craftsman is one of the highest quality tools available. These tools will last your husband a lifetime if not longer. They are very good quality and there are many tools offered in this set.

This is a great set to get your husband started in his handyman career around your home. There are enough tools for basic fixes. The set includes three different quick-release ratchets in ¼ inch, 3/8 inch, and ½ inch sizes. There are then an additional 116 sockets with both metric and inches. There are universal joins and two extension bars. There are also six combination wrenches both in standard and metric measurements. There is also a magnetic handle with twelve nut drivers in both standard and metric as well as forty screwdriver bits.

Craftsman has been around since 1927, selling quality tools and equipment to mechanics everywhere. They were originally owned by Sears and are still sold in most Sears across the country. They have recently been bought by Stanley Black and Decker while Sears still holds the right to manufacture and sell the Craftsman tools. Craftsman tools were originally manufactured in the USA, but since 2010, they have been increasingly manufactured in China.

There are three tiers to Craftsman tools. The basic tools are marketed as the Craftsman brand. These are good for the everyday mechanic. The next tier is the Craftsman Professional which offers a slightly higher quality for those who do more involved work. The highest tier is the Craftsman Industrial which boasts of being high enough in quality to be used in an industrial setting.

One of the most attractive parts of the Craftsman tools is their unlimited lifetime warranty. Craftsman guarantees the quality of their tools. If a tool breaks or does not completely satisfy, it can be brought into Sears to be replaced or rebuilt, even without a receipt or any type of proof of purchase. In more recent years, some power tools have been taken off of the unlimited warranty and given a one-year warranty. The hand tools are still unlimited.


  • Tools are very practical and always useful.

  • These are high-quality tools with a lifetime warranty.

  • There are many tools for an affordable price.


  • This is a less personal gift.

  • The toolbox that they come in is not very high quality and does not hold the tools very well.

21. WeiShang Lot 6 PCS Classic Men’s Tie Silk Necktie

WeiShang offers ties that resemble high-quality ties for a more affordable price. When your husband has a special occasion, he can go out and splurge on a more expensive silk tie to match a specific outfit. For those times in between, you can provide a couple options for him to choose from while not having to break the bank. These WeiShang ties are good quality for the price and very classy looking. Ties are one fashion item that does not seem to have an expiration date for when they will go out of style.

These packs offer six different styles and colors of ties. Each tie is made from 100 percent silk. All the types are waterproof. They are made from an ultra fine fiber and are anti-wrinkle. All the ties are average tie length.

There are fifteen different packs to choose from. The colors offered range from neutral blues, greens, grays, and reds to vivid pinks and oranges.  The designs offered are plain, stripes, paisley, plaid, and even polka dots to name a few. Each pack has a unique style and color scheme so that you can pick the perfect pack for your husband’s style and wardrobe.


  • There are many ties in a pack.

  • These are a more affordable gift option.

  • Ties are timeless and practice.

  • There are multiple styles and colors to choose from.


  • These are not the most personal gift.

  • They are not the highest quality ties, though good for the price.

22. Beard Grooming and Trimming Kit for Men Care by Rapid Beard

For your man with facial hair, you can gift him a beard grooming kit. This is the man’s version of a female facial, makeup kit, or waxing kit. It is a way to allow your man to pamper himself on his special day. You will get to reap the benefits when he starts having a well-groomed beard.

This product is very natural and organic. The oils are all safe for the environment and all types of skin. They include Arian oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E. Everything is 100% natural and organic. This will help eliminate synthetic smells and creams from your husband’s beard care.

There are three main tools included with this kit. First, there is a comb. This wooden comb helps brush and hold the hair while it is being trimmed. The next item is a pair of very sharp stainless steel barber beard scissors. These scissors will easily trim the beard with the same high quality as can be found at a barber shop. The third item is a natural boar bristle brush. The boar bristle brush evenly distributes the oils and creams into his beard. It also helps with styling. The boar bristle brush is handmade and is anti-static and will not snag on your man’s beard.

There are a few creams and oils to help with the beard trimming. There is a beard butter that helps to hold and shape your man’s beard. There is also a conditioner, softener, and moisturizer. These help keep your man’s beard healthy, soft, and free of dandruff and itching.


  • This gift is the perfect way to pamper your husband.

  • It is very high quality.

  • The items are all natural and organic.


  • This gift is only suitable for men with longer beards.

  • Using scissors versus electronic trimmers can take longer.

  • This is not a personalized gift.

23. BBQ Grill Tools Set with 16 Barbecue Accessories by Home-Complete

This is another food-related gift because it is hard to go wrong with a gift that helps your husband create his favorite foods. This is a high-quality grilling set that will get your grill master started on his long career as the backyard grill master. This set will provide all the tools needed for those summer get-togethers.

There are sixteen tools included in this set. All the tools are perfectly wrapped inside a sturdy carry case with a handle so that the grill set can be brought with on picnics or wherever the grill may be. All the items are made from a high-quality stainless steel. The steel will not rust. Since these items also have stainless steel handles, there are no wooden handles to crack after a time. The items all have non-stick surfaces. They are also dishwasher safe. The handles are heat-safe.

The set includes a Swiss knife spatula, power tongs, basting brush, cleaning brush, four sets of corn holders and two skewers. The cleaning brush has an extra brush head to replace in order to keep your brush new and your grill clean. The spatula uses heat-safe silicone. The Swiss knife spatula also has a bottle opener on the handle. All these items come at a very affordable price.


  • This set is very durable and can last a long time

  • Barbecuing is very popular and is enjoyed by many men.

  • This is a high-quality set that comes in a nice box for carrying.

  • All the items are dishwasher safe for an easy clean up afterwards.

  • The grilling set is very affordable.


  • This is not the most personal gift.

  • The uses of this gift is more limited.

24. Pizza Socks Box Pepperoni 4 Pairs Cotton Socks

Marriage is a wonderful thing, and can be grown stronger through laughter. What better way to bring laughter into a marriage than through a few gag gifts. While gifts can say “I love you,” “I value you,” and “I trust you.” Gifts can also say “I feel comfortable around you.” A gag gift keeps life lighthearted and can be the start of some wonderful memories. These Pizza Socks box combines a practical item with a little humor.

Pizza Socks Boxes are boxes made to look just like pizza boxes. When opened up, instead of a delicious pizza, there are four pairs of socks. The socks are designed to look like a pizza and rolled in such a way to even have the shape of pizza slices. There are different styles that have different ingredients. This particular box is the standard pepperoni pizza. The two designs are crust colored socks and pepperoni colored socks. These colorful socks are sure to make your husband laugh, as well as all those who see his crazy fun socks.

The socks are manufactured by a small family plant in Central Europe. The socks are all made out of cotton that has the OEKO-TEX certification of quality to guarantee the utmost quality of socks. There are Pizza Socks Boxes offered in Pepperoni, capricciosa, Italian, Hawaiian, and vegetarian styles. Each box has four pairs of socks. They are also offered in a variety of sizes for men and women.


  • These are a very humorous gift.

  • Socks are also a practical gift.

  • The socks already come in packaging.

  • There are different styles to choose from.

  • They are high-quality socks.


  • These socks may not be appropriate for more serious occasions.

  • They are more expensive socks.

25. Professional Wine Opener by HiCoup

This handy little tool is a great all-in-one option for the bartender. Whenever you have parties or special occasions, this tool will be able to handle whatever drink needs to be opened. It is one of the most popular brands used by waiters, so why not bring the same quality to your own home and parties.

This wine opener is available in twenty-four different colors and designs. All of them offer the same features. It is a 3 in 1 multi-function waiters key. There is a corkscrew, bottle opener, and foil cutter. These can handle all types of bottles, cans, and other drinks.

The bottle opener is made out of a durable 420 stainless steel with a comfort-grip wood handle. The corkscrew is made so that it can remove any cork with only 5 turns or less without breaking the cork. The double-hinged fulcrum gives additional leverage for pulling out larger corks. The tools have a lifetime warranty that guarantees its high quality and that it will stand the test of time. This great tool would pair nicely with the bartender kit or as an anniversary gift along with an expensive bottle of wine.


  • This is a high-quality tool.

  • It can be used at all your parties and on all occasions.

  • It has a long life expectancy.


  • It is a smaller gift.

  • It is not very personal.