DIY Hot Cocoa Favors or Valentine Gift

Here is a great DIY project that would be great to use as a Valentine’s gift or even a bridal or baby shower favor.

This is an easy gift to make using hot chocolate and cutting hearts out of marshmallows.

Here are the instructions for this project:

vday: packaging you need.

You will need heart cut outs, a mason jar, marshmallows, ribbon, tag and packaging for the marshmallows and hot chocolate.

Cut the marshmallows in half, then use the mini heart cutter to slice through the center of the marshmallow. They were SUPER sticky and gooey so get some powdered sugar and dip the sticky parts which quickly solve the problem. Now they be packaged without sticking to the bag:

vday: hearts.

vday: all done.

marshmallows- all packaged:
vday: heart shaped marshmallows.

vday: all packaged.

vday: hot chocolate mix.

vday: a lovely gift.

Source – Oh, Hello Friend