Ideas for Baby Shower Themes

The baby is coming, which means party planning must start right away. Baby showers are some of the most fun parties to plan. Everyone will be so excited about the coming of your bundle of joy, and you can have fun before the sleepless nights comes in.

Whether the mom-to-be is expecting a boy, a girl, or a surprise baby, there are different baby shower themes you can pick to get your guests swooning. It’s always better to bring everything together with a sweet theme that is kid-friendly yet for the adults to enjoy. Here are some lovely and fun baby shower themes:

Baby Shower Themes for Boys

So your baby’s a boy! There are many awesome baby shower themes to honor the coming arrival of your little man. Let these baby shower themes for boys inspire you:

1. Nautical Baby Shower

Ahoy, it’s a boy! Whether you’re a first-time mom or a seasoned mom, you’ll about to sail on a new adventure with a bustling baby boy. Let it be anchored in love by celebrating his impending arrival with a nautical theme.

  • Invitations:

Invite your guests to “join you on a voyage” to greet your newest baby boy. Set the tone for the party with this “Ahoy, it’s a boy!” invitation or this nautical stripe-themed invite. You may also make your own that’s designed to look like a tiny sailor’s suit to make the invite irresistibly cute and hard to say no to!

  • Décor:

For this theme, blue (preferably navy blue) and white will be the main colors for your day. Add bold pops of reds to top off the look.

Welcome them aboard when they walk in – you may want to use a lifebuoy decoration or a banner. Ask your guests to write a note for the baby and leave their message in a repurposed wine bottle.

Carefully lay a fishing net on top of the tables, or use it on a wall and decorate with other nautical-themed decorations so it can serve as a visual backdrop. Toss a few mini sailboats on every table or keep them grouped in the buffet table. Use a rustic blue vase or a navy blue and white vase to put white and golden flowers as a centerpiece. If you have clear vases in your home, fill them with seashells and sand as decoration.

On the wall behind the buffet table, use this nautical decoration set that contains balloons, paper fans, banners, and a cake topper.

  • Food:

For a complete nautical experience, serve a seafood dinner for your guests. Serve salads in this rowboat serving platter and your dips and chips in this dip boat bowl

Use a nautical baby shower party pack complete with paper plates, dessert plates, napkins, cups, plastic cutlery, and a tablecloth. Serve some nautical-themed cookies or French macaroons in colors white, blue, and red. Wrap your cupcakes in these fun boat-shaped cupcake holders.

  • Favors:

When the ship has docked, and the crew is ready to leave, hand them out drawstring burlap bags filled with sea salt chocolate milk trufflesnautical butter mints and an anchor bottle opener.  

2. Moustache Baby Shower

It’s a delight to be having a little man in the house. For a modern twist to your party, why not throw a mustache baby shower? It makes for a party full of puns.

  • Invitations:

Create custom invitations that say, “A Little Man is on His Way!” Play up with words by inserting puns like “We’re throwing a mustache bash” or say “I mustache you to join us!” Or you can simply use this A little man is on the way” invite.

  • Décor:

With black mustache props all over the party, you would want a bright and bold color to contrast it. Baby blue is a common color to use for a boy’s baby shower, but you can pair it with greens, yellows, and white, too. You may want to use a mustache party decoration set with a mustache foil balloon, bowtie balloon, blue and white round balloons, cake and cupcake toppers, and a “Little Man” banner to make the theme alive. Add some mustache party streamers and swirls around the room.

You can leave a sign that says “wet your whiskers” on the drinks and refreshment table and another that says “Stache your presents here” on the gift area. Decorate the tables with a mustache vase with blue and white flowers, or use blue vases and mason jars filled with white flowers.

  • Food:

For the main meal, serve some traditionally “manly” foods! You can opt for burritos and nachos, pizza and buffalo wings, baby back ribs and potatoes, or sloppy joes and burgers! Don’t forget to serve beer along with these manly foods! Keep the foods casual unless you want to make the mustache baby shower a black-tie event (and if your guests are posh that way).

For desserts, serve some cupcakes for dessert and top it off with mustache and bow tie toppers, or homemade cookies made with mustache cookie cutters and put some chocolate icing on top.

  • Favors:

Send your guests home with mustache goodie bags filled with anything you want to give. You may also leave a dessert table laden with muffins on a box decorated with mustache stickers.  

3. Lumberjack Baby Shower Theme

If you want a rustic, outdoorsy theme for the celebration, a lumberjack theme is a great option! It’s perfect if you’re hosting the party in the fall or winter season.

  • Invitations:

A lumberjack party invitation must be rustic, so if you want to make your own, use Kraft paper and keep the red and black plaid theme intact. You may also use this beautiful Oh Boy” invitation set, or this little bear cub invite.  

  • Décor:

For a lumberjack theme, go all out with wood accessories, red plaid, and fir foliage. Stick to a color palette of red, black, white, and kraft-paper brown.

Ask guests to “log in” a wood slice and sign to serve as a guest log book. To make decorations easier, use a lumberjack party decoration set that comes with banners, a Mama Bear sash, balloons, a “we can bearly wait” cake topper, and woodland-themed cupcake toppers.

Decorate with fir garlands or pine and berry garlands for the table or walls. You may want to use your Christmas garlands on hand, but not the too-Christmasy ones that show Santa, reindeers, or stuff like that.

For your dining tables, add a lumberjack centerpiece that includes a red vintage lantern, a lumberjack flannel scented candle and some pieces of pinecone all placed in a log slice.

  • Food:

If you’re serving a meal, it’s best to serve a steak or a huge slab of Texas barbeque for everyone to share. You may also serve sausages, hotdogs, and glazed ham, then pair it with potato salad and bread. For dining, use a plaid plate set  and lumberjack-themed cutlery.  

The cake for a lumberjack party can serve as a party’s focal point. A chocolate log cake is ideal, or a fondant cake with lumberjack plaid details and woodland creatures would also be perfect. You may also opt for a rustic chocolate cake topped with fresh berries.

Set up a hot chocolate bar with snacks. Besides a hot water dispenser, serve a variety of hot cocoa mixes and use plaid bowls to serve toppings like white marshmallows, chocolate chips, and peppermints. Use a wood-style cupcake stand for serving goodies like muffins, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, dinner rolls, and croissants. Bake your cupcakes and muffins in these buffalo plaid cupcake liners.

Use place card labels to label snacks. Serve chocolate pretzel rods as “logs,” chocolate wafer rolls as “timber,” berries as “woodland berries,” gummy bears as “grizzly bears, and carrot and cucumber sticks as “forest foliage.” 

You may also want to serve a trail mix bar with raisins, cashews, almonds, pretzels, and chocolate candies, where each is served in steel buckets. Don’t forget to serve s’mores for dessert!

  • Favors:

Use lumberjack-themed tote bags and fill it with notepadswood pens, and candies or trail mix inside a brown bag.  

Give out flannel scarves or red fleece socks for them to stay cozy and warm throughout the winter.

Baby Shower Themes for Girls

For any mom-to-be, having a daughter she can dress up and get girly with is a beautiful blessing. Celebrate your new motherhood journey with these pretty themes that your guests would love.

1. Tea Party Baby Shower  

Why let little girls have all the fun? Mommies and her friends love tea parties, too. And as a baby shower theme, it doesn’t disappoint. A tea party is quaint, cute, and classic. The delicate décor and dainty tea settings create a backdrop for a picturesque party.

  • Invitations:

To invite your guests to a tea party, consider having the tagline “A baby girl is brewing.” Have intertwining floral decorations wrap around the border of the invitation for a special touch.

You may opt for a fill-in floral tea party invitation. Any floral invitation can also do!

  • Décor:

Deck out space in pretty pastel hues, creams, shades of muted greens and blues, or pops of floral prints. Keep the decorations dainty, delicate, and classy.

Decorate the party area with hanging pompoms and floral garlands, and place a tea party centerpiece at the buffet table. Use a Let’s Partea” balloon set or A baby is brewing” garland. You may also want to use this blush pink and gold balloon garland to make your party more festive.

Invest in some tea party china for each guest. Get porcelain teacups and saucersdessert plates and teapot. It’s best to go for the real thing than the paper kinds.

  • Food:

Since this is a tea party, make sure you have various teas so guests can sample various kinds of brews throughout the day. Serve an organic tea sampler so your guests can choose the flavor they want to try.

Instead of having centerpieces at the table, place tiered stands with biscuits, cakes, scones, crumpets, macarons, muffins, sandwiches, fruits, and various hors d’oeuvres. Make finger sandwiches and appetizers that pair well with tea.

You may set up a bread bar where people can pick a bread or biscuit to pair with different jams and spreads. Don’t forget the cupcakes in vintage floral cupcake holders

  • Favors:

Pack some baked goods or candies in these pretty floral treat bags. You may also want to give out teaspoons, or a couple of tea bags on a floral teapot box or floral tin can box.    

2. Boho Chic Baby Shower

A boho-chic baby shower is a fitting theme for a free-spirited mama. If your home interior is already in this design, then it would be easy for you to decorate! Relax, kick back, be dainty, and enjoy the day with your family and friends.

  • Invitations:

Your invites must give the feel of a calm, easy-going day. You can make your own designs using feathers, flowers, arrows, greenery, and other earthy details that can help convey the Bohemian baby shower theme.

You can simply buy online. There are tons of designs to choose from. Pick your aesthetic – delicate floralsgreenery or a dreamcatcher. The design elements you pick for the invite must also be present in your decorations for the party to keep the theme coherent.

  • Décor:

Many easy decoration ideas can turn your baby shower into a boho bash. Incorporate earthy elements using flower pots and eucalyptus garlands. Keep your color scheme muted and soft by using off-white neutrals, dusty pinks, sage green, muted oranges and reds, and gold or rose gold.

Use macramé wall hangingsfeather garlandsflower hoop wreathstassel garlands, and dusty rose pompomseucalyptus garlands and dream catchers to decorate the party area.

Place a pink chiffon table runner on the dinner table and a white vase with pampas grass on the dinner table as a centerpiece. You may also prefer a macramé runner plus geometric candle holders or a clear glass vase to put your greenery and blooms.

Decorate your buffet with a fantastic balloon arch garland in dusty pink and golds or sage green and golds.  

  • Food:

A solid charcuterie board is what you need for a boho party. Make it all about fresh and carefree foods that need little preparation, so serve all the cheeses, cold cuts, olives, grapes, berries, nuts, and crackers you like. Pair them with your wines of choice, like Rose and Chardonnay.  

Serve healthy dishes for the dinner or lunch part. Pasta, baked salmon, or chicken dishes are perfect for the entrée.

For the cake, contact your local baker and ask for a bohemian naked cake topped with your choice flowers or fruits. Serve colorful donuts in a donut wood stand. Line up colorful French macarons and sugar cookies that solidify your color scheme in a tiered cupcake stand. Don’t forget fresh fruits in your dessert area.

For your disposable plates, cups, and napkins, you can go for pink floral or elegant greenery, whatever would best match your boho-chic décor. 

  • Favors:

Provide floral crowns for everyone to wear during the party and let them take it home as a party favor. You may also want to give out succulent candles for their bedside table or mini dream catchers they can hang on their cars.

3. Princess Baby Shower

When it comes to parties for girls, the princess theme never goes out of style. If you want a baby shower fit for a coming princess, look no further! This theme goes all out, and there are so many great regal symbols to play with.

  • Invitations:

You can simply buy princess-themed baby shower invitations that feature a crown or a carriage.  

  • Décor:

For a princess baby shower, pink or purple are a must, but you’d want to balance it out with white, golds, and silvers.

Get an armchair, drape pink or gold material to create a throne for the mom-to-be, and provide a tiara  to match. You may also want to get this tiara, sash, and pin set for the expecting couple!

Hang sheets of pink or white tulle or some other fabric behind the food table from under a plastic or paper crown, then pull the two sheets to the side like a curtain. Cinch them with a ribbon to create a royal backdrop. Then, hang a “little princess” balloon set on the wall. Add some tall and short pillars for putting candles or blooms as a centerpiece or décor around your food table.

Use tulle as table skirting for the dining tables as well.

On a blank wall, hang pink or white tulle, then some heart crown paper garlands with tissue paper pompoms on top to make a pretty backdrop for picture taking!

  • Food:

A princess party is incomplete with yummy finger sandwiches and treats that delight the eyes. Serve food fit for a princess – healthy, hearty, and pretty at the same time. You may want to serve fruit kabobs, strawberry or raspberry tarts and cupcakes, summer salads, ham and bacon cups, and shrimp cocktail.

A fancy cake is a must for this baby shower theme – the party is incomplete without it! You might want to get a princess doll cake, where the cake is shaped like a dome to look like the princess’ dress, with a real doll as a cake topper. Or you might want a typical cake decorated to your chosen color scheme and theme, and top it off with a crown.   

Serve sugar cookies in the shape of a ball gown, crown, bow, castle, shoe, or tiara. If you want to bake and decorate your own, it’s best to use a princess cookie cutter set.  

  • Favors:

Say “Thank you” with this adorable bottle opener in the shape of a baby bottle with a crown.

Give away Hershey’s Kisses, Hershey’s Nuggets, Ferrero Rocher, or other bite-sized candies in gold or silver foil packaging, then place them in these cute princess Kraft boxes. You may also want to give out princess soaps or aromatic pink scented candles for your guests.

Gender-Neutral Baby Shower Themes

If you want to keep the party gender neutral because you want your baby’s sex to be a surprise, or if you’re also making it a gender reveal party, or if you simply want to keep it neutral – these are some awesome baby shower themes you can try: 

1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s Baby Shower

Whether you’re a mommy-to-be named Tiffany, a fan of Audrey Hepburn or the Tiffany & Co. brand, or just love the idea of a Tiffany blue-themed party – this is the baby shower idea for you! It’s a great gender-neutral theme: the glitz and glam would make it appropriate for a baby girl, while the Robin egg blue color scheme makes it a great fit for a baby boy. It’s also a great brunch theme! Celebrate the coming of your little lady or lad with this prim and proper party theme!

  • Invitations:

For this kind of party, you need to personalize your own invitation and print it on Tiffany blue paper. Instead of saying “Breakfast with Tiffany” or “Tiffany & Co. invites you…” you may want to personalize it with your name or your baby’s name.

  • Décor:

It’s easy to pull off a Breakfast at Tiffany’s baby shower. The color scheme is already set: Tiffany blue, black, white, and a little dash of pink. You may like to personalize your banner, gift bags, and tags with the “Tiffany & Co.” label – or better yet, use “Baby & Co.” or your name or baby’s name instead.  

Decorate the buffet table with a black-and-white striped table runnerfaux pearl beads and a white feather centerpiece. Use acrylic cupcake stands and clear cake stands for your bread and desserts. Use faux diamond rings as napkin rings, and let your guests wear them and take them home later.

Balloons can make this party more visually alive, so set up a balloon arch in Tiffany colors. You may also want to use this paper decoration and foil curtains as a backdrop for your party.

Use crystal garlands  to decorate the tables and walls. Get white or clear vases and decorate with teal blue flowers.

  • Food:

Since you’re serving brunch, serve finger sandwiches or bite-sized foods as appetizers. Serve salads and other brunch foods like blintzes, quiche, hash browns, bacon, sausages, frittatas, bread, cinnamon rolls, pancakes, and coffee and tea.

Bake a Tiffany blue box fondant cake or a white cake topped with edible diamonds and pearls. Serve some cupcakes and glazed donuts and top them with these diamond cupcake toppers.  

Celebrate with bloody Mary or any choice of brunch liquor and say “Cheers” with these beautiful champagne flutes. For snacks, pretzels, and popcorn in these striped popcorn boxes.  

  • Favors:

Send your guests off with cookies or other baked goods placed in this beautiful cookie gift box, or some Hershey’s kisses with personalized labels inside a blue box.

If you want to give your guests more long-lasting parting gifts, get Tiffany blue paper bags and fill them with cat-eye sunglassessilk sleep eye cover masks and faux pearl bracelets.  

You may also want to give beauty products like nail polish or small bottles of hand cream to your friends who celebrated with you.

2. Bumble Bee Baby Shower

Everybody’s buzzing about the baby and mommy-to-be, so why not stage the baby shower in a theme that’s sweeter than honey? This gender-neutral theme is beautiful and simple to recreate. It’s also a great theme of choice if you also want to make it a gender reveal party.

  • Invitations:

If you want to make your own invitations, you can say, “We’re adding to our hive!” Work the theme through the invite by incorporating pops of yellow, honeycombs, and bee graphics. Bunches of sunflowers as borders are also visually appealing.

But if you want a convenient option, you may use this yellow Mommy-to-Bee invitation, or this dainty floral Mama Bee invites

  • Décor:

Yellow, black, white, and honey gold with pops of yellow and white flowers and honeycomb hexagons are your decorating scheme for this theme.

Get two armchairs for the queen mommy-to-bee and king daddy-to-be to sit on. If you have yellow chairs, much better – but you can always drape yellow throws to make it a throne. Provide this flower crown, sash and pin set for the expecting parents.

Decorate the backdrop or buffet table with a bee-autiful honey bee balloon garland, a jute “Mommy to bee” garland and bee swirls. If you’re hosting a gender reveal party, this party decorating set that says “He or she? What will it bee?” will make the preps much easier!

Hang yellow paper lanterns from the ceiling and stick some bees around, so it looks like they’re buzzing about. Arrange vases full of sunflowers or white daisies and incorporate them into your décor wherever possible.

Decorate the tables with some cute honey bee centerpieces. Set the table with this honeybee tableware set complete with disposable dinner plates, dessert plates, napkins, and cups.

  • Food:

For your appetizers, fill up a cheeseboard with a honey-serving set some cheese, crackers, olives, grapes, berries, nuts, figs, and crunchy bread. You can set up a snack bar with corn chips and cheese dip, French fries, popcorn, potato chips, pretzels, and other snacks with a yellow hue. Serve yellow foods like mac and cheese cups, lemon pie, banana bread muffins, or sliced loaf. If you’re doing a brunch party, it’s your opportunity to serve honeycomb-patterned waffles using this waffle maker.

If you want to serve meals, you can make puns by making it bee-themed. You can serve a bar-bee-cue brisket, bar-bee-cue pulled pork, baked bee-ans, and of course, a yellow potato salad.

For the cake, you may want to serve a beehive-shaped dome cake, a fondant cake decorated with yellow hexagons and bees, a buttercream cake, a cheesecake, or a naked cake with sunflowers. Don’t forget the cake topper that says Sweet as can bee or What will it bee?.

Use hexagon cupcake stands to display your sweet cupcakes and muffins, or serve them in your available cupcake stand and decorate with beehive and bee-shaped cupcake toppers. Make some sugar cookies shaped in honeybee elements using this cookie cutter set or make typical round cookies in any flavor you want and simply use this honeybee stamp.  

Honey-infused water, lemonade, honey citron ginger tea, and non-alcoholic mimosas are the perfect beverage to pair with the day.

  • Favors:

It just fits to give your guests a hexagon jar of honey with a wood dipper to bring home. Buy bulk honey from your local farmer’s garden and share it with your guests. Or you can simply give them a bee keychainbee kitchen towels or bee gel pens.

Cute ceramic honey pots and beeswax lip balms also make buzz-worthy party favors. If you have the budget, providing Burt’s and Bees hand creams and travel-size skincare set for each guest would be surely well-received!

3. Ready to Pop Baby Shower

The reality of an expecting mom being “ready to pop” is not so cute, but in baby shower form – it’s totally adorable. All you have to do is to fill the room with things that go pop: balloons, popcorn, champagne bottles, cake pops, etc., in the mom-to-be’s favorite colors. Make sure you also play some pop music soundtrack in the background.

  • Invitations:

Make an invite in bright colors or the favorite colors of the mom-to-be, and use design elements like balloons, champagne, and flowers. Remember to just make it pop! On the title of the invite, say, “Celebrate with us as [Mommy-to-be’s name] is ready to pop!”

  • Décor:

This is probably the type of party where you don’t need to spend much on decorations! Use your existing tablecloths and curtains, and just buy some balloons in your selected party color palette. For the food table, use the serving trays and cake stands that you own.

You can use this ready-to-pop balloon set or make your own balloon garland and just use this gold glittery banner. You can insert these “about to pop” confetti balloons in the garland you want to make to keep the theme intact. Arrange colorful flowers that are in season and put them in clear vases as centerpieces.

Add this colorful garland set and drape it over the walls or table skirt, and these felt ball garlands at the back of the chairs.

Decorate the ceiling with more balloons or with multicolor paper lanternscircle garlands and streamers.  

As an activity for your gender reveal party, you can use a confetti canon. Have someone pop it for everyone to see the gender of your new baby!

  • Food:

For the food, serve whatever it is that you like to serve (whether it’s brunch, lunch, or dinner) and make the presentation colorful. You may like to serve already-colorful foods like salads, fresh fruits, cupcakes, and donuts with colors that pop. Serve these on white serving trays so the colors of the food would pop.

Check local bakeries if they can make a pop art cake featuring a cartooned face of the mom or a baby! It would be the centerpiece for your party.

Set up a snack bar with foods that pop! Get a pretty popcorn machine and serve popcorn in pink and blue popcorn boxes. Serve yummy cake pops in a cake pop stand. Also, make this event the opportunity to serve pop tarts, and decorate them yourself with icing and sprinkles!

Serve an assortment of Jarritos soft drinksIzze sparkling juice and Olipop soft drinks. Keep them cool in this metal beverage tub with ice.

  • Favor:

Say “Thanks for popping by” with this personalized tag and attach it to your popcorn goodie bag. You may also want to send them home with small bottles of champagne with this thank you sticker.