Ideas for Throwing a Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is an event that celebrates an upcoming marriage. The event celebrates a major milestone in life, dedicated to the bride’s last days before she officially becomes a Mrs. This important event marks the last days of unmarried life for the soon-to-be brides, so it is only fitting that the event and celebrations be a memorable one. 

Organizing a special and elegant bridal shower for the bride can be daunting, but you need not fret. There are plenty of bridal shower ideas that could match the celebrant’s taste and style. Here is a collection of bridal shower ideas and inspirations you may want to consider if you’re tasked with preparing a bridal shower party:

Tea party

ceramic tea cup with gold inlay

A tea party-themed bridal shower would be perfect for a posh bride-to-be who has a taste for dainty and fancy things. You can go the traditional route with a classic British tea party or throw in some modern but posh twists. Whichever way you go, you’ll still need to serve a refreshing assortment of high-end specialty tea on tea boxes, delicious scones, tasty sandwiches, and other bite-sized treats,  all stacked up on an elegant cupcake stand. 

For the bridal shower’s venue aesthetics, whether you’re throwing the party at home or renting a place, keep in mind to deck the place with urbane and refined decorations. Make sure your venue will have lots of natural light, and chandeliers on the ceiling are also desirable. 

For the table set, find a crisp white tablecloth to cover the tables with and pair the tablecloth with ceramic vases filled with blooms and petals.  As for the tableware, find delicate china that will match the party theme that you are going for. You may try either a white tea set or a colored floral set.

It is also a good idea for the bridal shower to have delicate floral arrangements made up of flowers in season. Aside from the floral arrangements, you can also decorate the venue with a tea party balloon set. Set up flower garlands and floral cupcake stands to top off your party venue’s indoor decorations.

Finally, it won’t be a tea party without tea paired with scones and assorted sandwiches like chicken salad, smoked salmon, egg salad, cucumber, cream cheese, and dill, so don’t forget to have these on your menu. Aside from the sandwiches and scones, you can also serve guests cupcakes, fresh fruit salad, and chocolate truffles. And at the end of the tea party-themed bridal shower, gift the tea box and the stand to the bride as a memento!

Luau party

Hawaiian dancer on the beach

Let the bride experience the tropics one last time as a single woman before she gets married by throwing her a luau bridal shower. Invite your guests to a beach or a venue decorated to look like a beach. Decorate your venue with tiki torches, orchids, and other tropical ornaments.

You can ask your guests to come in floral-printed, brightly-colored shirts or dresses, then hang a lei on them once they arrive. 

Dress the tables in grass skirts and set them with palm leaf placemats, palm frond table runners, and tiki bar centerpieces. Serve the guests Polynesian classics like kalua pork, poke bowls, tiki cocktails, and freshly sliced pineapples and arrange the food buffet style.

Garden bridal shower

outdoor table set by the lake

The main attraction in a garden bridal shower is the flowers. So make sure to display beautiful flower arrangements. 

The flower arrangements ought to match the bridal shower’s color palette. Incorporating the bride’s favorite flowers into the party’s display and arrangements would also be a good idea. 

You can opt to hold a garden bridal shower in a conservatory room with an adjacent garden right outside, in a simple garden backyard, or a greenhouse. As for the food, you can serve lavender-garnished cocktails along with a farm-fresh menu. 

For the decorations, you can drape the trees with gold decorative lanterns and string lights to light up your evening affair. You can also use plant-themed garlands to decorate the venue. Drape the venue with some fir, eucalyptus, and vines to make the guests feel that they’re in the countryside.

Alt-tag: Bride wearing white bikini and bride squad wearing black bikinis

Beach bridal shower

Bride wearing white bikini and bride squad wearing black bikinis

A beach bridal shower with all the sand and sunshine will undoubtedly exude that coastal and tropical vibe. This bridal shower theme is perfect for women that are avid beachgoers.

To do this bridal shower, plan a trip to the beach with the bride, bridesmaids, and other girlfriends. While at the beach, soak up the warm sun and dip in the water. Bond, relax, and have fun together before the bride’s big day.

Don’t forget to bring bridal shower bikinis. Give the bride white bikinis while you can prepare black ones for the bride’s entourage. And since no one wants to be all sunburnt and peeling on the wedding day, don’t forget to pack sunscreen.

At the beach, enjoy fruity tropical drinks like pineapple and coconut juice. Serve the tropical drinks on a hurricane glass with an umbrella-decorated straw. And remember to bring an ice box so the drinks can enjoy their drinks ice cold.

For some snacks, you can serve sugar-glazed donuts topped with ice cream cones over crushed graham cracker sand and cookies and covered with a layer of white cookie icing. The sugar-glazed donuts take inspiration from sandcastles, while the cookies are meant to look like sand dollars. Serve these desserts on a tiered cupcake display for better visuals.

And as a finale for the beach bridal shower party, bring out a trifle container and fill it with messages in a bottle containing marriage tips for the bride-to-be. At the party’s conclusion, gift the trifle container and all your bottled messages to the celebrant.

Nautical bridal shower

group of people enjoy a meal on a boat

Similar to the beach bridal shower, a nautical bridal shower will have a coastal theme. A nautical theme is ideal for women from a family with long maritime traditions or who simply love heading to the waters. 

You can throw this party at a dock or other seaside venues, or if you have the extra buck to spare, you can charter a sailboat, a spacious catamaran, or even a yacht. Spend a few hours onboard the vessel sailing with the guests while enjoying some seafood and ice-cold beers.

You can set up a nautical mimosa bar kit on board to create a classy and bubbly bar. Then for the food, throw a luncheon and serve some shrimp cocktails and seafood dishes to the guests.

Ask the guests to wear clothes with a nautical theme, like navy blue hues, stripes, anchor prints, and sailor’s hats. You can also decorate your venue or boat with lanterns, garlands, streamers, and table runners that follow a nautical theme.

And before your guests head out, send them home with party favors. You can send them home with sunglasses or a canvas bag filled with other nautical-themed goodies.

These are just some of the bridal shower party themes we’ve gathered in this blog. We hope that you find the party themes we’ve written about useful.  

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