16 Royalty Party Themes

Folks have always been fascinated with the royal family and their traditions. Children are most engaged by games that encourage them to use their creativity, such as endless princess dress-up parties or broomstick battles between knights and kings. Royal themes are a fun way to keep children entertained at birthday parties. 

Browse through this collection of fresh and creative ideas fit for royalty, from fun and creative kid-friendly party themes to adult-friendly twists on traditional royal party themes.

Cinderella Party

You can throw the best Cinderella birthday party by transforming your home or salon into the enchanting Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo Boutique. They’ll have a blast getting dolled up for the Royal Ball in child-safe cosmetics, whimsical accessories, crowns, princess gowns, and slippers. Gather materials for a no-carving DIY pumpkin carriage activity if the event falls during pumpkin season.

The Belle of the Ball

Surely no kid would refuse to have a royal dance performed in their honor on their special day. Get your party planning ideas for a Belle of the Ball theme from the movie Beauty and the Beast and use a red and yellow color scheme. If you want to throw a party with this theme, get royal party décor from your neighborhood party store and play a wide range of music so that all the kids can get up and dance.

Keeping the kids entertained requires a wide selection of upbeat music appropriate for their ages. Bring the guests out on the dance floor and enjoy!

a birthday boy wearing a crown looking at his friends singing happy birthday

Prince Charming

Decorate your Prince Charming-themed party with frog-themed party supplies, such as giant frog balloons and cupcakes with festive toppers. Provide your guests with swords, plastic crowns, and capes to make them feel like princes and princesses for the day.

Coronation Party

One original way to honor a special prince or princess is with a coronation party.  Use a long carpet to formally introduce your guests to your “kingdom” during the coronation ceremony to give them a taste of royal life for the evening. 

Swan Princess

The combination of swan and princess is sure to be a hit with the royals and the ballerinas. For a royal swan princess party, you’ll need a balloon arch in complementary colors, a pink ruffle buttercream cake with a swan princess topper, and other princess-inspired treats.

A Nutcracker Party

If you wish to throw the best party inspired by The Nutcracker, you should decorate your home like the Royal Opera House and get ready to be whisked off to a world of magic, excitement, and delight when the nutcracker comes to life. You can elegantly incorporate elements of party decor into your holiday tablescape.

Knights and Dragons

Host a mystical Knights and Dragons party with props reminiscent of the Middle Ages, such as swords and shields, crowns, shining armor, and bejeweled goblets. Plan a catapult craft and game and bake or order a Medieval castle cake fit for a king and queen and the little squires will be well-entertained.

a purple mask hanging on a yellow wall

New Year’s Eve Royal Masquerade Ball

Throw a Royal Masquerade Ball on New Year’s Eve to welcome the New Year in style. Invite people at least six weeks before the event, so they have time to plan their outfits. Request that your guests wear masks and take them off at midnight.

Little Prince or Princess Smash Cake

Create a personalized party banner to hang from the high chair and a glittering felt crown with the number one prominently displayed so your little one can eat their birthday cake in style. A cake smash party is a great way to celebrate with close friends and family in an informal setting.

Building the Kingdom

This theme is perfect for kids of all ages and centers around making crafts fit for a king or queen. You can make an infinite number of products for kids to play with if you have access to a printer and a limited budget to buy materials from the craft store. Invite your guests to spend an entire day building a small kingdom.

The Royal Tournament

It was common practice for medieval monarchs to host entertainment-focused tournaments for their guests on important milestones like weddings, birthdays, and other life events. You and your loved ones can do the same for a surprisingly low cost. Children, teenagers, and adults are welcome to participate in tournaments.

a little girl wearing and surrounded by alice in wonderland-themed stuff

Queen of Hearts

If Alice in Wonderland is your favorite book and Valentine’s Day is a holiday you enjoy celebrating, you can throw a fantastic party with a Queen of Hearts theme. You can easily establish the theme of your party by using card games, flowers, and hearts as the primary decorative elements.

Make use of the empty wall space behind your table by hanging a giant cardboard heart covered in artificial red roses. Adding a garland made of playing cards, harlequin-patterned tablecloths in black and white, and golden crowns will give your party venue personality and set the stage for a memorable evening.

Garden Tea Party

Invite some loved ones for a garden tea party for a king and queen. Have your guest dress formally with hats and gloves to create a lovely and enjoyable atmosphere. To host a successful tea party, you need some beautiful blooms, nice tablecloths, and delicious treats.

The Royal Feast

A royal feast isn’t complete without an endless supply of royal brew and a long table laden with delicious treats. Of course, you’ll need to judge whether or not Root Beer is more appropriate than its fake counterpart based on the age range of your guests.

Guests will sit at long tables draped in as many tablecloths as possible to fit the party’s theme. Arrange the chairs along one side of the table and save the seat(s) in the middle for the special visitor(s).

Arabian Nights: A Royal Celebration

When planning an Arabian Nights bash, think big: vivid colors, dramatic lighting, and exotic food and decor. Creating an Arabian-themed playlist is essential for setting the party’s mood, but if you need help making a final song selection, a DJ or belly dancers are also great options.

Prepare the floor for guests by setting up rectangular coffee tables draped in colorful linens and scattering pillows of varying sizes and tones. Decoration-wise, you can go wild with your imagination.

different desserts on a table

British Royal Birthday

The British royal family is turning another year older, and they’re celebrating lavishly. Use the classic royal red, blue, and white color scheme, add British symbols like a double-decker bus, a red telephone booth, and a Union Jack flag, or print out a new background. 

There’s a lot of room for creativity with a royalty-themed party. Put your spin on the festivities by getting creative. And remember to accord the utmost respect to your guests as they enter.

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