Pumpkin Flower Arrangement

Ashley from Chasing Fireflies was so sweet and sent me this adorable Pumpkin Flower arrangement that she made.  She used them as a teacher gift.  They would also be great to use as a hostess gift or to decorate your Thanksgiving table.

Here are her instructions:

1.  Buy small miniature size pumpkins for flower base and container.  I bought these cute tiger pumpkins at Wal-Mart for 1¢ a piece.

Tiger pumpkins

2.  Buy a beautiful assortment of different sized and colored fall flowers.  The variety will add interest.


3.  Being neat, cut out a portion of the top of the pumpkin and stem for a piece of oasis floral foam to be inserted.


4.  Scoop out the seeds and membranes.

Cut out pumpkin

5.  Soak a piece of oasis floral foam until it is well saturated.


6.  Cut a piece of the oasis to fit the center cut of the pumpkin.  Oasis floral foam is very easy to work with and cuts like butter.


7.  Begin poking flowers into the oasis.  I began with a large lily and filled the gaps with smaller mums.  I cut flowers at different heights to add interest and variety.


8.  Take a step back to insure there are not any bare areas that could use a flower.


9.  Make a card with a cute thanksgiving sticker attached that says “Happy Thanksgiving” or


“Happy Thanksgiving!  I’m thankful you’re my teacher.”

Teacher thank you

10.  You may want to punch a hole on the side of the card, insert raffia, and tie around one of the stems.

Closeup sunshine

12.  Finally, present the arrangement to a person you are THANKFUL for.


Be sure to check out Ashley’s blog – Chasing Fireflies

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