DIY Handcarved Valentine Centerpiece

Wouldn’t this DIY project be great as a centerpiece for a Valentine party or even a romantic Valentine dinner.  The carved initials really take you back to “young love”!

Here are the instructions from DIY Life:

(3) Faux flowers of your choice
(1) Wooden box (I re-purposed an old CD box I had on hand)
(1) Row of faux wheat grass (onion grass works well also!)
(1) Set of floral foam bricks
(1) Scissors
(1) Wood soldering tool (there’s a great, affordable option for beginners at Michael’s)


1. Place floral foam into the wooden box or tray of your choice. Be sure to cut to size for a snug fit.

2. Arrange faux wheatgrass to cover every inch of the floral foam. At this point, you can also slide decorative paper into the side of the box to avoid any floral foam from peeking out.

3. Cut your faux floral stems to desired size (I kept mine a bit longer, but feel free to shorten the height so you can see over your centerpiece!) and arrange accordingly. The floral foam should keep them snug in place.

4. If you’d like, use your wood soldering tool to carve your and your Valentine’s initials in the side of your box — a sweetly personalized touch! I drew our initials in pencil first and traced them with the tool.

5. Presto, you’re finished!

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  1. What a cute idea! I made something similar for my wedding centerpieces! Since my husband is in the military, I also ordered engraved dog tags with the date and our names which I cast into candles next to the centerpieces. As they burned down during the night, the dog tags showed for the guests to take home! Actually, I found a coupon for 10% off, too so all you brides out there can save some money! The code is DTI10%Off2011 for Good luck!