Blast Off with this Out of This World Birthday Party

Once again, I have a creative friend that created a great party and this time she did it all while she was very pregnant with her fourth baby!  She never lets any details slide and this party was definitely “Out of this World”!  Her son is in to space and planets so she created some great elements with this theme.

I adore these inflatable planet balloons from Amazon.

The kids enjoyed a fun planet toss on the stairs with bean bags and buckets.

Another fun activity for the kids was cracking open “moon rocks”.

Here is the recipe that Liz used:

 2 cups sand, 1 cup flour, and 1/2 cup water.
You can also add food coloring.
Shape it around the ball (or whatever you want to put inside) and then let dry


Snacks are always more fun and tasty when then have names like Planetary Popcorn, Jupiter Jigglers and Mars-Mallows Pops!


Liz always make the most wonderful decorated cookies like these rocket cookies!

What a wonderful party for such a special birthday boy!!!

You can find more at The Delaney Family here!