Baby Shower Themes

Sweets served on a buffet table

The baby is coming, which means party planning must start right away. Baby showers are some of the most fun parties to plan. Everyone will be so excited about the coming of your bundle of joy, and you can have fun before the sleepless nights comes in. Whether the mom-to-be is expecting … Read more

12 Party Invitation Ideas


In the old days, Lords, Ladies, and other well-to-do socialites used to compete to see who could throw the grandest parties. Such competitions included everything from the food to the music to the invitations. As we can see from today’s modern suburban society, not much has changed at all. Joking aside – … Read more

12 Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas

Sweet Sixteen Party Ideas

A teenager’s sweet sixteen marks an important milestone in their growth into an adult. In many places, the sixteenth birthday marks the age where teenagers can acquire a drivers’ license. In several countries around the world, the legal drinking age is sixteen, too. Even without the critical age-related milestones we mentioned above, … Read more

18 Stag Party Ideas

Stag Party Ideas

  You and your best friend have been each other’s wingmen for years, but there’s no more important time to get it right then when you’re planning his stag party. No matter what you call it, the stag do, a bachelor party, the last hurrah, or a buck party, as the best … Read more

70th Birthday Party Ideas


Birthdays are fun to celebrate – especially when the guest of honor has reached a milestone like 70 years of age. After seven decades, your loved one has probably seen a lot. You want to make their birthday celebration something they’ll enjoy and cherish. We’re here to help with some recommendations for … Read more

16 Royalty Party Themes

Royalty Party Themes

Children of all ages have long demonstrated an interest in all things royal. From endless princess dress-up parties to the broomstick battles of knights and kings, kids love playing games that let them use their imaginations to the fullest. When it comes to birthday parties, sleepovers, and other events, there are countless … Read more

9 Types of Parties

Types of Parties

No matter if you’re planning your child’s first birthday or your parent’s retirement party, it’s helpful to have some information beforehand. For example, when planning for these types of parties, you’ll find there are dozens of themes and ideas from which you can choose. Unless you already have an idea of the … Read more

13 College Party Themes

College Party Themes

College prepares you for your career and teaches you valuable lessons you can use in all parts of your life. However, college is a great place to meet people, make lifelong friends, and have an active social life. Parties give college students a chance to blow off steam, and you can get … Read more

15 Best 50th Birthday Party Ideas

50th Birthday Party Ideas

  There is no better way to make your loved ones feel special than throwing a spectacular 50th birthday party celebration. You will find that there are many different strategies to make the honoree feel special. With the perfect combination of food, decorations, and supportive guests, you can make the day a … Read more

14 Best 60th Birthday Party Ideas

60th Birthday Party Ideas

  You threw your loved one a fantastic 50th birthday party, so it may be a challenge to top that with the 60th year celebration. But, if you think hard enough, there are a variety of different party themes to implement to make it a special event for the culmination of the … Read more