Unusual Party Ideas You May Want to Consider

A good theme can transform an ordinary party into something wildly fun, creative, and jaw-dropping (if you’re willing to get clever with decorations, of course). Among the most difficult aspects of party planning is coming up with a perfect theme in the first place, which is why we made this guide.

If you’re having trouble coming up with some spectacular party ideas, don’t worry; we’re here to help. Continue reading for some creative party ideas other than these 12 lingerie party ideas that will make your day unforgettable!

Casino Royale

Who doesn’t want to be a spy in secret? A James Bond-themed birthday party allows you to channel your inner covert operative while remaining chic and stylish.

Guests must embrace the glitz and dress to impress. Distract and entice with ballgowns, black ties, or slinky evening gowns.

Make sure your venue is appropriately elegant, complete with dazzling chandeliers and a private casino where guests can spin the night away. Set the mood with croupiers and game tables for roulette, blackjack, and poker. You’ll also want a well cocktail bar to serve some high-end drinks.

Music is essential for making the night swing, and a live band is required to elicit the Monte Carlo high life. A jazz band, or a string quartet, would be a good fit here to set off the relaxed vibe of the 1960s.

Pet Party

a small black dog sitting on a cushion and surrounded by party decor

If you’re crazy about animals, throw a pet party! Send out animal-themed invitations to your friends and their pets, then sit back and watch the fur and fun fly. If you’re expecting a huge crowd, you can impose stricter rules on the beasts of honor, such as only dogs, and plan to hold the party in a huge, animal-friendly setting, such as a dog park or, if you have the space, your backyard.

If you decide to host a canine-only party, here are 31 dog party games you can play!

If you’re inviting a smaller, more manageable crowd, you can invite anything that barks, mews, or blows bubbles. Allow all kinds of animals to attend, including ferrets, fish, and cats.

Set aside a section of your home for guests who have long-standing instinctual feuds. You’d be surprised how much mayhem one determined dog and a few fleeing cats can cause, so ensure that all furry partygoers pass a temperament test before being admitted. Make sure everyone understands the party’s theme so that those with pet allergies know to decline the invitation.

90s Concert

Those who can recall the greatest hits of the 1990s probably have a significant birthday. What better way to celebrate your forties than to let your hair down to the best alt-rock classics and dance-pop trends?

Guests should wear their best casual 90s drip, so this is an excellent opportunity to bust out the chokers, flared jeans, and crop tops. There is no shame in wearing high ponytails, headbands, or shaggy, unkempt hairstyles.

Choose your preferred genre from the decade to decorate with. If you’re into clubs, invest in neon glowsticks and LED lighting to give the venue a pre-2000s vibe. Don’t forget the dingy lighting, Union Jacks, and smoke machines for the indie rockers to recreate the grubby essence of the Madchester scene.

The cake should evoke the best memories of the period. A cake shaped like a boombox or a brightly colored Doc Martins pair would be ideal.

A concert requires live music, so you’ll need a 90s band who knows all the classics. From Steps to Oasis, the 1990s was a diverse musical decade, so you have a large back catalog to choose from.

Mardi Gras

a woman wearing a Mardi Gras mask raising her hand

Moving south, you can throw a party in honor of the world’s largest fiesta, Mardi Gras. Going to a New Orleans carnival means partying like it’s the end of the world. The festival combines life, music, death, and food into a melting pot of fun and culture.

The masquerade ball is an important part of Mardi Gras, so encourage your guests to doll up and wear a stunning mask for the evening. You should also wear bead necklaces, feather boas, and pockets stuffed with doubloons. Add them as table decor for guests to enjoy as they get into the festive spirit.

A Mardi Gras birthday party can never be too extravagant, so let your hair down and be transmitted to the steamy evening in the bayou with great drinks and music until dawn.

Go-kart Party

There’s no reason why you and your friends can’t celebrate your birthday by getting behind the wheel. Go-kart racetracks are relatively common and can be found in various settings ranging from independent locations to theme parks.

Even some mini-golf courses have go-karts, so finding an age-appropriate, enjoyable venue for everyone should be simple. Furthermore, because all party attendees will be racing, this is among the most crowd-pleasing and engaging birthday party activities on this list.

It’s critical to remember that we’re discussing go-karts, not bumper cars. Go-karts are gasoline-powered vehicles that race on a track. Bumper cars are electric shells that collide with each other. Bumping cars is entertaining, but the concept won’t last all afternoon.

A Red Carpet Event

a woman dressed as Marilyn Monroe posing at a red carpet with standees of photographers and other stars

Roll up in a limousine to your preferred location to celebrate in front of the paparazzi. It’s simple: hire a team of photographers to obstruct traffic while taking photos and yelling the guest of honor’s name. Line the carpet with autograph-seeking fans; extra points if a videographer halts them for an interview.

Prepare a photo booth with dazzling, old-Hollywood props if the venue allows it so that guests can join in the fun! Present your friend with wonderful keepsakes at the night’s end: a digital album of a once-in-a-lifetime, exhilarating event.

Treasure Hunt

This is a better idea than a scavenger hunt! Plant medium-complexity clues throughout the day to guide them on a joyful wild goose chase. Make it not too easy, but also not too difficult.

You can hand clues with a flower from the farmer’s market, a parking garage ticket, or a special cocktail from a favorite watering hole. What happens at the end? A fantastic performance, a dinner with friends, or the ultimate, massive gift of your choice.

If you need tips and recommendations about the fun games you can play at a party, you can check out our Guide to Picking Fun Games for Birthday Parties.